This is post-TLH, but the Romans are at Hogwarts as well. So don't question it.

I'm giving this Percy Jackson/Harry Potter crossover another try, since I deleted my last fanfic, Preparing, Planning, Puzzle. I hope that this will be more successful, and that you enjoy it. Cheers!

Chapter One

When you get turned into a tree when you're twelve years old, you'll never look at the definition of "normal" the same way ever again. Even so, I don't know exactly what Chiron was up to when he summoned the cabin leaders to go to England.

Yes. I said, England. I mean, what's so special about the United Kingdom when you have the whole of North America as a playground? I should have known that something was up when the centaur piled us into JFK Airport, giving each of us tickets to London.

"You'll know what to do when you get there," Chiron had told us.

Well, now, here we were, cramped into four rows with tiny seats, and I had the bad luck to sit next to Perseus "Percy" Jackson, hero of Olympus for two times in a row, son of Poseidon, Seaweed Brain, blah, blah, blah. Oh, wait, did I mention that he was hyperventilating and holding onto my arm as if it were a lifeline? Needless to say, I did not appreciate it one bit. I myself was feeling green from my acrophobia. The tiny blocks of blue sea and green ground that were seen outside our puny window were not helping one bit.

"Percy," I said through gritted teeth. "Do me a favor and hang on to Nico instead, will you?"

"No!" Nico moaned, his face buried in his hands. "Don't blast me, Uncle Zeus, please! I swear—"

Percy glanced out of the window and shuddered. "Z-Zeus is so going to kill m-me after this."

Annabeth's head popped into view from the row in front of us. "Gods, Percy, have you ever considered the fact that if Lord Zeus blasted you, he would be condemning eleven other demigods as well, one of whom is his daughter?" She smiled sheepishly at my expression. "Sorry about that last part, Thals."

I grumbled and waved her apology aside with my free hand. "Forget it. Just remember that on the return trip, I am not sitting with Percy or Nico. You are."

"Deal," Annabeth agreed. "Better then the two I'm sitting next to, anyways."

She rolled her eyes as Travis and Connor Stoll both started laughing hysterically. It sounded like they had raided Chiron's store of milk chocolate.

By the time that we had gotten to London Heathrow Airport seven hours and forty minutes later, I was exhausted, snappish, and completely fed up with Percy mumbling and hanging on to my now-numb arm. I was seriously about to break something, preferably Percy's neck, if he didn't let go within five seconds. He was like a leech that didn't suck blood to me at that moment.

He's got to thank the gods for his girlfriend, who dragged him off of me when he had a tenth of a second left.

I rubbed my numb arm and went into the airport terminal, annoyed.

"Any of you know why in Hades we're in England?" Nico asked, recovering quicker from his adventure on the airplane than a certain son of Poseidon did.

"Well, if any of us had known, don't you think we would have shared it?" Katie Gardner from Demeter asked irritably as she swatted at Travis.

Nico shrugged and stuffed his hands into the pockets of his black aviator's jacket. "Whatever. Chiron told us that we would know what to do when we got to London. I don't know what to do. Does anybody else know what to do? I don't know."

"Nico," Annabeth suspiciously asked as she untangled Percy from her arm. "Did Dionysus drive you temporarily drunk with rice wine?"


Annabeth decided to go with that. It was probably for the better good, anyways.

"Now, what do we do?" I complained. "We're stuck in the middle of London's airport with no idea what to do."

"Why don't we go shopping?" Drew from Aphrodite said. Her suggestion was immediately shouted down by ten other protesting counselors.

Percy cut in. "Guys! Let's just get out of here and then, we'll discuss what to do. Deal?"

There was a general murmur of assent as everybody headed towards the nearest exit.

"So," I called as soon as we all stepped foot outside. "Why don't we just—"

"I have a better idea," Percy said, cutting into my remark. I rolled my eyes and muttered, "You didn't even hear what I was about to say."

"Why don't we follow them?" He pointed to a person in a green cloak that appeared to be waiting for us. He was looking at our group, anyways.

Our little assembly shuffled towards the man, who greeted us warmly.

"You are from...Camp Half-Blood, I assume?" the man asked brightly, adjusting a pointy black hat on his head.

"Yes," Percy said. "And you are...?"

"Very good, very good!" the man cried. He shook Percy's hand so vigorously that I thought his hand was going to be detached any second now. "I am Vincent Hoggins, and I am from the Ministry of Magic!"

"The Ministry of what?" I asked, confused. "Magic? Is that—"

"Yes, yes, yes!" the man said. He seemed to have a habit of repeating certain words. "We are very pleased, very pleased to have you here! Everything shall be explained, be explained when we get you, get you to Hogwarts!"

