Waking up slowly, I could tell Id had a restless night. For starters, Caleb had moved away from me for his own safety and the blazers that had been wrapped neatly around me previously were thrown astray.

"Morning." Will yelled over to me, too busy looking at something outside of the window to even look over, "or really, afternoon." Rolling over, I grabbed my blackberry to see that it was actually 2 o'clock in the afternoon and that I'd managed to sleep in for half the day. Another thing that I noticed was that I'd managed to receive three BBM messages from my friend, Lissie. It read:

I saw the news from your country and I sure hope you're alright. If you're alive, try get over here. Apparently, the infected can't travel across great bodies of water. Hope to see you soon – Your Artist

Quickly, I typed one back:

We're alive, the whole band, we're in a re-enforced room apparently where we'll be safe until the army come on Saturday. Signal is down so I'm not even sure if this will send but if anything happens then I'll get myself over there. I may even ask if we can be deported there after we find out what's happening, but be warned that it won't just be me. Hope o see you soon. – Your singer.

Surprisingly, it sent. Quickly, I went onto Facebook to check if it worked. When the page was finished loading up, all I could see were messages between friends and family members. Sending a few messages to family to let them know I was safe and for them not to worry was fairly difficult; I couldn't face the fact I wouldn't see them for a while. After passing my phone around the band to leave messages, I went over to join Elliot and Will at the windowsill once more.

"Well if they broke in then we'd be trapped in here, but if we hid up in the recording studio then we could gather warmth from Caleb and live on." I heard Elliot laugh. When they saw me coming over, they beckoned me closer as if they wanted to tell me some dark secret.

"Look." Will pointed, "The infected have found school."

I leant forward to look out of the window and was thrown back with fear. As soon as my line of vision had passed the edge, something had jumped up at me. I was unsure what it was; it looked human but it couldn't be. Blood was dripping from its mouth and it's eyes were black and bloodshot. To my left, Will was laughing at my trembling presence on the floor.

"This is Bruce. Bruce's our friend now." He teased.

"What IS that?" I yelled.

"It's Bruce! This is what people look like when infected!"

"That looks more like a corpse gone wrong. That's more than an infection."

"Well, it's an infection. It's like black death or something."

"There's nothing wrong with Bruce anyway!" Elliot protested.

"Well, if Bruce manages to get in here like he's been trying to then we're going into the recording studio. Don't tell anybody else apart from Caleb though, it'd be too cramped."

"Well, okay, I guess?" I sighed, moving closer to Bruce.

"Oh, look into his eyes, It's really funny." Elliot laughed.

"Trust you two to have a zombie for a pet." I jeered before positioning myself up at the window to see what was apparently so funny. As Bruce's eyes met mine, his body started to twitch. Deep in my mind, I thought I'd seen him somewhere before. Before attacking the window again, the infected spat blood in my direction which dripped and ran down the window pane like droplets of rain. If I wasn't so messed up I'd be sick.

"See? Isn't it cool?" Elliot cheered. Slowly, I crossed the room to where Caleb was sat daydreaming as usual.

"Smile." I whispered to him while pulling him into a hug.

"You smile too." He whispered back. I could tell he wasn't completely okay but nobody could really blame him; he lived just across the road and it was clear that the infection had taken over Blackley. At the moment, all I could do was sit here and ensure that is mind didn't unwrap the clear evidence.

"Will and Elliot have a pet zombie now, it's called Bruce." I sighed. Caleb started laughing and dragged me back over to where the other two were still sat. Like a child at Christmas, Caleb ran and pressed his face against the glass to see the infected spew up more blood and start hitting the glass again. Now, more people were noticing Bruce's existence and becoming fascinated with the way his eyes were filled with rage. Sighing, Will became wary. Without anybody else noticing, he moved Elliot Caleb and I backwards into the recording studio.

"Right, something we didn't tell you was that the infected don't give up." Will whispered, pulling more people in and leaving the naive outside.

"Wait, what do you mean? I whispered back. Immediately, glass shattered. People screamed. Some ran. Slamming the door shut with force, Will locked to door to keep Bruce out.

"This room won't hold, the wall's are hollow." Sam cried. Through the glass, we watched on in horror as the infected pinned Shaun down and gauged out his eyes using his nails. As Shaun's eye sockets filled with blood, his screams started to quieten. Now, all we could do was pray for Alisha who'd just been thrown up on. Slowly, she brought her head round and stared at us all with her newly blood shot eyes.

"Somebody get the computers, get the keyboards too." Lucy screamed. Diving for protection, I grabbed one of the complete keyboards and wielded it like a bat.

"What now?" Charlotte, a feeble year 8, questioned.

"We kill them both." I said with determination. Next to me, Sam ripped the wires out of the computer and threw it at the window, smashing it. As expected, both of the infected lunged in our direction. Swinging the keyboard, I smashed Bruce's skill with a great force. Straight after, members of the band began killing him. Feeling victorious, I stood back up triumphally to be greeted by the infected Alisha jumping on me. Screaming, I did everything I could to try to get her off me before she bit me. After a long struggle, I gave up; she would kill me. Before I had a chance to relax and accept death, Alisha was thrown across the room. Shaking, I turned around to witness Caleb's tall figure wielding his now blood stained guitar.

"you alright?" He asked, dropping himself down beside me. Across the room, Will was checking to see if Alisha was dead.

"Her skull's been smashed, I'll be surprised if she's still alive now." He called over, kicking her more in the process. While others cried, Sam came closer to examine the blood that had stained my clothes.

"She's infected!" Dion, a saxophonist, shouted. This caused a few more people to shy away from me, Caleb included, and they all became deathly afraid when I stood up.

"She'd have eaten you all if she was really infected you ponces." Will cursed.

"But Alisha's blood got on her." Mark protested.

"Yea but none got inside her or you'd be lay in tiny little pieces."

"Why won't she talk then?"

"Well let's let a maniac nearly eat you and see if you have a lot to say." Will finished, silencing mark.

Hugging me tight, Caleb was no longer afraid.

"Thanks for saving me." I managed to stutter, burying my face in his neck.

"I could hardly let you be killed, you'd have killed me." He joked. It was good to joke in these situations, it saved us from the depression others were feeling. For starters, Megan had began mourning the death of Shaun. Other people mourned Alisha too; the rest just stood around looking miserable.
It wouldn't last long. Will knew it. Elliot knew it. I knew it.

More would be coming.