Title: Fast, Furious, and Under Control

Pairings: Dom/Brian, Vince/Mia, Leon/Jesse, Letty/?

Summary: After Brian meets Dom he decides to tell him the truth about why he's there. When he rescues Dom the big man decides to keep him. What new drama will this twist being about?

A/N: I haven't decided what to do with Letty yet…I have a clear idea of where I want to take this story. It will start off following part of the movie but it will have little changes to suit my plot-line. Then it'll take a drastic left turn out of the movie script and into my imagination. Just a fair warning though…there will be slash aplenty. You don't like that…then don't read this story.

Chapter 1

"Thanks a lot Mia, see you tomorrow."

Vince got an irritated look on his face as he muttered 'tomorrow' and stood up to follow Brian to his truck.

"Try Fat Burger from now on. You can get yourself a doucle cheese with fries for $2.95 faggot!"

Brian smirked over his shoulder.

"I like the tuna here."

Dom snorted as the wind carried the man's smartass comment to his ears. He rolled his shoulders as Vince went at him again.

"Bullshit asshole, no one likes the tuna here."

"Well I do."

Brian grunted as Vince tackled him into the side of the Truck. The two started throwing punches and curses and Mia yelled at her brother.

"Jesus Christ Dom, Will you get out there please. I'm sick of this shit!"

Dom stood up and looked at the two, He had to admit the blonde could hold his own even though Vince was clearly bigger.

"What did you put in that sandwich?"

"That's really funny."

Dom smirked and went out to separate the two. He shoved Vince into Leon and pushed Brian into the hood of a car. He had to fight back a smirk at the blonde's response to that.

"Hey man, he was in my face."

Dom stepped closer to him.

"I'm in your face."

Vince tried to launch at Brian again so Dom shoved him and yelled.

"Relax! Don't push it! You embarrass me!"

He looked at Jesse and told him to grab the blonde's wallet. He flips it open and gives Brian a funny look, the name doesn't fit in his opinion.

"Brian Earl Spilner. Sounds like a serial killer name. Is that what you are?"

"No man."

"Don't come around here again."

Dom tosses the wallet back to him and turns to walk away. The blonde just couldn't let it go.

"Hey man, you know this is bullshit!"

Dom told him he no longer worked for Harry and the man got a stunned look on his face and left. Dom got his own shock when Harry refused to fire him, spouting some shit about good help being hard to find.