I heard Travis and Connor stifle a laugh as they heard the name "Hogwarts". I wasn't too far from laughing myself, actually. Was this Hogwarts a place that looked like a hog with warts?

"Follow me, follow me!" Vincent Hoggins set out on a heated walk, his cloak billowing out behind him.

"Remind me again, why did I take leave from the Hunters for this?" I muttered to Annabeth, who had caught up to me.

"Because Artemis made you," Annabeth patiently answered. Considering that this was about the billionth time I asked her that question, she was holding herself together remarkably well. I would have blown up at around ten times.

"Right," I mumbled as I brushed past a rather large man that was holding a bouquet of flowers.

We stopped in front of this broken old shop on "Charing Cross Road". Everybody else seemed to be passing it without knowing that it was there.

"Come on in!" Hoggins cried, waving us unconvinced demigods into the shop. "Welcome, welcome to the Leaky Cauldron, Leaky Cauldron!"

We passed an old man wiping the counter and a bunch of weird-looking creatures. One of them glanced up at us and darkly muttered something under his breath.

Hoggins led us through the "Leaky Cauldron" and stopped in front of a brick wall. He took out a long thin stick from his pocket and tapped some bricks in a counter-clockwise motion. The wall shivered, and spiraled out into a view that could rival Olympus. Well, not really, but you get my point.

"That," Connor whispered, "is amazing. Think of—"

I slapped him. "Don't even think about stealing anything, Stoll, or I swear, I'll fry off your eyebrows."

"Welcome to Diagon Alley, Diagon Alley! You are each required to get spellbooks, which have been pre-ordered for you, but you each must get a wand, get a wand from Ollivander's, Ollivander's! Your money, money has also been retrieved from your vault, your vault at Gringotts, Gringotts, but some of you must get it, get it!"

"A wand?" Percy quizzically asked, Nico on his heels. "Money?"

"Yes, yes, a wand!" Hoggins said. "I will see you, see you within the hour, hour!"

He scampered back to the Leaky Cauldron, leaving eleven dumbstruck demigods in his wake.

"Why don't we split up?" Annabeth offered. "Half of us can go to this Ollivander's place, and half of us can get the money. Then, the other half can get their wands, and the first half can just communicate. Fair and done?"

Annabeth quickly separated us into two groups without waiting for an answer. She herded all of her group to Gringotts, leaving me, Percy, and Nico to direct the other demigods. She should have never put three Big Three kids in a group, because there will be trouble.

"Well..." Percy started, pointing to a dark shop. "There's Ollivander's. Let's go get our magical sticks."

"Maple, eleven and a half inches, unicorn hair, flexible."

I was practically falling asleep standing up as I waited for results. I had literally tried every single wand in the shop, to no avail. The sticks just didn't cooperate with second group had long since come to get their wands, leaving us some money, leaving me with Kelp Face and Death Breath.

Percy waved another wand for what must have been the trillionth time, to no success. Instead, it bounced up and hit him square on the nose and clattered to the floor. Nico stifled a laugh.

Ollivander, the wand maker closely peered at Percy. He went to the back of his shop, carefully avoiding the mountainous pile of tried-out wands, and came back with three, sleek black cases.

My head snapped up from where I had been dozing when he opened the cases.

"Here," he offered Nico the first case in a wheezy, dry voice. "Ebony, twelve and three quarter inches, phoenix feather, rigid and unyielding."

Nico tentatively took the wand and yelped when a bunch of black and bronze-colored sparks shot out of the end of the wand.

"Interesting," Ollivander mumbled, plucking the wand from Nico's shaking fingers and putting it gently back into its case. "That will be ten Galleons, five Sickles, and four Knuts."

Nico counted out the coins, fumbling with them as he did so, and handed it to Ollivander. He rushed out of the shop with a hurried "Thanks!"

Percy acquired the next wand: "Redwood, eleven and a half inches, dragon heartstring, bendy. Good for charm-work."

He left in the same manner as Nico.

Ollivander offered me the last case, saying, "Pine, twelve inches, unicorn hair, moderately rigid. Go on, give it a try!"

I almost snorted at the irony as I heard the wood was "pine". Apparently, this wand liked me—it sent firecrackers whizzing around the shop.

Ollivander turned to me, his eyes gleaming. "You know," he began in that wheezy voice, "the other boy who came here took the twin of that wand, but the wood was oak. He did have the same eyes as you. The girl who acquired the first boy's twin wand...they had similar characteristics."

I gulped and handed the money over, gingerly taking the wand. I thanked him and slowly walked out of the wand shop, wondering who in Hades who was the boy Ollivander was talking about.