"How do we know what is reality and what isn't?"

Philosophy. Urgh.

Miss Prince just wouldn't shut up, talking about the Matrix and how life might not be reality, that we might really all really sealed up in vatts. I pulled on the end of my collar, just out of boredom. I glanced next to me at Sadie and then across the room at Charlie, my bestfriends. I rolled my eyes, sighing.

"Mai are you listening?" I snapped out of my daydream and looked at the teacher. Miss Prince, what a woman. Short, pretty ugly and a weird, American, squeaky voice and VERY pregnant. "What's your thoughts? Do you reckon this is all real?"

"Yes Miss, I think this is all real to be honest. Why would they put us all in vatts? What a stupid idea, why do we even get teached this?"

"To make you more aware of your surrondings." She said impatiently.

"There." I whacked my hand against the table hard. "Ouch that hurt, that definitely happened, I think I know if this is real or not." I snapped, trying not to sound rude.

"Go stand outside Mai."

I sighed, grumbling to myself and picked up my bag, pulling the strap limply onto my shoulder and walked outside the classroom. I slumped against the wall, pulling the hair out of my collar and looked across the hallway. I looked in the window of the classroom opposite, examining everyone closely. I looked at people from my year, heads buried in books, why couldn't I be like them? I just didn't have the patience for school. Zero. I just hated being in confined spaces, tucked up with books and teachers babbling on. My best friend Matty, well Sam, goes to a special nature school, his parents pay a fourtune for him to go there, where they do lessons outdoors and dont rush you, it's all something to do with it's good for your soul. His real name is Sam, but only Me and his family know that, we've been bestfriends since we were 4, I've never really got round to asking why we call him Matty and not Sam.

"How come your not in class?"

I turned round to the voice, looking at a grinning man in a tweed coat and a bow tie. His brown hair was floppy and he was straightening his bow tie.

"Miss Prince kicked me out Sir." I murmered, flicking my hair out of my eyes and leaned against the wall again. "Are you new here Sir? Can you not find the classroom your meant to be teaching?" I asked curiously, noticing he wasn't carrying a briefcase or a laptop bag.

"Ah no, I'm looking for room 36? It's a English classroom? I'm looking for my wife."

"Oh sorry, I thought you were a teacher."

"I am, my wife works here too." He grinned. "I'm Doctor Smith."

"Nice to meet you Sir, I'm Mai. There's another doctor here too, Doctor Screwge, science teacher, she's gets on most people's nerves though."

"Well, I don't tend to annoy people."

"I'll show you the way." I smiled, walking along the corridor with him. "Is your wife a teacher here then?"

"Yes, she's a english teacher, but today she's doing something to do with careers day? She is also a archaeologist see. And they've assigned her room 36 to do her presentation in."

"I take it she's new too then?"

"Yes, Miss Song, do you know her?"

"No sorry. Anyone else your looking for?"

"Yes actually, her moth- er, sister. A Miss Pond?"

"Miss Pond." I muttered to myself, trying to think. "No sorry. Is she a teacher as well?"

"No, she's just here to do careers day too. She's a model. No my Amelia would never teach."

"Amelia... WAIT WHAT?" I froze, looking at him. "Amy Pond is your sister in law?"

"You know of her?"

"Petrichor is only my favourite perfume ever."

"Maybe I could introduce you to her." He grinned. "Is there a reason you got kicked out of you class?"

"I got bored, and a bit sarcastic that's all. I don't do school, I just want to get out there y'know? See it all."


"Here we go." I said, leaning against the wall by the door of room 36. We looked inside as a woman about Doctor Smith's age talked to the class, everyone hooked on every word she said. She was very pretty, and had golden blonde curls to her shoulder blades, most of the boys were drooling over her, so I guess she was Miss Song. She caught Doctor Smith's gaze and flashed him a smile. The bell went for lunch and everyone piled out of the classroom, nearly knocking me off my feet as Miss Song came out, giving Doctor Smith a kiss on the cheek.

"Hello Sweetie." She said said to him, then smiling at me. "Hello there."

"Hello Miss Song." I said politely. "I was just showing your husband here." I turned back to Doctor Smith. "If that's all you need me for Sir? Unless you would like me to find Miss Pond for you?"

"We do need to find them." Miss Song muttered to him.

"If that's not a problem?"

