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Johanna Barker sat in her room like usual. She looked out the window at passersby. It was a very gloomy day, which was pretty common in London. But today, she was excited. Johanna had met…well not met, but noticed a very handsome boy the other day. He had noticed her as well, and she knew that he had been watching her.

So Johanna formulated a plan. She knew she could trust this boy. He had an honest, soft face and seemed very kind. And he made her smile. Since she felt comfortable with him, she had thrown him a key to the house.

Many would say that it was naïve move, but she knew that everything would be fine. So Johanna sat in anticipation. She never really knew what was going on in the world outside. She had always been shut up in her room, only being let out for basic necessities. Even her lessons were held in her room.

She could only hope that everything would go well.

Johanna had been so lost in her daydreaming that she barely noticed when her door was broken down. She looked up, startled at the sudden noise.

She quickly noticed it was the kind boy from the street. Purely out of instinct, she ran up and hugged the boy, a very unladylike thing to do. She quickly pulled away.

"I am sorry. I did not introduce myself. I am-" she started, but the boy interrupted her.

"Johanna. I know, and a most pleasant name it is," he nodded. "My name is Anthony."

He gave her a small smile, and she had to hold back the urge to hug him again.

"I have come to take you away from here," he said.

Johanna grinned at him and gave in to her urge to hug him. She had never been this close to a boy, and it was strange feeling. She loved the warmness of his embrace and the beating of his heart.

He pulled away and looked at her for a moment. "Are you ready to leave this place?" he asked, sounding hopeful himself.

Johanna nodded vigorously and began to gather her things. When she was ready, Anthony led her out a back entrance and past the Beadle to a place called Fleet Street.

"I know a place we can stay for a bit so I can order a carriage," he stated.

Nellie Lovett was sitting in her shop, drinking gin, when Anthony burst in, pulling a beautiful, yellow-haired girl with him. She immediately jumped out of her seat, she was so startled.

She soon realized it was just Anthony, and exclaimed, "Anthony! You gave me a fright!"

"I am sorry, ma'am, and I assure you it was not my intention, but I need to speak with Mr. Todd."

Anthony looked to Johanna and said, "You stay here." Then he turned to Mrs. Lovett. "This is Johanna, Mrs. Lovett. Now if you'll excuse me, I must speak Mr. Todd. I will be right back, Johanna."

The young girl looked around the room, slightly confused. "Hello, miss," she said timidly.

She noticed the woman's slightly drunken state and took a seat a booth or two away.

Nellie sat down next to her and looked her up and down. After examining her for a moment, she stated, "You look just like you mother."

Johanna looked at her confusedly. "My mother…You knew my mother?" she asked, suddenly curious.

"Of course I knew your mother! Lived right upstairs, she did!" Nellie said, unconsciously scooting closer to the girl.

"My mother lived in this house?" Now she was really confused. Why had Judge Turpin never told her any of this?

Suddenly, Johanna asked, "What was she like? My mother, I mean…I never knew her," she stated, sort of trailing off at the end.

"Yeah, she lived right up there with your father," she responded, trying to change the subject to Benjamin, or, as he's now called, Sweeney.

Johanna's face turned into something of a scowl. "My father…he was a fowl man. He was the one who killed her. I am glad that he is locked up."

She began to stare at the glass Mrs. Lovett was drinking out of, admiring it caught the light. She didn't want to think about the man that ruined her life.

"No! Your father was a wonderful man! And he loved your mother, loved her like…like no one else…" she finished sadly.

"Then…then why did he kill her?" she asked quietly. This woman, Mrs. Lovett, seemed very passionate about her father. She looked at her sad face, full of curiosity.

"He didn't kill her!" Nellie suddenly shrieked. She saw Johanna jump, and tried to calm down. "He…He didn't kill her."

Johanna was startled. "…He didn't?" she asked. Although she had always been skeptical of Turpin, she didn't think he would lie about something like that. "Then what really happened?"

Nellie sighed. "No, he didn't. So this is what happened: Your father loved your mother very much. He loved her more than…anyone…" she trailed off, her eyes filled with sadness.

