Chapter 5! Sorry this took so Long!

Derek's heart sank when he pulled up in front of the old Hale house, darkness falling around the nightly forest as soon as he killed the Camaro's engine.

Even now, everything inside him was still screaming at him not to get out, to just keep driving, just get away and make sure Peter never ever got close to Stiles again.

The teenager was slumped against the passenger's seat, still unconscious from his earlier meeting with the concrete. Derek grimaced at the marks on his temple and cheek -he'd promised Stiles nothing would happen to him. (Although, what a stupid fucking statement had that been anyway considering he had been well in the process of fucking kidnapping the kid).

All in all, he wasn't doing a great job so far.

Not that that changed anything. Not that he could stop now just because he regretted his decision already. No. He would have to see this through now until he came up with a better plan.

Reluctantly, he got out of the car and walked around it, opening the door on the passenger side to lift Stiles into his arms.

He did his best not to think about how wrong it felt for the boy to be this quiet, this still... technically he was always aware of how painfully human Stiles was, how weak and breakable in comparison to them wolves. It just never seemed to register as much because the boy was always moving, always running his mouth, always so confrontational...

This, having him unconscious in his arms, feeling how light he actually was, seeing his pale skin torn and bleeding -it just made him feel so much more terrible, worse even then when Stiles had been yelling at him.

He was careful when he put him down on the mattress in his room, doing his best not to jostle him. He'd already checked for any possible broken bones and found none -so it was just the bruises he needed to mind.

Stiles remained unconscious and Derek hovered, for a moment uncertain what to do next.

Peter wasn't back yet -thank God- but he knew his uncle would probably want Stiles in the basement, if not chained up or something equally evil and disturbing. He grimaced thinking of the way Stiles' heart had raced with fear as he'd dragged him out of his bedroom.


No way was he doing anything to make this even worse. Or let Peter for that matter.

He'd draw the line there -his uncle knew as well as he did that Stiles wouldn't be able to outrun them anyway, even if he tried. Restraints wouldn't be necessary. Bandages maybe.

Careful, he gripped Stiles chin to move his cheek into the light, see if there was any gravel in his wound. The skin under his fingers was warm and soft, and for a moment he was distracted with that.

Then he shook his head harshly.

No! Shit, his weakness was what had gotten them in trouble in the first place. He needed all his focus now. Plus, he was fairly certain Stiles wouldn't appreciate being pawed in his sleep, especially not by him. Especially, especially not under the circumstances.

Focus. The wounds. Right.

He was about to move on to inspect stiles' arms and hands when Stiles' eyelids fluttered. The scent of fear hit Derek in the same second that the human's heart started racing again, too fast for him to pull his hand away.

After, there was no need because Stiles immediately scrambled away from him, out of his reach.

His eyes were terribly bright and unblinking as they fixated him, then flickered around the room and back to him. There was no question that Stiles remembered everything.

Derek winced, but fought not to let it show, remaining in his spot, trying to think of what he could do to not make this any worse. To fix this somehow.

Ha fucking ha.

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