Rose sat on the floor of the TARDIS, watching the Doctor flash in and out of sight as he darted underneath the console.

"Rose, could you hand me the extra vortex manipulator? If it fits into the dimension stabilizer we could essentially- OW!" The Doctor emerged, sucking on his burnt forefinger. "Remind me to not try that again without gloves."

Rose giggled at his appearance, hair sticking out at every angle and glasses slightly askew from his arduous work. The Doctor reached out his hand to pull Rose from the floor, and she couldn't help the flutter of her stomach as their fingers interlocked.

"So, where to now?" Rose asked, anxious for their next adventure to begin. It had been a week since they had left Pete's World, and Rose knew the Doctor still felt guilty over the whole mishap. By immediately leaping from one planet to the next she hoped to distract him before he started to wallow in self loathing again.

"Your choice anywhere in all of time and space, just please don't pick a Sunday, or a Thursday to be honest." He replied happily, leaning against the jumpseat and giving Rose a mischievous look. "Personally, I would recommend the jungles of Kudal. It's a tiny little planet but has the best tasting bananas in the whole galaxy!"

Rose poked him playfully in the chest to silence his rant.

"You said it's my choice, and you better be ready to back that up. I do recall you once offered to bring me to the planet Barcelona." She was surprised when the Doctor picked her up and spun her in a circle.

"This is why I travel with you Rose. You're brilliant you are. Barcelona of course!" He ran around the console in his mad dance, pulling the various knobs and handles. "You're going to love it!"

Rose gripped the TARDIS railing, expecting the usual jolt that preceded taking flight into the Time Vortex. What she did not expect however, was the deafening bang that echoed throughout the room, and the steady shake of the floor. Rose quickly looked to the Doctor, whose expression had turned to stone.

"Rose get down!" He bellowed before diving under the console himself. Rose quickly followed, squirming slightly.

"Doctor- what" she managed to gasp out before more banging, thudding and shaking commenced, followed by frequent yelps from the Doctor. A flash of light to the right of Rose caused her to start, and crawl away, right into the Doctor. He pulled her into his arms and both of them sat and waited the agonizingly until the earthquake like turmoil stopped.

However, the shaking did not stop, instead the heart of the TARDIS broke open, and fire erupted from the console above them. Rose screamed and the Doctor dragged them both from their hiding place and towards the door. The ran outside gasping and shaking slightly.

"What- what happened?" Rose stammered, not sure if she wanted to hear the answer. The Doctor leaned against the blue exterior and pinched the bridge between his eyes.

"Traveling between dimensions, it must have been just too much for her. She's breaking apart from the inside. It's happened once before. There's nothing we can do but wait until she rebuilds; last time it was two months before I could go back inside, let alone fly again."

Rose reached out and wrapped her arms around the Doctor, hoping to be of some comfort.

"So now we wait?" she asked hesitantly.

The Doctor nodded, his expression solemn.

"Now we wait."