The Separation

Ruth felt empty.

She just had walked out of the room where her first love, sixteen years old tomboy, cried and yelled and crashed things towards the wall. Idgie and Ruth had just fought and Ruth had slapped Idgie across her face. She felt so guilty. Idgie was just a girl with a crush; she probably couldn't understand what she was saying. She had gone completely crazy when Ruth told her that she had to leave from Whistle Stop and marry Frank Bennett.

"Why are you gonna marry that man?"

"I told you why."


"Because I want to, that's why."
"You don't love him."
"Yes I do."

"Oh no you don't. You love me… you know you do. You know you do!"

"Idgie, I love Frank and I'm going to marry him."

After Ruth had said those words, Idgie started to cry and yell how much she hated Ruth.

And now, Ruth stood behind the closed door and sobbed. She tried to control her feelings… She loved Idgie with all her heart, but she knew she couldn't stay. Frank Bennet was waiting for her in Valdosta. Ruth wiped her tears and slowly went downstairs. Momma Threadgoode was in the parlor, knitting green wool socks. Julian, Mildred, Patsy Ruth, Ninny and Essie Rue were all gone fishing with Poppa. They didn't want to be around when Idgie was angry. Momma Threadgoode looked up to Ruth and was about to say something, but when she saw Ruth's face, tears running down her cheeks, she stayed quiet and continued knitting.

Ruth went out to the porch and sat down on the swing. That was the swing where Idgie and she used to sit all night, joking and laughing, talking about everything. Those moments were one of the happiest things in her life… Ruth looked over the Threadgoode's front yard. She knew she was gonna miss everything there. Autumn's first yellow leaves hovered around in the wind.

Ruth thought about Idgie.

She had loved that funny girl since the day she met her. But she had loved her with all her heart since July 18th last summer. She knew it the very second when it happened to her; she fell in love with that bee charmer when she grinned from ear to ear, offering a jar full of wild honey to Ruth.

Idgie was always kind for her. She never did behave very well on the whole, but when she was with Ruth, she was the sweetest girl in the world. She made her feel comfortable, she made her laugh. Idgie never said a bad word about Ruth, and Idgie could beat anyone who did.

As Ruth thought about her love, she didn't notice when a window above her slowly opened and Idgie stepped carefully on the porch roof. She sneaked to the edge of the roof and leaned over.


Ruth almost had a fit when she suddenly heard that voice. It was quiet and weak, but it felt like electric shock in her veins. Idgie climbed down, swallowed and wiped her hands to her overalls. Ruth just stared to her eyes. Tomboy looked at her bare feet and blushed.

"I didn't mean it, Ruth." She took a deep breath and continued.

"I don't ever want to hurt your feelings. I j-just… I don't hate y-you. I never d-did and I-I'll never will."
Idgie started to stutter when Ruth stood up and walked over to her. Ruth put her hands around Idgie and held her tight. She pressed her lips against Idgie's curly hair and whispered:
"Idgie Threadgoode, my ol' bee charmer… I love you, and I'll come back, I promise, honest, I'll come back and one day we'll both sit on that swing and laugh and talk just like we did before and I…"

Ruth had to stop talking when she felt Idgie's unsure, coarse lips against hers.

After the long, gentle kiss Idgie looked up at Ruth's brown eyes.

"I'm gonna miss you."