Johanna gave her a strange look, a mixture of sadness and confusion in her eyes.

"He lied…" Johanna said quietly. She felt her eyes well up with tears. "Why would he do that? What had become of her, then?" she asked, tears now rolling freely down her face.

Nellie quickly snapped out of her sadness and continued, "Judge Turpin saw how beautiful your mother was, just as you are. And he decided he wanted her all to himself. So one day, when your mother and father were at the market, he had two policemen take your father away. He was sent away on a false charge, to Australia.

"And then one night, Judge Turpin invited your mother to a ball. I told her not to go. But she wouldn't listen to me. So she went. And the judge did a terrible thing."

"What did he do?" Johanna asked in a small voice.

"He raped her."

Johanna could no longer hold back any more tears. What Mrs. Lovett was telling her made so much sense. Judge Turpin always spoke so highly of her and her mother. Maybe too much for comfort.

"W-We ha-have to do something!" she sobbed. "M-My father, he's innocent…"

Instinctively, Nellie wrapped her arms around the girl, letting her sob into her. She Johanna's arms wrap around her waist, and she started rocking her slowly, whispering, "Ssh, it's okay. Ssh…"

"That man! T-That ho-horrible man!" she sobbed into Mrs. Lovett's chest. Her trembling slowed as the woman stroked her hair. "My father…I'll never meet him…" she went on.

Nellie continued rocking her, trying to shush her. "You can meet him…" she whispered to the sobbing girl.

Johanna looked up at Mrs. Lovett. "Meet him?" she asked, confused. "But I thought he was sent away…" she said, unintentionally snuggling closer to the baker.

"He escaped…he came back! He's just upstairs!" Nellie suddenly exclaimed, looking down at the girl.

"H-He is?" she sniffled, her eyes wide as she processed what she had just said.

Johanna looked at the woman hopefully. She didn't even care that there was a good chance that this woman was lying.

"Could I meet him?" she asked timidly, looking into the baker's eyes.

"Of course! Come on!" she squealed, her excitement growing as she got out the chair, helping the girl up as well.

Johanna almost jumped out of her seat. She quickly followed Mrs. Lovett out of the shop and up the stairs, her heart beating rapidly in her chest.

Nellie could hear Johanna on the stairs behind her. She finally reached the door and burst in to find Sweeney and Anthony talking quietly by the window.

"Mr. T!"

Sweeney nodded, silently telling her to continue.

Johanna stared at the man in awe. So this was her father. For some reason, he looked so cold. She had pictured him like that because of what Turpin had told her, but her vision of him had changed when Mrs. Lovett told her he was innocent. Johanna was very confused.

"Mr. T…this is Johanna," Nellie said slowly, as Johanna stepped into the room with her.

Johanna froze at the acknowledgement of herself. A part of her wanted to stay still and hide from the man, but another part wanted to run and hug him.

"Johanna?" Sweeney asked, his voice low.

She nodded, her eyes filling with tears again. The way that this man, her father, said her name made her heart melt.

Tears filled Nellie's eyes as she watched Sweeney run across the room, engulfing Johanna in a lung-crushing hug. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he picked her up and spun her around in a circle.

Johanna never wanted to let go. For once in her short life, she felt loved. Although she had doubts at first, she was now sure this man was her father.

For the first time since his return to London, Sweeney Todd smiled. But it wasn't just a smile. It was a grin. An ecstatic grin, brought forth by the fact that he had his daughter back.

He reluctantly pulled back to look at her. "You look just like your mother," he said, tears threatening to spill over onto his cheeks.

Johanna smiled. Mrs. Lovett had said that, too. She suddenly wondered what she looked like. "My mother…what did she look like?" the young girl asked quietly.

Sweeney was slightly taken aback by this question. He strode over to his desk and picked up the picture if Benjamin, Lucy, and Baby Johanna. He walked back to his daughter, handing it to her. He stood behind her and pointed to Benjamin.

