I cried. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I cried.

And I watched the scene on Youtube, and I cried again.

Title and quote from the song playing during the scene.

Disclaimer: None of this is mine. Or this scene wouldn't have happened. No matter how beautifully it was done.

EDIT: Thanks for all the wonderful reviews! Anyways, a little tidbit: the version of the song used in the show has now been released for download, and someone's put it up on Youtube! Go here to listen to it - http:/www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=OHvT3vMELy4, and check the description for a download link as well. ;)

Running Up That Hill

"If I only could make a deal with God, get him to swap our places. Be running up that road, be running up that hill, be running up that building…If I only could."

There is that moment.

That terrible, lingering moment, when you know what has happened, but haven't seen it, and so refuse to believe it.

It hasn't been confirmed, so a small hope lies in you still.

Claudia pales at Pete's face. At the way he speaks, and commands them to get back to the car.

But she knew even before this. Something was wrong.

The way he staggered out from the room, backing away, his face stunned. The way he grasped the railing for balance.

Myka called out to him, asked what was wrong.

He said 'nothing'.

He lied.

Claudia sees it now. After she asks him what's wrong, it's in the way he yells at her. "Claudia, I said get back to the car!" His face is drawn, taut, his eyes wild.

Claudia knows.

But she refuses to believe it.

"Pete," she says, "what is it?"

Her face is beginning to blanch as Pete stays silent.




At last, he speaks, in a hoarse, pleading whisper, something Claudia has never heard him use before.

"Please get back to the car."

Claudia snaps. She looks from Pete, to Myka, to Pete, for reassurance.

It can't be what she thinks it is.

It can't be.

It isn't.

But she has to know.

To verify.

And she runs past the stunned Pete, and up the stairs, her face set in a state of perpetual shock.

It can't be.

It can't be.

These are all her worst nightmares. But that's it.

They never come true.

Worst-case scenarios, false worries.

Nothing's wrong.

But something's wrong.

It can't be.

It can't be.

Claudia races up the steps, across the platform and straight through the door.

There's a pause.

She stares.

Eyes open wide. Wide. Wild.

Her body goes limp.

Her jaw drops.

And she lets loose a scream.

It sounds almost like 'no'.

But not completely.

It is just a scream, of shock and anger and grief.

So much grief.

Claudia vaguely hears Myka shout her name.


It barely registers.

All she can see is Steve.

Happy and alive in her memories.

Cold and dead in her sight.

She takes faltering steps forward, her eyes so wide now, her vision blurry.

Steps, behind her.

She doesn't care.

As her partners come up behind her, Claudia just stares at her friend.

And cries.