Nellie kissed Johanna's forehead as she tucked the blanket securely around her body. "Comfortable?" she asked softly as she placed her hand over the girl's.

"Yes…but Nellie?" she asked, looking up at the baker.

"Yes, sweetie?" she asked softly.

"Can you please stay here with me?" Johanna asked.

"I wish I could, sweetie, but I have work to do," she said regretfully. "I'll be back soon." She pressed her lips softly to Johanna's before standing and starting toward the door.

Johanna would have protested more if it were not for how tired she had become. She simply nodded and curled up in the covers, snuggling in their warmth.

Nellie looked over her shoulder to see Johanna just closing her eyes. She smiled and walked out the door, closing it softly behind her. She tiptoed down the hallway and checked in on Toby, to see that he was also asleep. She closed the door and walked quietly down the stairs and into the pie shop, where she found an obviously very drunk Sweeney Todd.

Sweeney stumbled around the shop, gin sloshing in the almost empty bottle in his hand. Nellie came into his view and he licked his dry lips. The dark woman so sexy in the fitting dress she was wearing. He gave Nellie a dark look as she walked in.

Nellie sighed and walked over to a booth, plopping down with a huff. "Hello, Mr. Todd," she said tiredly.

Sweeney brought his hands to the back of the booth where Nellie was sitting. He set his hands down so his fingertips just barely touched her neck and moved down to whisper in her ear. "How are you, love?" he asked. "You look so stressed." His speech was slurred as he blew hot air on her neck.

Nellie leaned her head back against the seat and said, "I am stressed." And she was. The entire thing with Turpin, and on top of that, Johanna getting her period had really made Nellie uptight.

Sweeney moved closer to kiss Nellie's neck. "Why don't you let me relieve it?" he asked.

"What!" Nellie exclaimed when she felt Sweeney's lips on her neck. She turned around to face her as she said, "What are you doing?"

"Relieving your stress," he slurred as he brought his hands down to Nellie's chest, caressing her collarbone as he made small marks on her neck.

Nellie whimpered softly. Johanna had her father's lips. She tried to push him away, saying, "Stop, Mr. T."

"Mm, no, Nellie…we both need this." Sweeney wasted no time. He violently grabbed her breast and brought his other hand down on her stomach.

Nellie nearly screamed. "Mr. T, stop!" she exclaimed, feeling very uncomfortable in her position.

"No, Nellie…you'll love it…just like old times," he said as he began to yank Nellie's corset down. He started pulling up the hem of her dress.

"No, Mr. T, really!" Nellie said, trying to pull her corset back up and push her dress back down at the same time. "Stop!"

"No!" Sweeney yelled. He was beginning to get impatient. He bit down hard on Nellie's neck, pulling a scream from her lips. He moved her panties to the side, exposing her to the cold air.

A shiver ran up Nellie's spine as she was exposed. She tried desperately to put them back to normal, but Sweeney wouldn't let her. Tears were forming in her eyes and she fought back a sob. "Ben, stop, really!" she said loudly.

Johanna stirred as she slept. She thought that she something in the lower part of the house. She opened her eyes wide as she heard people yelling.

Sweeney only continued to suck harshly on a pressure point on Nellie's neck as he roughly. Suddenly, he shoved two rough fingers into her only semi wet entrance. "Nellie…have you been naughty?"

The tears slipped out of Nellie's eyes and onto her cheeks as Sweeney penetrated her. She cried out and unsuccessfully tried to force him out of her. "No!" she protested. "Of course not! Ben, please, stop!"

Johanna hurried to put something on and ran out the door. She ran down the stairs and into the kitchen, the source of the noise. Her jaw dropped. Tears began to fill her eyes as she sight before her played out. Her voice broke as she said softly, "Nellie.."

Nellie's head whipped toward the door and her eyes widened. "Jo, it's not what it looks like!" she exclaimed, trying desperately to get Sweeney's probing fingers out of her.

Sweeney looked at his daughter horror. He never wanted her to see him like this.

Johanna could feel her heart crumble. "Ne-Nellie… could you?"

Nellie took advantage of Sweeney's terror to push him out of her and fix herself. "Jo, I swear, it's not what you think!" she said as she stood, putting her hands out in front of her.

Johanna glared at Nellie before running out of the room, tears streaming down her face.

Although Sweeney was drunk, he was still mortified by what he had done. He tried to follow Johanna out, desperate to tell her he was not really like what she had just seen.

Nellie ran after her, screaming for her to stop, to listen to her. She flew up the stairs behind her and tried to reach for her, but Johanna was too quick. "Jo!" she called. "Please!"

Johanna wanted to run away and never come back. She ran up to the room and began to take all of her belongings and place them on the bed.

Nellie raced after Johanna and sobbed when she saw what she was doing. She ran up to her and grabbed her arm, pleading, "Please, Jo, it wasn't what you think!"

