A/N: Okkkk, so this is my first SasuNaru story. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. I've been wanting to do one of these since forever ago but alas I decided to lurk in the shadows gathering information for my yaoi debut. No more kiddies, the time has come!

Summary: It all started with a blond punk stealing his wallet. He didn't know that it would end with him falling in love. AU.
Pairings: SasuNaru (of course), some GaaNaru, NejiNaru.
Ages: Naruto - 21, Sasuke -18
Warnings: Lots and lots of cussing, violence, and smut (in the future) and lots of confusion for dear readers who will be dying to know what's really up with Naruto and Sasuke.

Based off of the very hot and sexy characters from "The Summit".

Disclaimer: The Summit and Naruto aren't mine.


The train roared as it sped up, the outside view a blur. He sat regally, as regal as you could look on a crummy train, and ignored everybody's stares. He knew he was a good looking man. Tall, reaching six feet, with black hair that fell into a unique style that framed his handsome visage while it spiked up in the back. His black eyes were usually always fixed into a piercing glare that despite it's intensity attracted people right away. He had an imposing air around him that people couldn't help to have their eyes drawn to him. Everything about him attracted attention, down to his hair, to his Armani suit, to his expensive looking shoes. Everything about him was absolutely dark, beautiful, and sinful. Men wanted to be him and women wanted to have his children.

A boy stood on the opposite wall of him, holding on to the rail of the train. He stared, unabashed. A hat sat on top of messy blond hair, covering his face. He pulled the hat up and a mischievous smirk crossed his tan whiskered face. His blue eyes filled with amusement as he made his move. He had been observing the brooding boy, who despite his manly and mature appearance did not fool him. His brooding was starting to bother him and really, he hadn't had fun in a while so why the hell not? He passed the boy and pretended to trip onto his lap. He fumbled around, trying to get back up, his hands roaming over the boy's suit jacket. The brooding boy, outraged, tried pushing him off.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he yelled.

"Eheh...I'm sorry!" and the blond quickly got off him with a flush and reached behind his head with his arm to rub his neck in an embarrassed manner. He apologized once more before turning around. The train stopped and the blond got off with a satisfied look in his eyes.

The brunette, still annoyed, glared at him through the glass, hoping that he would get ran over by a car sometime in the near future. And that's when it happened. The blond reached into his orange jacket and pulled out a leather wallet. He smirked at the brunette's face and stuck his tongue out. He froze in shock.

He finally realized, snapping out of his daze, that the blond had his wallet. The brunette quickly tried to get out but the doors had closed.



The blond gave a loud obnoxious laugh as he watched the train leave the station. He hadn't had this much fun in a long time! He looked at the leather wallet in his hand. Now what? He hadn't really stolen it for the money, which he was sure the boy had, judging by the way he was dressed.

He turned around to leave when two brown haired men came up to him.

"Hey, we saw what you did to that guy. Impressive."


"Yeah, real impressive. But who the fuck gave you permission to fuck around on our turf?"

"Eheh, no, you guys misunderstood! You see, this guy -"

"Naruto!" someone yelled out.

The blond and the two strangers turned around and spotted a grey haired man in a suit. His face was obscured by a black mask. He was also being followed by other mafioso looking men. Naruto gulped. You see, this grey haired man just happened to be the leader of a gang and said gang handed out a loan to the messy haired blond. And they had been looking for said blond for a long long time now. Well, there's no doubt that they found him.

"Uhhh.." began Naruto again.

Before he could try to trick his way out of such a curious predicament, another voice interrupted.

"You fucking bastard," said the brunette that Naruto had supposedly left behind on the train.

He was sweating and gasping. Naruto gaped. There was absolutely no way that the man had ran from the next stop...right?

So now, Naruto was corned by not one, not two, but three enemies. He huffed, not amused at all by his shitty luck. He had to think quick because most often than naught, he got himself into troublesome situations like these. He grabbed the brunette first, blinking large blue eyes at him. His full red lips fell into a pout as he began to beg.

"Hey man, it was just a joke! You looked like you needed a distraction and I was only too happy to do it..."

The brunette gave him an evil glare. He looked around at the other men gathered around them and asked "Who the fuck are all of you? His accomplices?"

