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Summary: Starts during the last episode of Season One, after Peter offered to bite Stiles. After that they still go to the Hale house to fight the alpha but things dont turn out excately the same way. They fail to kill him and he gets away.

Warnings: slash, angst, some violence

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, I'm just borrowing the characters from the show.

The nightly wind rustled through the leafs above him as Peter Hale stood in the woods still as a statue, merely listening to the sounds surrouding him.

He had run a far distance from the old Hale House after his confrontation with the Argent's and his treacherous betas, but he could still make out the faint sounds pointing them out. No one was following him, everybody too busy dealing with their own messes.

He listened to them yelling at each other, blaming each other for letting the alpha get away when they ahd been so close to destroying him. When Scott and Derek's shouting began to morph into growls, he heard the sound of an engine being started, a sure sign that Argent had deemed it safer to get his daughter out of the presence of so many werewolves before she ended up with a torn throat like her aunt.

Peter chuckled slightly as he lifted a hand to lick the woman's remaining blood off his fingers. Being forced to flee had been a defeat yes, but not one that could spoil the victory of finally having taken revenge on Kate. With her dead, he could now focus on other matters such as building a proper pack.

The question was where to start.

Everybody edible had betrayed him tonight. But then, he really hadn't expected much else. After all, being a leader wasn't about being liked, it was about being respected, or feared whichever worked best. Scott and Derek could hate him all they wanted, in the end it wouldn't matter, they would be his. And they would help him find new wolves for their pack.

Maybe he should start by convincing Scott to join him after all, he should be easier to convince than Derek. Sure, the boy would keep refusing to join him and keep trying to find a way to kill him like he had tonight -but with a little persuasion, precisely by threatening Allison properly this time, he would surely be seeing things his way soon enough.

On the other hand, he probably was with the Argent's after what had happened and he didnt want to meet them so soon again, not before he knew excately what to do with them.

Maybe he should go to Derek first. He would be harder to get back on his side especially now that he knew about his sister's murder, yes, but he would also be more valuable. Peter sighed, contemplating his plans while he strolled throught he nightly woods, further away from the Hale House. What he really needed was something to convince Derek to join him despite his ahtred for him. Something, or better yet someone to nicely blackmail him into obeying maybe. Derek's Allison so to speak. The problem was his nephew didn't care about anyone like that, not anymore, not since his whole family was dead and gone, killed by his crazy ex.

He stopped in his tracks when he heard the hasty steps of someone running through the woods, roughly towards him.

Were they following him after all? The quick heartbeat was human, the scent familiar so he quickly made out it wasn't Derek or Scott running after him. Curious, he climbed up into a tree, waiting for his pursuer to pass the spot where he'd just stood. It didn't take long until he caught sight of Scott's arrogant, annoying Lacrosse buddy. What was his name again? Jake? And what was he doing here all alone in the woods when he knew a dangerous alpha to be out here? Did he want to get eaten?

Peter shrugged; not about to question an opportunity he made to jump down and tackle the human. Just then, the kid suddenly started yelling so loud it startled the birds around him.

"Hey! I know you're still here! Come back! I want it! I want to be like you! Please!"

Peter arched an eyebrow, surprised but pleased with this sudden development. It seemed he wouldn't have to go out hunting for new members after all, not when they came looking for him. A smile formed on his face as he fixated the young man beneath him. Annoying, arrogant, and obviously not the brightest considering the position he was putting hismelf in -but he wasn't goign to be picky. At the very least he would have valubale information about Scott and his friends.

Without further hesitance he let himself fall, elegantly landing directly in front of the nameless jock. The young man gasped in shock, about to stumble backwards when Peter grabbed his arm tighly, immobilizing him.

"Your wish is my command." He knew his growing fangs were visible as he pulled his lips back in a wide smile, and took some satisfaction in the inevitable fear flashing in the boy's eyes as he closed in on him. He didn't wait for him to gather enough brain cells to scream before he clamped a hand over his mouth and lunged for his neck.


"How the hell am I supposed to know which chick Derek digs? Why does it even matter? I thought we were going to do cool werwolfy stuff, like running and hunting and listening in on people's secret conversations."

Peter barely kept himself from growling audibly.

Considering it was a full moon the transformation had not taken long. Unfortunately, the same was true for the first traces of impatience with his newest addition to the pack. They were currently hiding out at Jackson's place, his cluless parents having gone out, but Peter already knew that he wouldn't be able to stand staying here for long. In the few hours they'd spent together, Jackson had turned out to be such bad company that he would already have killed him if he didn't know he needed some help for his plans.

"If you keep annyoing me you'll see me doing something really cool and werwolfy that involves my fangs and your throat," he warned, eyes flashing red. Jackson backed up immediately, taking the hint at last.