"Of course not." I smiled. "I need to keep away from Miss Prince, she's probably wondered where I've wandered of to..." I muttered, showing Doctor Smith and Miss Song where to go. We made our way to the hall, where the rest of the careers day had been, and inside was Amy Pond and the new caretaker. "I'll leave you to it, nice to meet you both." I smiled, heading out to the canteen.


"Mai, what is up with you?" Sadie called into my ear.

"Huh? Sorry just a bit distracted."

"You've been distracted ever since you wandered off earlier." Charlie said, nicking one of my chips.

"Here take them." I said, pushing the plastic tray infront of him. "Just something that happened that's all. I'm ok."

"Your head is always in the clouds, guess that's why your middle name's Halo."


I plonked myself at the back of the class, Charlie next to me and Sadie infront, turned round to face us. History, just what I needed. I had been zoned out ever since I had met Doctor Smith and Miss Song, like there wasn't something quite right with them. I was drawn to them, something was different, like everything else was black and white and they were in colour. Just what was it?

"What is that bloke wearing?" I refocused, listening to what Sadie and Charlie were saying. "Oh dear, he will get clobbered wearing that."

I looked up to see Doctor Smith at the front of the classroom, smiling at me, I smiled back at him as he sat on a empty table, a couple forward from us, feet up on the seat.

"So class!" He grinned manically, straightening his bow tie. "History. Actually first, how does my bow tie look."


"You look like a twat!"

"Oh dear you fail!"

I rolled my eyes. "It's fine Sir."

"Ooh, you sticking up for the floppy haired freak now are we Mai?"

"Shutup Luke." I spat, Me, Sadie and Charlie giving him evils. Luke Young. He was a twat, I had never liked him, but then again nobody really did. He had possibly the worst past, the most reasons for people to take the mick out of him, and he was the biggest bully of them all. Sai0d things about people they couldn't control, or they were embarressed about for no reason what so ever.

"N'aw is he your new best friend? Knew Sadie and Charlie would get bored of you eventually." They shouted every name they could think of under the sun at him and I stood up in anger.

"Why don't you shut your gob? Nobody even likes you! Just get a life, you prick." I rolled my eyes, sitting back down with Sadie and Char.

"I bet your just like your mother..."

"FUCK YOU!" I shouted, jumping up to look at him again. I froze as he was standing, grinning with his eyes turning a funny blue colour. I heard a load of thumps. Everyone had slumped onto the tables. I rushed forward and felt Charlie and Sadie's necks, they were only knocked out. I looked round to see Doctor Smith with a stick out, no longer than a pencil with green flashing out of the end. He grabbed my hand and pulled me over to him, standing in front of Me, pointing the stick at Luke.

"This is Detective Doctor, representing interglactic law subsection 7 on level 5 planet Earth on the behalf of The Shadow Proclomation's International Rescue, please state the nature of your emergency."

"I am Kriptoe soldier alpha delta 23." He croaked. "I have taken this human form in search of help to fix our engine."

"What type of engine?"

"Cross dimensional thermal cot."

"And what happened to it?"

"Burn damage."

"A anti mesial ship? You idiots, use emergency protocol 4! You had no reason to come here!" The Doctor barked at it, lifting his stick up higher. "Now leave this planet alone!"

"After killing you!" He took out a laser gun from his back pocket, pointing it in our direction.

"DUCK!" I shouted, pulling Doctor Smith out with me. We ran down the corridors as more lasers came after us, just dodging. We ran into the English section, Miss Song leaning against the wall talking with Amy Pond and the caretaker. We ran past, Doctor Smith grabbing their arms as they ran with us, the lasers coming quicker at us. "Your not really teachers are you?" I shouted.

"Of course not!"

"Doctor, what do we do?" The caretaker asked, as we hid behind a wall.

"Hang on Rory, I've just got to get the right sonic setting..." He murmered, fiddling with his stick. He jumped round the corner and buzzed it at Luke, and he fell to the floor. "Stay back, he might be bluffing!"

"How can he bluff that? He's trying to kill us, why would he pretend he is unconcious? We'd just run off then and he'd lose us!" I said, as we all cautiously made our way towards a passed out Luke.

"Good point." Doctor Smith murmered, shining his stick at Luke, then looking back at me. "Your good, I like you." He smiled.

"Activating." We span round, looking at Luke, his eyes still shining blue, now sitting up, in a trance.

I moved to the other side of the corridor, looking into the classrooms. All the teachers and students, their eyes were blue, sitting up again. Their heads sharply span, looking at us. "DOCTOR!" They croaked.