Naruto, seeing this as an easy way to get rid of all his enemies answered "Yup!"

And before any of them could blink, the brunette punched one of the brown haired strangers. And that's when all hell broke loose. Naruto, using this as his distraction quickly fled. His huge grin screamed for all that he very very satisfied. However, that satisfaction was short lived when he glanced back and saw the brunette hot on his trail. Naruto jumped over rails and ran as fast as he could out of the train station with a psycho brunette running after him. He kept glancing back and the brunette just kept gaining on him. Naruto looked in front of him and saw freedom. The exit of the train station was so close and he sped up, his arm reaching across, the warmth of the outside hitting his fingers until he was dragged back and slammed across the cold wall. He looked up into the eyes of the brunette and saw an insane glint in them. The blond gulped and blurted out before the other could say anything "I don't have it! The other guys took it!"

Lie. Naruto had the wallet in his pants. Literally, in his pants. But the absolutely scary looking guy didn't need to know that.

The brunette let go of him and sneered down at him. Now that he looked at him, he realized that the blond couldn't be all that older than him. Somewhere along the chaos that the blond had constructed he had lost the hat that was hiding most of his face. Messy blond hair fell around his ears, which were pierced many times and he had blue eyes, the likes of which he had never seen before, that were framed by long golden eyelashes. He had three lines on each side of his face, whisker-like scars, and full red tinted lips. Unlike the brunette, he was not decked out in expensive elegance. He had on a white v-neck shirt and a horrendous orange jacket. His slim legs were encased in a pair of tight black jeans and on his feet were orange converse. On his back was a raggedy green backpack. And unlike the brunette, he was not tall, his head reaching the shoulder of the brunette just barely. He was a slim little thing, giving off a girly appearance.

The brunette gave him a last glance over and reached into the blonde's pants. Before Naruto could react, the brunette pulled his cellphone out of his pocket.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha, and you better get my wallet back if you want your cellphone back."

And with that the brunette walked away.

Naruto was left cellphone-less and with an uncomfortable itch in his pants.


Sasuke grunted as he put on his school uniform as he got ready for school. It was his last year at school and he was attending a rich private school as the top student. The school catered to the rich and the famous, it was a place where you could gain your status and become someone. But truly, Sasuke didn't give a fuck about any of that. He didn't know how much longer he could stand the dumbass teachers or the dumbass students. They were idiots, the lot of them, most especially the girls who were ready to drop their panties at his beck and call. Fucking sluts.

Sasuke made himself breakfast because he really didn't have a choice and locked his apartment's door. He moved in just recently because he couldn't stand his overachieving older brother and wanted to get far as far away as he could. Sasuke had always behaved in a rude, antisocial manner but it had only gotten worse when she came into the picture.

She, as in his brother's current wife. The bitch who tried seducing him and later blew him off. The bitch who thought that she was better than he was and who only managed to fuck everything up. The fucking bitch.

His brother had introduced her to him, as his friend. He never liked her, not then and certainly not now. She was a slut to the nth degree and he found that out when she asked him to pose for her in the nude for a sculpture she was making. Like he would believe that. She was all over him by the second week of his scheduled modeling. He didn't refuse. Why? After all, she was just a warm body who helped to take the edge off. And then she had to go and make it seem like it was his fault that she fell in love with him when he had clarified that he wanted none of that. Especially with her. So as revenge she married his brother.

He sighed as the school came into view and entered his personal hell. The school was grand and majestic, a beautiful piece of architecture but that was only the outside. Inside it was full of hypocrites and posers who could do nothing but talk, talk, talk. He was tired of this school, of his family, of his life. He was tired of everything. He wanted some excitement in his life, he wanted to feel alive for once. Unbidden, an image of a blond, blue-eyed boy popped into his head. Sasuke snorted. Dobe. As a matter of fact, he still hadn't gotten his wallet. He pulled out the cellphone he took from the blond and looked it over. It was red and pretty beaten up. He flipped it open and checked for new calls. No, nope, none. He wondered if he was ever going to get his wallet back.


He walked into his classroom and a hush fell upon the room. The girls sighed dreamily while the boys stared enviously.

He could handle the stares, all his life has been all about attention. However, he could not handle the comments. Not because they were hurtful, because to him, they really weren't, but because it made him look like a fool.