"Alright, relax man, just saying," he tried to placate him, "Fine, let me think here...I've never seen him with any girl. He always just hangs around Scott and Stiles."

"For obvious reasons, yes," Peter snapped, annoyed. He didn't need someone telling him what he already knew. "Fine, forget about that. We'll worry about Scott first." "

Jackson looked at him, suddenly uneasy, "You're not gonna kill him are you?"

"Why? Having second thoughts already? You wanted to be in my pack, Jackson, that means it's my way or a detour to the graveyard, do we understand each other?" He closed in on the boy, staring him down threateningly.

"Yes!" Jackson all but yelped, pressing his back to the wall behind him as he caved, "Yes. It's cool, I don't really like those losers anyway, I just meant-"

"I'm not going to kill Scott," Peter interrputed, "I'm going to threaten to kill the people he loves and thus blackmail him into joining us."

Jackson blinked at his sudden change in tone, "I thought you tried that already and it didn't work."

Peter growled at him, but turned away, knowing it would be no good to get too upset now, "Well, the last time Scott kept following me around to make sure the person I was with stayed safe. But he's not going to be able to do that if two people he cares about are in danger at the same time but in diffrent locations, is he now?"


"That's where you come in, Jackson," Peter explained slowly, "So listen up, this is the plan. I'm going to call Scott's mom and ask her to meet me. She'll tell Scott and he'll come running to protect her...which leaves Allison unprotected. You're going to go to her house and take her from there. Bring her to the location we discussed."

He waited to see if Jackson had actually understood, relieved when the teenager finally nodded. He had neglected to mention that of course Allison wouldtn be entirely unprotected, but then, that was why Jackson would be taking the risk of kidnapping her instead of him. Luckily, the thought didn't occur to his new ally. He looked uncomfortable at the idea of kidnapping his sort of firend but didn't protest, "Uh, okay. What-what will you be doing?"

Peter smiled darkly. "You get the girlfriend, I'll get the best friend."


It was not half an hour later when Peter arrived in front of the Sherriff's house, pleased that his plan was working out so far. Scott wasn't here and if everything had gone right, he wasn't at Allison's anymore either which should give Jackson an easy game.

He smiled, liking his plan better and better by the second. Taking two people had just been a backup plan but now it looked like Scott actually wouldn't be protecting either of them. How convenient for him. Two people meant he had one freebee so to say. If Scott didn't comply he could always kill one to make a point and still have the other as leverage. If Scott did agree he could always turn one of them into a wolf and thereby kill two birds with one stone.

He looked up at Stiles' dark window, his smile widening. It looked like Mr Stilinski Jr. might get the privilige of the bite after all.

Not wanting to lose any more time, he swiflty made his way onto the roof and to the window, delighted to find it wasn't even locked. Stiles was either very naive or so used to people sneaking into his room that he'd become used to leaving it open. He silently slid into the room, taking a moment to look around the dark and quiet room.

Stiles was lying on the bed, snoring softly and completely unaware of his presence. He was still clothed in his pants and shirt, seemingly having dropped from exhaustion the minute he came in. Well, he wouldn't be getting much sleep with what he'd planned for him.

Peter listened for a moment to make sure the rest of the house was quiet, then he moved further into the room and towards the bed. If Stiles was exhausted enough he might not even have to wake him up. He would miss out on the entertainment of the boy having a heart attack upon waking up with a homicidal alpha werewolf in his face but then he still needed him and he doubted he would take a second hit to the head in one evening very well.

So he leaned down carefully , just about to pick up his prey, when a sudden scent distracted him form his plans.

He froze.


His scent was here, all around him, strong and fresh. He almost whirled alround, sure that his nephew must be standing behind him -but there were no sounds, no heart beats except for theirs. They were still alone.

Peter raised an eyebrow as he contemplated this.

It was safe to assume that both Scott and Derek visited Stiles' room frequently, and he could smell both of them in here. But this...it smelled like Derek had been here not half an hour ago. His scent clung to the sheets, to Stiles himself. What could Derek have been doing in here tonight, considering Stiles looked like he'd been asleep for a while? He certainly wasn't the type to talk about his emotions with a friend, especially not someone he took extra care to be rude to everytime they met. But what else could he have wanted here if not talk to Stiles about something he needed?

Peter stared at the sleeping boy on the bed for a long time.

Then it finally clicked.

He hadn't been here to talk, he'd been here to make sure Stiles was alright. That had to be it. The thought brought a victorious grin to Peter's face. Sneaky, sneaky Derek. Going around pretending to care about nothing and no one only to then slip into some sleeping kid's room at night just to make sure he was safe and sound after the night they'd had.

It seemed he had found something to use against Derek after all.

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