"That's me," then, he pointed to Baby Johanna, "That's you," and finally, he pointed to Lucy, "And that's your mother."

"She's so beautiful…" Johanna breathed, in awe. She stood there, looking at the picture for a minute or two before looking up at her father. She glanced over at Anthony.

"Oh, Anthony, you must've known this was my father's home! How sweet of you to reunite us!" she ran to the boy and hugged him.

Anthony was in shock. He had absolutely no idea. But still, he hugged her back and lied, "Y-Yes. Yes, I knew that."

She could kiss him right there. But Sweeney interrupted them.

Sweeney suddenly broke them apart, noticing their slight moment of intimacy. "Well, my dear Johanna, it has been more than a pleasure, but will you excuse me for about an hour? I need to catch up with Anthony…make sure his plans are in check," he said in an almost fake happiness.

Johanna looked slightly confused, but nodded anyway.

"Mrs. Lovett, will you please sit with Johanna while I…talk…with Anthony?" he asked.

"Of course, Mr. T!" Nellie said happily. "Come on dear, we'll get you a nice meat pie."

At this, Sweeney's eyes widened, and he glared at the baker.

"Oh, calm down, Mr. T! I was only joking!"

He nodded, giving her a stern look, and the two women walked downstairs to the pie shop.

Nellie walked down the stairs slowly, Johanna following closely behind. She entered the shop, holding the door open for the girl. She walked around the counter and asked, "Would you like anything to eat, dear?"

Johanna was slightly hungry, but the anticipation from all the excitement today had chased her appetite away.

"No, but thank you, Mrs. Lovett," she said as she sat down in the closest booth. "Oh, but Mrs. Lovett, I would love something to drink…my mouth is so dry," she said simply.

"Gin? Water? What would you like?"

Johanna had never had an alcoholic beverage, and was surprised that Mrs. Lovett had offered it to her.

"Gin," she said curiously.

Nellie smiled, grabbed the bottle of gin and two glasses, and sat down next to the girl. She poured the liquid into the glasses and passed one to Johanna.

"Thank you," she said, taking the glass of clear liquid. She took a large swig and coughed as it went down, obviously not expecting the burn of the alcohol. She gave Mrs. Lovett a half smile as she set the glass down.

"Thank you again, Mrs. Lovett. I really do not know how to repay you," she said quietly.

Nellie had to stifle a giggle as she watched the girl take her fist drink of alcohol.

"It's not me you should be thanking, dear, it's Anthony. He's the one that took you away from that place. Honestly, I don't know how you got along all these years without a scrap of motherly love," she responded before taking a large gulp of gin.

"I have never had a mother around," she said simply. Her face became a little sad at the thought of the loss of her mother.

"Turpin has always been my guardian." She took a small sip of gin.

"Well, I think you need some motherly love," Nellie said before wrapping her arms around the girl once more and pulling her to her.

Johanna enjoyed Mrs. Lovett's warm embrace. She was right. No one had ever cared about her like this before. She linked her arms around Mrs. Lovett's waist and rested her head in the crook of her neck, her blonde locks falling over the older woman's chest.

Nellie placed a soft kiss on the top of her head. When Johanna locked her arms around her waist, Nellie could tell she had wanted to be held like this for a long time. She began softly stroking her hair, humming lightly.

Johanna smiled and unintentionally kissed Mrs. Lovett's neck. Her eyes widened and she sat up when she realized what she had done. "Mrs. Lovett…I…I'm sorry, I…that was wrong of me…" she trailed off.

A tingle ran up Nellie's spine as she felt the girl's soft lips on her throat. It took all her strength to keep from moaning. She heard her apologize, and her voice trembled when she responded, "I-It's fine, dear…"

Johanna nodded, but now she felt uncomfortable. She wanted Mrs. Lovett to hold her and love her, like her on mother would, but she was afraid that it would be awkward. She slowly moved closer to the baker, but was unsure of what to say.

She just looked into Mrs. Lovett's eyes, trying to think of words to ask if she would hold her again.