"Dude, I heard that the girl he was fucking ran off with some other guy."

He jumped off from his desk and turned towards the boys who had said it. The guy smirked but it didn't last for long as a fist landed on his face.


He stood in the office, bored, as the dean lectured his head off. When were they going to learn?

That he didn't really give a fuck.

He hated it. Hated. Making it out to be like he really cared about that bitch. She had just been a fun time to him, that's all. She wasn't exceptionally beautiful. She wasn't beautiful, period. With her stupid pink hair, because seriously, who the fuck would have pink hair? She had dull green eyes. Because she was so fucking dull. All the fucking time. He didn't understand what his brother saw in the slut. She was so whiny, so needy, so goddamn clingy.

Except for maybe...nah. She didn't even have nice tits.

He tuned back into the dean's lecture when he realized it was ending. As the dean talked, the fat under his chin jiggled. His fingers, which looked like wieners being strangled to death by the tight golden rings adorning his fingers, kept pointing at him. As if that would make him kneel down and repent for his sins.

God, I need some entertainment. Get me the fuck outta here.

And like a prayer, the blond's phone rang a cheerful little tune.

Fuck yes.

And he walked out of the office, making it clear that he wasn't ever coming back. Because the truth was, he wasn't. Not ever if he could help it. He was done with pretending.

He flipped open the phone.



(A/N: I wanted to end it there...but I'll just keep going, lol.)

He promised the blond to meet him at a nearby park. He spotted him immediately as soon as the park came into view. It was hard not to. The sunlight shone down on him, making his appearance ethereal. He was sitting on a bench, with his eyes closed. And even though nobody could see those amazing eyes, people stopped and stared at the angelic young man. Sasuke walked closer to him, hoping to scare him. Something about this blond made Sasuke turn into a juvenile child.

"So you go to a real prestigious school, huh?"

Sasuke just raised his eyebrow. The blond opened his eyes to look at him. He was once again struck by the beauty of the cerulean eyes. Naruto suddenly smirked and hit Sasuke's chest with his wallet.

"There ya go. Cellphone please?"

Sasuke reached into his pocket and handed the cellphone to him. Naruto clutched it tight in his hand and looked at it in relief. Sasuke stared questioningly at him but the blond just gave him a bright smile and stood up, which made Sasuke stand up too.

"Don't be so stoic all the time. You'll get wrinkles." he emphasized his statement by poking Sasuke's forehead with his index finger.

Sasuke just smirked, amused.

Stupid blond.

The bus stopped right beside them and Naruto gave him a one finger salute before he got on.

Sasuke stood watching as the blond opened one of the windows and yelled out, his hair flying in the wind as the bus started to leave,

"Name's Naruto! I like you! I put my info in your wallet so come find me!"

And with a puff of exhaust fumes, the bus was gone.

Sasuke looked down at his wallet and opened it.


It had no money in it.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o

Naruto was a man dammit. He was born one and by god, he would die as one. He had a dick so he couldn't understand why on earth he attracted so many damn creeps and perverts. He understood that he was a sexy thing. Naruto was humble, if not modest. But c'moooon, it's not like he had a flashing light on his forehead that screamed out "I'M A QUEER". Because, really? How else would he have gotten into such a situation?

"Naruto please, just once!"

You see, he had met this guy a few months back. He had nowhere to go after that incident and he was completely and absolutely lost.

Because I've always been lost without him...

So, he was at this club, intending to get completely shit-faced when a white dread head came up to him. He was a friend of a person he knew and the guy had offered him a place to stay.

Well what the fuck did he do? He said, fuck yeah. Biggest mistake that he had made in a while. Because really, he's made many in his life but this was the most recent one that he's made in a few months. So, yay him.

It didn't even become a problem up until a few weeks ago when the man suddenly started to want more. Hey, he was a fucking tenant, not some pretty-faced prostitute. Naruto had had hell trying to fend off the guy and right now it was getting fucking annoying. It was pretty much always annoying but this time it was extremely annoying.

"Naruto...please. I let you get away with smashing my car and using my credit card to buy yourself expensive jewelry...so please. Ever since I first saw you..."

