So! I found that I could not stop writing Ed/Winry drabbles and I decided to compile them all here. General T rating, though there may be one or two M rated drabbles as well. (I'll label them as such.) A mix of settings - all manga/Brotherhood. Some within the storyline and some post-manga. I base the dates on the Official Guide and other dates throughout the story.

I wrote a few of them months ago, so there may be some mistakes here and there.

I'll try to space out my posts, as well - I don't want to spam drabbles. ^^;

This piece is sort of a continuation from an older drabble - Chapter 5 of 'Never Regret Thy Fall'.

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All of the emotions that she'd bottled up were suddenly threatening to spill out.

Winry's fingers tightened upon the box and she sighed. "Your sense of propriety is always so impeccable, Ed." She wasn't sure if she was happy or upset at his foolishness - though the former seemed to be winning.

"Er. Sorry." Ed was glaring at the table a bit dejectedly, now. "Anyway. The question still stands from that time."

"Idiot." Winry said softly. She ran a finger, polishing, along the smooth surface of the silver. It wasn't anything fancy, (surprisingly, considering Ed's taste - or, rather, lack of taste.) It was just a simple band, but she really wouldn't have wanted anything else.

She slowly slipped it on.

"What question? I thought I'd already answered it." Winry replied. "All of my life, right?" She blushed, "Or, at least, everything I can give."

He looked back up at her with such an expression of astonishment that she laughed - and then tackled him with a hug. And a kiss - which seemed to shock him momentarily, but he then kissed her back. Almost desperately - as if trying to make up for all the time he'd been gone.

"Winry… Will you marry me?" Ed asked, trying to catch his breath. "I'd, uh… y'know, get down on one knee, but it's not exactly working at the moment." He added dryly.

Winry stared. She hadn't really expected him to just out and say it. She felt her heart skip, and she suppressed the sudden odd urge to giggle, "You don't have to ask me twice! Y-yes. Of course I will, Ed-" She'd barely finished her sentence when his lips were on hers once more.

After a moment, she drew away and buried her face in his shirt. "Ed… You won't be leaving again soon, will you?"

Ed patted the top of her head, "I… I'll stay for a while. There's so much work I haven't finished yet and places I still have to visit. I've really missed you a lot, though, Win."

"And I've missed you. So much. I love you." Winry murmured.

"I love you, too." Ed's face was now practically fuchsia. "Come with me?" He asked.

Winry happily wrapped her arms around him tightly, "Oh, Ed, I would love to - at least for a little while - I have work to do, too, you know."

"I know." Ed grinned.

They resumed their kissing, and it went on for quite a while until they were both interrupted by a loud cough.

Pinako stood behind them with a slightly bored expression. "Coffee's ready. And good grief, it's about time, you two."