Nellie could tell what the girl wanted from just the look in her eyes. She was easy to read, just like Lucy. She pulled her to her again and wrapped her arms around her small frame.

Johanna was glad that Mrs. Lovett understood what she wanted. She wrapped her arms around the older woman's neck, pressing her chest against the baker's. She couldn't help but savor the intoxicating smell of the woman. It was something sweet, and she couldn't resist the urge to bury her face into her auburn curls.

Before she knew what she was doing, Nellie had pushed Johanna backward and pressed her lips to hers.

Johanna was so surprised by Mrs. Lovett's actions that she gasped, which in turn parted her lips. The older woman took the opportunity to brush her tongue over Johanna's bottom lip. Johanna had never been kissed like that, in fact, she had never been kissed. She tried to suppress a moan, but found she couldn't as Nellie began to suck on her bottom lip.

Nellie heard Johanna moan and took it as a good sign. Hesitantly, she inserted her tongue into the girl's mouth, deepening the kiss.

Johanna was experiencing something completely new. She felt a burning in the pit of her stomach…or was it lower? She was so unsure of her feelings that she had forgotten how wrong what was happening was. Suddenly, she pulled away. She looked at the baker confusedly.

She had never heard of two girl kissing before. Was it proper? She knew that in certain situations, kissing a boy was inappropriate, but was kissing a girl different? She looked at Mrs. Lovett. There seemed to be an unrecognizable glint in her eyes. She wondered if it was in her own eyes as well.

"What's wrong?" Nellie asked. She was genuinely confused. She thought Johanna was enjoying it, but now it seemed as if she wasn't.

Johanna cocked her head slightly. "I don't know," she said truthfully. "There's a strange feeling in my stomach…like I should be happy…" she trailed off again, contemplating whether or not to ask Mrs. Lovett if two girls kissing was okay. But she figured that since Mrs. Lovett was older and more experienced, that she is right. "Can you make me feel like that again?" she asked, embarrassed.

"Yes…if you'll let me," Nellie responded, eyeing the girl curiously.

She nodded quickly, moving closer to the woman's lips.

Nellie smiled at her eagerness and kissed her again, holding her face in her hands. She ran her tongue over the girl's bottom lip, silently begging for entrance.

Johanna shuddered as she felt Mrs. Lovett's tongue touch her lip. Again, she moaned and parted her lips, letting Mrs. Lovett's tongue explore her mouth as she pleased.

Johanna seemed to melt into Nellie's body, her hands getting lost in the baker's hair. Nellie felt a gush as her soft body pressed against her own. She traced light patterns on the girl's back, earning soft moans from the inexperienced teenager.

Johanna unintentionally ground her hips against the seat. She didn't know why she was doing this, but she couldn't help it. She tangled her hands in Mrs. Lovett's locks, bringing them closer together. She felt the older woman's finger tracing featherlight patterns on her back, almost teasing her. She moaned again into her mouth.

When Johanna moaned, it sent wonderful vibrations through Nellie's mouth, causing her to moan in return. Johanna was so beautiful, so innocent. Her panties were getting wetter with each passing second.

The feeling in Johanna's stomach was becoming stronger. It was starting to feel almost like a pressure. Kissing Mrs. Lovett felt so wrong, yet so right. She didn't know what to make of it, but she wanted more.

"M-Mrs. Lovett?" she moaned into the baker's mouth.

"Yes, dear?" Nellie asked as she pulled back, afraid she had done something wrong.

"I feel…strange…not in a bad way, but…" she trailed off yet again, trying to keep her voice under control. She blushed lightly and said, "Is it right to feel this way? Because the feeling only increases…"

She was still moving her hips in hopes of calming the feeling down.

Nellie noticed the movement and couldn't help but smile. "That feeling means you're aroused. That you want more."

"What is that?" she asked, confused. "What do you mean?" She wanted the feeling to stop. The feeling moved lower, and it was almost as if her…lower regions were aching, which made the girl blush.

"You want relief." It was more a statement then a question.

Johanna looked around nervously, unsure about what she was about to say.

"Can you relieve me?"


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