Naruto contemplated that the jewelry was pretty damn awesome. And the bastard really deserved his car being destroyed because he touched Naruto's ass. And nobody touches his ass without his permission. Especially some sleazy, dread head who picked him up at the bar.

And then he pounced. Naruto didn't even get a decent warning until he was falling to the ground with the guy on top of him. Naruto kicked him in the face and turned around to run but he wasn't quick enough as the guy suddenly pulled his arms behind him and pinned him down. He felt something hot and hard on his back.

Is that...what I think it is...oh hell no!

"Naruto...Naruto, I love you!"

"I don't know that kind of love you sick bastard. Get the fuck off of me!"

He arched his back and tried to buck the guy off of him but he only managed to turn him on even more.

Well fuck me...

Not literally of course.

He really wished the guy would get off because he was really fucking heavy and outweighed him by a good 50-60 pounds and Naruto did not want to hurt himself because he was too pretty to be wounded. Also that erection on his back was starting to make him really uncomfortable.

"Well now...isn't this interesting?"

Naruto looked up at the familiar voice and was filled with relief as he saw Sasuke's form in the doorway.


Sasuke's eye twitched at the nickname. Maybe he should just walk back out and pretend he never saw anything.

Unfortunately Naruto did not like that plan at all. Sasuke grew tired of Naruto's constant pleas for help and decided to help him just to get him to shut up.

He kicked the guy off and Naruto quickly turned around to kick the guy on the side.

"You fucking bastard, I oughta -"

He interrupted himself by throwing several other kicks.

Sasuke grabbed Naruto by the waist to pull him off the guy.

"Take it easy dobe. I think you killed him."

Naruto's eyes widened and he lowered himself onto his haunches and tilted his head for a minute.

"I think he's still alive."

Naruto grabbed Sasuke and pulled him out of the apartment.

They walked in silence until they exited the apartment complex.

"Hey...so who are you?"

The brunette rolled his eyes and slapped Naruto's head.

"Aieeee, it was a joke, bastard! You took your damn sweet time looking for me."


"So you missed me too huh?"

"Don't say such disgusting things. You took my money. I came here to collect your debt."

"But I already gave you back your wallet!"

"Without the money. I plan to drag it out to the bitter end, you moron."

Naruto suddenly stopped in his tracks as he spotted something. His blue eyes widened and he ducked to hide himself behind the bush he was standing in front of.

Shit. How did they find me?

Sasuke raised an eyebrow and turned around. Right there, he saw the same grey-haired man and his goons that he had seen (and beaten up) at the train station. Faint recognition crossed the man's eyes.

"Hey, you're -"

Naruto grabbed Sasuke's arm and pulled him along as he ran. Hoping to put some much needed space between him and his debt collectors.

"Why the hell do I have to run with you baka?"

"You were seen with me. Now you're my partner in crime " Naruto said with a cheeky grin and wink.

They stopped as soon as they realized that they weren't being followed.

Well look at that...

"Fucking idiot, what kind of shady shit did you drag me into?"

"You run slow. You should be careful, those guys are tough," Naruto admonished.

"What the hell does that have to do with me?"

"If I die, you don't get your money back." There was a flash of that pierced tongue again.

Sasuke grabbed Naruto by the collar of his orange shirt and pulled him up to his face.

"Give me back my money you dumbshit!"

Sasuke and Naruto then became aware of the mutterings around them. People stared, concerned that maybe the poor blond man was getting assaulted.

Or that's what Naruto assumed.

"What the fuck are you all looking at?" Sasuke roared.

The blond looked at Sasuke in disbelief, not even concerned that he was probably going to get beaten up.

Man, this guy is something else!

Naruto's shoulders began to shake and Sasuke turned to look at him. The blond idiot was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down his face.

"Kami! You're fucking hilarious! I haven't laughed this hard in such a long time."

Sasuke raised his eyebrow at the blond's loud guffaws. He suddenly stopped and glanced up at Sasuke with a sunny grin.

"Hey, let's go for a drink."


With a bag of beer in one hand, Naruto led Sasuke to an abandoned building. He took them up to the roof and set the bag down before chasing around the pigeons that were resting there.

Sasuke snorted at the blonde's childish antics.

Why am I even here?

