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Other characters belong to me

Midway through my singing I felt as if I was being watched. I looked around warily then saw a bearded man looking in my direction. Most likely he was lost in memory lane. I turned away and carried on singing the song. I went back in my room and took my robe off. I slipped under the covers and promptly fell asleep. Only to be roused a moment later by a hard shove and a loud voice. I fell off the bed then got up seeing the man from the window.

"What the hell was that about?"

"You can't be in here! It's not your room!"

"It's been mine for 5 months now."

"You can't be in here!"

"Get out of my room or I'll call security!"

"You don't have the say!"

"I god damn well do! I'M THE NEW DIAMOND!" In a split second I felt blinding pain across my jaw as I fell to the floor.

"You're lying. Zidler would never replace Satine." I then heard harsh knocks at the door. The door then opened to reveal Harold and my bodyguard/fellow dancer Chocolat. Chocolat ran over to me as Harold scolded the man.

"I'm fine Choco."

"Are you sure my lady?"

"Yes. But he won't be." Chocolat helped me up then held me back as Harold stood between me and the man.

"What is wrong with you Christian? You can't go around hitting my Diamonds!"

"No one replaces Satine's Diamond status!"

"It had to happen Christian. Time goes on. Moulin Rouge would've gone kaput if I didn't bring in someone new."

"The Diamond is Satine! Not this...whore!" The word 'whore' struck me in the heart. I may act like one during my songs but I certainly didn't sleep with anyone. I stepped up to Harold and stood at his side.

"I can take care of this Harold."

"Are you sure my duckling?"

"Yes. I'm sure."

"We'll be outside." Harold and Chocolat left reluctantly then shut the door. I turned to look at 'Christian' and fully saw how he looked. He had an unruly beard that framed his thin lips, a wide nose, blue grey eyes, dark unkempt hair and a pale complexion.

"Are you just going to stare at me or actually deal with me?" I snapped out my daze and glared at Christian.

"Oh I'm going to deal with you alright. One." I kicked at Christian's shin knocking him down to his knees. "That's for pushing me out of bed. Two." I then kicked swiftly at Christian's groin hitting it on target. Christian held his crotch as I stood firmly on my feet. "That's for calling me a whore. Three." I then punched Christian right in the lips then his jaw knocking him out cold. "That's for punching me." I stalked over to the vanity and checked on my jaw. Sure enough there was a bruise starting to form. I sighed then went to the bed. Only to notice that Christian was laying on his back with an Absinthe bottle coming out of his jacket pocket. "Well no wonder. You're so god damn drunk on this damn stuff." I poured the drink off the balcony then tossed it to the ground. I then carried Christian over to the lounge chair and laid him on it. I went over to my bed and climbed in. I finally fell asleep after fighting against it.

I'm having writer's block at this point but am welcome to any ideas on what to happen next. But I thought to give you all a Boxing Day update.