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He finally got it.

Standing in that god awful force field next to Myka and Artie, he finally understood.

The hair.

The clothes.

The looks.

Her new perfume.

("I have the W section, Pete; go take a break or something".)

Why she refused to destroy the Janus coin; couldn't look him in the eye when he berated her all those cases ago.

("Please, Pete. Please give her a chance. Please forgive her, for me, forgive her for me.")

He did, of course, because Myka asked and he listened and at the time he didn't understand why it meant so much to her.

Why, when they worked together, Myka would always be adamant that the two of them could share a room.

("Stop being so childish, Lattimer, we're two grown women and you snore.")

Suddenly it was clear why, after all that time, she decided to return. He couldn't convince her, nor could Claude or Artie, but she could.

("Why did you come back, after all those months, why now?" "I finally got the answer I needed.")

He pretended to ignore the sobs coming from her room at night. Thought they were because of the stress, the fact that she had a chance to be gone forever, and wasn't. He never did tell her he knew, he knew that at night she sobbed into her pillow for hours on end, and he did nothing but lay in his bed and pray that her demons would stop haunting her.

("Need to talk about anything, Mykes?" She walked away faster than he thought possible.)

So, here he was watching as Helena mouthed her last goodbyes and Myka could only stand by and watch.

("Thank you. I love you.")

He helped her back to the Bed and Breakfast, sitting her down next to a distraught Claudia. Artie was busy looking into the pocket watch, and Leena was busying herself by making tea and cleaning up broken glass.

Her gaze was empty, and tears fell silently down her face.

Leena came in with the tea, held in Myka's favorite mug, with Myka's favorite flavor and Myka's perfect mixture of honey and milk.

The sobs would last for days.

("I am so sorry. I didn't know…")

Group hug.