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Alert: Yuri. Sena x Yozora



The Question

What's the answer to the question that confused her?

A question she often got distracted from by the smile of a girl in a dating game admitting love to the blond's cliché character, or distracted by the long hypnotizing black hair of the girl in the posters surrounding her bed.

In many evenings she was sure the answer to this question was in hand while thoughts of the multi-colored haired boy popped in her head.

In the mornings after those evenings she wasn't sure anymore as she woke up to the pleasant face of the long haired girl, sometime smiling, sometimes just staring at her from the posters. The blond with the butterfly hairpin always returned a smile and a stare back to the inanimate poster.

The bitch, playing with her emotions every single moment of her day, even when she wasn't around, stopping her from reaching her true answer to the question.

If she would consider the answer biologically then it would be a repellent from the boy, she saw her father fawning over the pictures of the boy's father. She hoped her dad didn't inherit to her the gene making her repel from the thing he liked and like the thing he repelled.

However she didn't think of her father's preferences to have anything with her own.

She blamed the long haired girl, who wasn't a long haired girl anymore, making the blond even angrier.

While it is true she wanted to have more girls in her life and while it is true the black haired girl was in her life, whether or not any of them wanted to, she didn't wish it to be so, not like that.

Not like that, not to numb minding obsession, not to a condition when she wanted to be in the room they associated in all the time, not to make a state she couldn't recognize what she wanted anymore, not to a condition she needed to even ask the question.

It was the question that numbed her mind so much.

Does she even like boys?

No, that wasn't it, the real question was:

Kodaka or… dare she say it, Yozora?

Kodaka was certainly a nice guy, someone she actually talks to and take interest in without him fawning over her like her dad used to do over his dad.

But Yozora was good enough for her to hang posters of her everywhere, to want sarcastic tone to pay attention to her. No matter how mean she was to her, and even because of it, a Stockholm syndrome perhaps?

Was it Kodaka's Y chromosome that doubted her or was it Yozora's X attitude?


The answer to this question with so many forms came attached to an Email ten seconds after she pondered about it for the millionth time in another afternoon, the only time she didn't cheered for any side.

But before that Email there was another Email about the same subject.

"From: Rika (Beware!)

OMC! OMC! Yukimura and Kodaka are together! I wish it was me and not Yukimura- (Nagging on and on about how better it would have been with Rika and not Yukimura…)- but if we'll accept Yukimura it would still be better if she was still a boy, so great… if it's not me then "Two of a Kind" is better two of different kinds if you know what I mean…"

Sena was shocked, she was also socked from how little she actually cared.

she couldn't achieve one of the two possibilities and the only one left was Yozora.

But she didn't want to want Yozora out of lack of choice, she didn't choose any of them in the time Kodaka was still single and there is no reason declaring herself as a "Two of a Kind" fan just yet.

But then the true Email arrived in its destination.

"From: Yozora (Sena wanted to add some mean name instead but she couldn't)

That double-cross-dressing Bitch!"

Unlike Rika's Email this one wasn't sent to all members of the neighbors club, only for her.

Only for her.

She quickly replied Yozora, completely ignoring Rika.

"To: Yozora

What's wrong, jealous? :P"

Sena laughed meanly and looked at the prettiest Yozora poster she had, her favorite.

Yozora replied her.

"From: Yozora

Not only is he breaking the club's rules for no in club friends, he is also going further and dating one. All business here.

You however, Nikku-Chan, is the one in trouble, haven't you heard of the new couple steak? they'll use you as their first romantic meal. Or maybe that'll be lucky for you since it'll be the only romantic meal you'll ever participate in."

Sena got angry, she wanted to say something mean to Yozora, but she noticed something.

Instead she wrote this.

"To: Yozora

But you did break the rules too, you are friends with me."

It was risky; she never truly admitted she was friends with Yozora.

And now that she did, she wanted to be more.

Yozora's reply was just a sentence telling Sena to stop harassing her and that's she was turning the phone off for lunch.

Sena was disappointed but she looked again at the thing she noticed earlier.



Now the question wasn't whether or not she likes boys. The answer was no.

It was whether or not she should tell it. And how? And when?

And most important, should she tell the specifics to Yozora?