If he was honest to himself, he would say that he wanted to see Naruto again. But he wasn't honest, because that 'honesty is the best policy' shit was not for him, so he told himself that Naruto just happened to be a good source of entertainment. And the truth was, that he was, if today's events had anything to do with it. He had a feeling that he would never get bored with this man, who took out random situations from his very being.

He picked up the bag full of beer and walked closer to Naruto. He watched Naruto who got onto the edge of the roof. He spread his arms wide and closed his eyes, the wind blowing through his wild mane and lifting up his shirt to reveal a sliver of tan skin.

Is he tan everywhere...?

"You know, I sometimes pretend that this is the highest place in the whole world. And that if I spread my arms, I could fly away to somewhere else. Maybe I'd fly to a mountain or a jungle."

Naruto lifted himself up to his tippy toes.

Sasuke's eyes widened marginally and he grabbed Naruto's arm and pulled him away from the edge before he could do something stupid. Unfortunately, he pulled too hard and Naruto fell on top of him.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"I'm sorry. Did I scare you?" the blond asked.

Naruto smiled up at him, his blue eyes crinkling at the corners, his golden eyelashes brushing against his cheeks. His blonde hair was flying in tune with the wind and his red lips were quirked into a small smile.

You're making me lose my mind.

"Get off. Do you have no common sense? You run away from debt collectors, return an empty stolen wallet, get assaulted by your landlord! I don't know what do with you!"

Naruto tilted his head to the side and widened his eyes and formed his lips into a pout as he put his fists under his chin to look up at Sasuke with a faux innocent face.

"Are you going to beat me up?"


"You're not going to do anything. If you were going to, you would've already done it. Besides, you're having a drink with me. I think we're a pretty good match. Wanna be friends?"

He's an idiot. But there's an innocent charm about him...

Naruto took that as a yes and said "Well then, please take care of me Sasuke-kun."

And kissed his cheek as if it was everyday occurance.


Naruto woke up with a pounding in his head.

Ughh, I've never been good at holding in my liquor...

He felt hot and there was something heavy on his back. Like a body. Groggily, he opened his eyes and looked at a room that was obviously not his. The room was bigger and it was definitely a heck of a lot cleaner.

What the fuck...

He tried to move but realized there was something restricting his movement. He looked down and saw himself with only his briefs on. With a strange arm around his waist.


His mind finally caught on. He pushed Sasuke off and he ended up off the bed and on the cold hardwood floor.

"AIEEEE! What did you do to me your perverted rapist?"

Naruto started to freak out. He has obviously never been in a situation like this.

Sasuke woke up because of the scream and glared at him, pissed off that he was pushed off of his bed and woken up at such an early hour.

"Huh? Did you just push me off MY bed?"

"What did you do to me? Why are you naked?"

"I'm wearing pants you idiot. You're the one that's in your briefs. Don't you remember what the fuck you did? We ended up getting locked out on the roof and we had to call 911 and we ended up getting yelled at by the police. Then I wanted to go home but you followed me and then you passed out in the middle of the street so I had to carry you here. "

"Uhh...so you assualted me and took my clothes off while I was unconscious? You monster!"

Sasuke hit him on the head.

He really didn't know why he even talked to the idiot.

"The one who took off your clothes and got into bed with me was you dobe! If you can't hold your liquor then you shouldn't drink. If you're done now, hurry up and leave, I have to go to work."

"You live here by yourself? What happened?"

Naruto was rewarded with an evil glare. He had seen it so much in the last day that he started calling it the "Sasuke Glare of Doom".

"Uh...I didn't mean to pry. Y'know, you're out of school and you're living by yourself...must've been some real trouble with the family. Not that that's bad y'know, trouble with family is normal and -"

"Your endless chatter is annoying. You're just like a nosy bitch. Are you sure you're a guy? Do you really have a dick? Let me check."

He grabbed Naruto around the waist and put a hand on his hip. The skin on skin contact made him tingle.

Naruto started to struggle in order to make Sasuke let go but the guy had strength. The hand started to trail down his hip to his briefs and slowly started to pull them off.

Or they would've been pulled right off if Naruto hadn't feared for his chastity and shoved Sasuke off of him.

"You monster! Pervert, sadist!"

"What are you scared of? Is it really small?"


