We are the future.


September 5th, 2011

Deep within the medical research labs located 2 miles west of Manchester city centre; three apes were infected with 'rage'. Biologist Sean Mathews was investigating this virus at around 1700 hours when one of the chimps escaped and bit Mathews. Due to the highly contagious infection, the virus spread within seconds and Mathews was infected

This was the start of the outbreak.

September 6th, 2011

"Kirsty!" Megan panted behind me, trying to catch up with my increasing pace. Today would be the day I would finally know what GCSE's I'd secured and whether my chances of going to Xaverian College would be likely or only just a distant dream.

"I need to be the first one to get the results or everybody will corner me and demand that I tell them!" I protested back. Rolling her eyes, Megan simply followed while trying to adjust her tie to a comfortable position. It was the first day back and every student now in year 11 knew that their results were in. Being me, I wanted mine first and as we arrived near the hall, I discovered I wasn't the only one. The whole hall was filled with my year sitting around looking nervous.

"Kirsty!" My head of year, Donna, beamed. "Come in and sit down, we're reading out the results now."

"Thanks Mrs." I said before turning back to Megan. I was about to hug her and tell her I'd see her that night for band but Donna spoke before me.

"You're both in the band right?" She asked.

"Yea." Megan replied, looking confused.

"Well, Kirsty can get her results then you both need to be in the music room for 9."

"Sure, I'll see you there Kirsty." Megan smiled before running off to form. Without even being slightly nervous, I walked into the main hall and took a seat next to Lucy. We didn't even have time to talk about anything before the headmistress walked in and began her lecture on how our results are important to the academy and how lucky we are to be in such a 'great school'.

For a while, I barely listened. It was going to be a while before my results would be read out anyway. When it came to Lucy's, I felt nervous for the first time.

"H, Lucy. Maths, A. English, A. Physics, A*." The teacher at the front declared. A well deserved applaud was given before she returned to reading out people's results. When they got to mine, I couldn't believe my ears.

"M, Kirsty. Maths, A. English, A*. Physics, A*." They read. I gasped and the room applauded again. After all the results had been read out, Donna came over and asked Lucy to come to music as well. With questioning looks, we both walked down to music. On the way, we spotted a bunch of girls who had brought in a radio and were sat nervously around it. Being the nosey person she is, Lucy wanted to go over and see what the broadcast was about but I urged her onwards.

When we arrived, the room was silent. There were a few people from band sat around and one girl from my year who had left the hall before we had. Taking seats next to my boyfriend, Caleb, and my close friend, Will, we sat waiting in silence too.

It was about 10 minutes later when the headmistress arrived again and the news was revealed. I had to be the least afraid in the whole room after the news.

"Rage, a deadly virus, is spreading. England is being quarantined."