(Done for the Cunnilingus and Chocolate Fanfest on LJ)

(Rated M)

Winry rolled over on the mattress, listening to the clock ticking in the hall and the distant barking of a dog somewhere in the streets of Rush Valley.

It was the middle of summer, and, although she wasn't sweating much, the temperature was still unbearably uncomfortable.

She rolled again, twisting the sheets until she finally kicked them off in frustration. Ed, next to her, twitched awake, sitting up and blearily blinking away his sleep.


Reaching over, she pulled him back down into his pillows."It's nothing. I'm sorry I woke you up."

Ed frowned, clearly not convinced. He inched out a shy hand, trailing his fingers along her arm, and, just with that, Winry could feel her grumpyness dissipating slightly, the corner of her mouth rising in a smile.

"It's not quite as easy for me to sleep, now." She said finally, drawing closer to him.

He sat up once more, leaning toward her, letting his fingers lightly drift down from her arm to the swell of her stomach, which was beginning to show much more now. They were expecting in about five months. Ed had just barely returned from a third trip out west and, although he had been fussing over her nonstop, she was still glad to have him home.

Slowly, Ed kissed her cheek, then her chin, before moving to her lips, the two of them lazily kissing, lingering at each others' mouths as the heat grew between them.

"Should we?" Winry asked a little breathlessly, meeting his eyes above her.

"Yeah." He smiled and his lips met hers once again.

Tongues swept against each other, hot, wet and soft, entwining and pushing until they had to break free for more air. Winry circled an arm around his bare back, making a slight noise when he grazed her breast through the fabric of her nightshirt. With a quick motion, she slipped out of it and his thumbs began pinching at her nipples. She let out a stifled whimper at the sensations, feeling the sudden, pleasant tingling between her legs in conjunction with it.

Through her fuzzy thoughts, she fumbled at the drawstring of Ed's shorts, but he gently stopped her, the two of them pausing to look at each other, focusing.

"I… Uh." He looked away from her. "Could we try something kinda different?"

Winry raised a dubious brow, trying to ignore the pounding in her chest. "I… guess so."

Ed returned to her mouth, then her neck and down to her breasts. She felt her spine curving upward to meet him as he traveled further, over her belly, which he tenderly kissed, and her abdomen and her thighs…

Hot breath against her opening.

They hadn't really done this much before. They'd only been married for a little over a year, and about half of that time Ed had been gone on trips.

Winry shivered in anticipation.

Drew a shuddering gasp as she felt his tongue move over her labia, delving in between them. He grasped her knees, pressing further into her, his lips pulling at her sensitive skin.

"Oh… Wow." This was even better than it had been before. She let out a pleased sigh which quickly turned into a gasp as he nibbled at her.

Soon she was moaning, a hand at her own breast and one tangled in Ed's hair. Hips quivering, along with her thighs. He gave a small groan of his own, humming at her clit, and she felt herself slip over the edge, clenching at the side of the bed, body trembling with waves of pleasure.

After another hour or so, they eventually collapsed exhaustedly, side by side. Winry buried her face into Ed's shoulder and he embraced her, arms circling around her - Winry returned the gesture.

"I love you, Ed." She smiled at him, feeling emotions bubbling deep within her, and slight butterflies. "I'm so happy you're back."

His shoulders hunched slightly in embarrassment, but he smiled back at her, "I love you, too, Winry. So much. I missed you."

Winry squeezed him closer, wishing that she could hug him even tighter.

"Think you can sleep a little better, now?" Ed murmured into her hair against her forehead and she nodded, just as she felt the tiredness settling into her limbs.

She kissed him once more, sleepily, and they drifted off together into the warm summer night.