"Do you get it now? Don't mess with me or there'll be nothing left of you to salvage. Now get dressed and get the fuck out."

Sasuke walked into the bathroom, hoping that by the time that he got out Naruto would be gone.

But alas, Naruto was an idiot and like all idiots he didn't happen to understand the "Get the fuck out" part because by the time that Sasuke got out of the bathroom Naruto was cuddled with a pillow and a blanket over his exposed body glaring at him.

Sasuke couldn't help it. He smirked, amused.

"What the hell are you doing? You're pretty funny, huh. I'm going to leave the key here because I don't have time to make sure that you leave. Lock the door and put the key in the mailbox. Also, take care of that ass of yours. You never know when somebody will try to rape you again."

Sasuke turned around and left, ignoring the loud tell-tale 'thump' of the pillow hitting the closed door.


"Bastard, " he muttered to himself as Sasuke left.

"I can't believe I fell asleep..."

Naruto...Naruto, you like me don't you? Broken hearts, betrayel, you're willing to do it all for me aren't you? So do you want to do it...?

Naruto closed his eyes, his hands grasping his head, an image of a dark haired man passing through his mind.

Why am I even thinking about that...at a time like this? Stupid. They look nothing alike.


Sasuke took off his helmet and shook his head. The spikes at the back of his head popped right back up. He got off his bike and was immediately intercepted by a red haired woman.

"You're still running around on that motorcycle?"

Sasuke gave a grunt.

"Why the fuck do you care?"

"So hey, I was wondering, if you had some free time, would you like to get coffee? And then maybe we could - "

"Karin. Back the fuck off."

She huffed and pouted.

A white haired man came up to Sasuke and clapped him on the back as he turned to look at Karin.

"Leave him alone Karin. You know he doesn't do that shit," the white haired man smiled a shark-like grin as she left.

"Suigetsu," Sasuke nodded in greeting.

"So what's the problem?" Suigetsu asked as he motioned to the bike.

"The battery keeps dying on me and the oil seems to be leaking. The lever is tight and the handles seem to shake. There isn't a damn part that doesn't seem to have a goddamn problem."

"You should get it professionally checked. Otherwise it'd continue being unstable."

"I don't have the money."

"What? Sasuke, you're a rich kid. You reek of upper-class and status."

Suigetsu was an old friend and something of a mechanic. When in doubt, always ask Suigetsu.

"Not anymore. You got some work for me?"

Suigetsu sighed.

"Fine, fine. Don't cause trouble for me. Just be careful, it's dangerous to be out here with no money."

"I like danger."

"Yeah yeah, you're just like your bike, unstable asshole."

"See you tomorrow."

He watched as Suigetsu walked away and got on his bike to head home. He had lied to Naruto, he didn't have a job to go to. But he would've said anything to have gotten that idiot out of his apartment.

It's been a month and a half...since I left. I feel like a toy that was thrown away. Attachment. That's what I had been avoiding.

He thought of Naruto and his bright smile.

The longer I look at you the brighter you are...


When he got to his apartment, it looked like a tornado had passed through. The clothes were everywhere and the sheets were wrapped around a lamp. He walked into the bathroom and saw on the mirror, written in lipstick 'Sasuke-teme, fucking pervert' with a chibi Naruto drawn on the side. He had to wonder why the hell Naruto even had lipstick.

"Fucking dammit."


Two weeks later...

Sasuke woke up to the loud dinging of his doorbell. He groaned and tried to ignore it but the idiot moron who was ringing the doorbell wouldn't let up. After five minute, he growled and threw the sheets off of him.

I'm going to fucking kill whoever the fuck it is!

He opened the door and wasn't even surprised when he saw Naruto on the other side. He was wearing an orange striped tank and cargo shorts. He had another hat on his head and in one hand he was carrying a luggage suitcase while on his back was a backpack. Naruto greeted Sasuke with an idiotic smile and a wave.

"Hiya Sasuke-teme! Did I wake ya? How ya been?"

Sasuke immediately noticed how loaded Naruto was and peered suspiciously at him.

"What's with that?"

"Ah...this? I left home too. So I'm gonna have to stay with you for a while."

Naruto grin grew as he pushed past Sasuke.


oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o

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