Chapter 5

Otto's POV

Wing and Shelby went to check the infirmary again to see if there had been any progress in finding Laura, I on the other hand was running as fast as I could. Down to the one place I had been to with Laura before she had been taken by Glass house.

Our place.

Professor Pike had assigned us a secret project for extra credit, but in actuality he saw that we were both bored in class and would rather spend our time on something that would actually challenge us.

So he assigned us B.I.R.D.

Meaning Bio-mechanical Information Gathering Device, It look like a small humming bird, but in actuality it is a flying camera, capable of getting a 360 degree view of any given area and scan inferred, heat and ultraviolet waves. It was able to fly at speeds of 60 mph and give small electrical shocks from the tip of its metal beak.

Needless to say, we were goofing off most of the time, and we finished our prototype in a less than a week and then used the prototype to spy on people and mess with others (as we could use it via remote control). Laura would bring snacks and we would sit there and enjoy each other every day. And the room was only a few corridors away from H.I.V. 's core so sometimes Laura and I would wander down to visiting him.

I missed it, we had gotten extremely close during that time.

And to think that I had given her the one thing that had taken her away, and to see her on that floor in the Glass house so close to death was an experience I never wanted to relive.

As I was thinking and not looking where I was walking I slipped on some liquid on the floor.

Getting up I noticed I had slipped on a pool of blood.

Looking ahead I saw a trail of it.

Leading to the door of our room.

Tease, tease, teaser ;) oh, how I love the cliffhanger

Sorry, I was absent for quite a while. And I left you all dangling over the edge.

(Saying this as I push you further over the edge)

The good part is right around the corner!

Love panda