"I think that's bad." I whispered. "What the hell is going on?" I asked, as we ran through the corridors again, the teachers and pupils, coming out of the classrooms and following us. We made our way into the headmasters office, which was luckily empty, and barricaded up the door. "Why aren't I like them? What's going on? What made Luke be like that?"

"Good point." Doctor Smith began, pacing up and down. "Why aren't you like them? Never ignore a coincedence, unless your busy, always ignore a coincedence. So, Kriptoe, their the rats of the universe, silly little race, no harm really, just need to tell them to leave."

"Well let's go to The TARDIS." Miss Song said, a little breathless.

"Your joking, with them lot out there? There must be at least a thousand." The caretaker said.

"Can't you use the screwdriver?" Amy asked, nodding to the stick.

"Of course Amy! It knocked out that Luke kid, but that was just to activate the rest of them, if they can all hear it, it should get rid of them, send the off into the universe, not to come back. Put everyone back as they were, normal humans again. Just how?" He said, leaning against the table, scratching his chin and putting his stick down on the table.

I looked around the office. This day had been a nightmare, what on earth was going on? Everyone in my school had become a alien, and 4 strangers were talking about screwdrivers! I looked over to the headmasters seat, the announcement microphone just on the edge of the desk. Oh yes. I grabbed Doctor Smith's green stick and ran round to the seat, pressing the button on the microphone.

"Hello school! I've decided today has been crazy enough, but one last thing." I said, pointing and pressing the button on the stick into the microphone. "THIS!"

There were muffled thuds from outside, and we slowly pushed the door open, everyone knocked out in the corridors. Doctor Smith took his stick from out of my hand, hovering it over them.

"We did it." He grinned, looking at us all. "How did you know what to do?" He asked me.

"Well, you said the noise from it needed to be heard everywhere. So where else better than a stereo?" I smiled. "Who are you?"

"The Doctor."

Everyone started rubbing their heads and groaning, getting up of the floor. I rushed over to Charlie, who was already up and helping Sadie.

"What happened?" She mumbled.

"Not sure." I said back. "Ask Doctor Sm-" I turned back round and they were gone. Not a word or anything.

1 week later...

Everyone was still a bit wary after what had happened, and I couldn't help think about The Doctor. He had dissapeared with Miss Song, Amy and Rory, without a word. Sadie and Charlie never knew the truth about what happened, I didn't want to worry them, and even if they knew, they wouldn't believe me. I wished they would come back, just to explain what had happened, and why.

Once again I was on my way to History, my favourite lesson now, just because the thought of The Doctor might come back. I was walking through the courtyard, enjoying the sun. I heard the sound of engines, and leaves blowing behind me and slowly turned, looking at a blue box by the wall, about 3 metres away from me. It felt familiar, like I had seen it before. I walked up to it cautiously and placed my hand on it.

'Your a time lord...'

I jumped back slightly, the scream running through my head. I turned back, heading to my class, not going to look further into what it was.


I looked back round and The Doctor was leaning out of the door of the blue box.

"Doctor? Is that you?" I whispered, walkiing back up to the box again. "What are you doing in a box?"

"It's my spaceship. The TARDIS. Time and relative dimension in space." He said, tapping the door frame.

"Your a time lord." I spluttered.

"How do you know that?"

"I, I dunno. It's just something I heard."

"Well I am. I'm The Doctor, last of the time lords, apart from River, who is half time lord."

"Miss Song? River."

"I travel the whole of time and space, and I stop creatures like earlier today."

"That was last week."

"Oh. You are amazing though. You understand how to stop those things, it's like, your used to it."

"I don't know how you manage it all Doctor."

"Oh, we get around."

"How do you fit all in there?" He pushed the door open and let me walk in. Amy, Rory and River were sitting up the top, by the flight deck. It was massive, I'd never seen anything like it in my life. Bigger on the inside. "I, I- Oh god."

"It's hard to take in, I know." Amy smiled at me.

"So, you guys just whoosh off? Anywhere and everywhere?"


"Lucky." I sighed.

"How do you mean?" River asked curiously.

"I live in a kids home." I sighed, sitting down on the chair. "Apart from I'm the only one there. Loads and loads of social workers and that, but I'm the only one. My Mother, she's in prison. There was nobody else to contact to look after me, so I was put in care."

The Doctor looked at River, then Amy and Rory before smiling at me. "Come with us."

"What?" I spluttered.

"You hate it here right? And you having nothing here for you? Your good, it seems like you belong here."


"Pack a bag."

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