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Chapter 6:

Lily's POV

My eyes locked with the swans all these questions were flooding into my head: How is this swan talking?, How does it know my name? How does it know that I have recently remembered about my dad and Scar?, but most of all what does it mean by our connection?, I don't have a connection with swans! All these thought crammed up my head and made me feel faint which did not help to add to my already throbbing head and sore throat.

Another cough shook my whole body and had me clutching at my throat and gasping for air. I needed to get home and fast. I didn't have time to play silly games with a swan but something was telling me I had to talk to it. Maybe it could help me figure out about my past? Seeing as it all is such a blur to me.

Something in my hand seemed to heat up so I looked down at my hand and saw the scrunched up piece of paper that Scar had given to me. I unfolded it and read:


Come to the house of night on the Isle of Skye.

It has just opened up. I'm being transferred there it sounds amazing.

Apparently you can train to be an amazing warrior there.

Your brother might go there, how can you not remember him?

James Stark you have to remember him!

Luv S.C.A.R xxx

P.S: stay away from the swan she has been after you since you left Scotland, I know you probably don't remember her too but she is bad news!

I recited the name James Stark it rang a bell. I really do have a brother don't I. Then the note at the bottom sent fire alarms ringing in my mind.

I looked up from my paper and into the swans eyes she seemed sad but also curious.

'I see Scar found you before I did' her eyes narrowed at me and I took in a sharp intake of a breath but it was useless because another viscous cough washed it away like a wave.

"Who are you?"

I managed to rasp out of my throat. Her eyes widened and she looked sad again. I instantly wanted to stroke her and say it was ok but of course I wouldn't a swan is dangerous. I couldn't help but wonder where I had just gotten that feeling from.

'You don't remember me, of course you don't that old hag zapped your memory so that you would forget everything that had something to do with your brother' She paused and hesitated.

'but I didn't think it would be me too that she took from your memory'

"Wait. What someone zapped my memory?" I stared at her long and hard trying to find the answer before she said it.

'I guess I'm going to have to explain everything if you are going to understand'

Ignoring the note that Scar gave me and following my gut instinct that for some reason had become very strong since I had passed out, I sat on the closest rock and muffled coughs into my scarf.

'Lily, my name is Lydia' she started. The name Lydia echoed through my mind. I felt safe with her and calm, I felt at home.

'We used to be great friends. We would spend all our time together' She turned her head away from me as if to hide something on her face.

"Used to, what happened?" Her face flashed from pity to sorrow, deep, deep sorrow.

'This happened' she opened up her wing to reveal a scar that swiped across the bottom of her wing. A cluster of feathers were missing too and it was pink and angry.

I gasped in horror and shook my head at the all too familiar scar. "Oh God no" I stuttered until I could carry on "My dad. You were the one that killed him, no, why did you do it?" I was getting up to walk away when her voice stopped me.

'No Lily!, It wasn't my fault he tried to shoo me away but I thought he was attacking me. You have to understand'

Memory hacked into my brain. I could remember the scene and how scared she was and then dad fired a arrow at her but it just scraped across the wing. I cried then, and I cried hard. I remembered her. She was my only friend when I was little I had always had a power were I could heal and talk to swans I could also hold my breath for up to five hours under water and would always win swimming races.

But I had forgotten all about this connection to swans and especially Lydia!

'You remember!' She came towards me and folded her wings around me as I hugged her. As she let go I could see pain in her eyes. Her eyes drifted toward her wing and I realised that it must still hurt her.

I knelt beside her and placed my hands on her wing and recited what I could now remember

Heavy on my heart

Ever so painful

All that matters is…

Love and laughter.

I watched my hands amazed as my spell came to work and they glowed as did the long angry scar on Lydia's wing. When my hands stopped glowing I felt a sharp stinging pain around my wrist and looked down to see a sapphire blue tattoo. It twined up my wrist all the way to by elbow. The pattern was of feathers that were tied together by string.

I felt a warm sensation in my soul and knew it was my new goddess's gift for me

You have done well my daughter, my swan

My soul fluttered at the sound of Nyx's voice. I got up and brushed myself off.

'Where are you going' Lydia's voice came through my mist if happiness.

"Home to tell my mum that I have to move to the house of night" I replied suddenly remembering the task I had waiting for me Goddess I was not looking forward to this!

'I'm coming with you' I looked at her one more time before nodding.

"If you want to I don't mind but do not let my mother see you, she would kill us both!" I made my way across the road towards my house with, very strangely a swan named Lydia following me.

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