With a hearty chuckle, the Oracle turned away from his viewsphere. Alongside the hum of the engine pods, he could hear his servant across the operations chamber, pouting. She'd been much sulkier since she turned 200 and hit puberty. Oh well, she'd be through it in another century or so. The galaxy's best-dressed 2025-year-old arched a hallowed eyebrow at her.

"I sense you have a question, Jill."

"Yes. Why do you keep watching those humans? I thought we left Earth to get away from those fools."

"We left Earth for many reasons. When we've finished our holiday, I shall tell you more." Ah, holiday. The Oracle had already foreseen that the Devlakians would nick all the moonbeds, but Jill would soon move them off. "As for these particular humans..." He turned back towards the image of the Nemesis in his viewsphere. "I find them rather amusing. And besides, they'll be needing us again one day. Isn't that right, daughter of mine?"

On the Nemesis, Vilma twisted her head and looked at the air with superlative puzzlement. She was sure she'd heard a voice, but there was nobody there. How strange. Shrugging, she smiled for no particular reason and skipped off down the corridor.