Sweeney was trudging up the stairs to his crying daughter. He stood behind Nellie in the doorway.

"No! Both of you! Leave me alone!" Johanna screamed, going under the bed to look for a bag.

"No!" Nellie shrieked. "I will not leave you alone!" Then, she turned to Sweeney. "Get out of here! Let me handle it!"

"No!" Sweeney objected. "She is my daughter, and I will take care of her!" He tried to push through Nellie so he could stop Johanna from leaving, but couldn't.

Johanna watched the two fight and felt her stomach churn. Her knees went weak, and she fell to the floor.

Nellie screamed. She kneeled down in front of Johanna and grabbed her hand. "Jo, what's wrong?" she asked frantically, a touch of hysteria entering her voice. She turned back to Sweeney. "Get out!" she screamed.

"No!" Sweeney yelled, running to the two and trying to push Nellie away. "Why are you so attached to my daughter?" he asked, very flustered and confused, the drunkenness not helping.

"Get out!" she shrieked again as she gathered her strength and pushed him away, sending him onto his back. "Jo..please, what's wrong?"

Sweeney didn't want to hurt Nellie in front of Johanna. As much as he wanted to cause the woman pain for causing him pain, he didn't want to lose his daughter anymore than he already had.

"Jo, please," Nellie begged, more tears falling from her eyes. "Please.."

Johanna shook her head. "Why are you trying to hurt me so much? And to think you cheated on me with my own father! It hurts!" she sobbed.

"I'm not trying to hurt you!" Nellie screamed. "And I'm not cheating on you, I could never cheat on you! I love you!"

"You just did!" Johanna screamed, crying into the floor.

Sweeney looked at the two women, surprised and confused, before his face turned into something of disgust. He glared angrily at Nellie. "YOU'VE BEEN SLEEPING WITH MY DAUGHTER?" he boomed.

Nellie whipped around. She thought Sweeney had left. She had no idea what to say. She turned from Sweeney to Johanna and then back to Sweeney, trying to think of something to say. More tears fell from her eyes and struggled to hold back a loud sob.

Johanna didn't know how to feel. She felt a bit ashamed, but she also still felt the pain of being hurt by Nellie. "I can't do this, Nellie, if you are going to do things like this!"

Sweeney violently grabbed Nellie's arm. "What is going on? This is disgusting! How could you brainwash my sweet, innocent Johanna?"

Nellie yelped in pain. "No, Jo, please," she begged. "Please, you can't do this!" She forced herself to turn away from the girl she loved and face the man she used to love. "Let me deal with this!" she pleaded with him.

"No! You tell me exactly what is going on, or I will hurt you, Eleanor Lovett!"

"Nothing is going on, Ben, please!"

Sweeney tightened his grip on the baker's arm. "Tell me!" he demanded.

Johanna looked down at the floor. "Just tell him, Nellie," she whispered quietly in defeat.

Nellie's knees buckled as she heard this. She would have fallen to the floor if not for Sweeney's grip on her arm. She shook her head. "I can't," she whispered brokenly.

Johanna's eyes widened as she saw how angry Sweeney was getting. "Dad! Please! Don't hurt her! Listen to me!"

Sweeney could barely bring his eyes to meet his daughter's, but, when he did, he saw the hurt and something else unrecognizable reflected in them.

"She didn't brainwash me, dad…I agreed to it, and I love Nellie more than anyone in the world. That's why I was so upset to see you two together. I love Nellie, dad, what you were doing to her hurt so bad because she is mine!" Johanna almost screamed.

Nellie sobbed even harder as Johanna voiced how much she loved and how much she was hurting. She couldn't believe this was happening, she didn't want it to happen like this.

Sweeney felt hot tears sting his eyes. Why would his baby girl ever want something like this for herself?

Johanna looked hard into her father's eyes and before looking at Nellie and leaning forward, letting their lips meet in a long awaited kiss.

Nellie cried into the kiss, more emotion than she had ever felt in one time being put into it. Her fingers found Johanna's yellow locks as they kissed, pulling her closer.

Johanna deepened the kiss by putting her arms around the baker. She felt butterflies like she had never before and tried to pull Nellie closer.

Sweeney didn't know how to feel. His daughter looked so happy as she kissed Nellie, but he knew this wasn't right. "Stop! Johanna stop!"

Nellie cried even harder. She knew Sweeney wouldn't accept them being together. "I'm…sorry…I'm…so…sorry," she whispered between kisses.

Johanna let her head rest against Nellie's, completely ignoring her father. She let one of her hands go up and caress Nellie's cheek.

"Jo.." Nellie whispered, so softly she herself could barely hear it. "Jo, I'm sorry."

Johanna nodded and just brought their lips together in a soft kiss that they both needed.

When Nellie pulled back, she looked straight into Johanna's eyes and said, "I could never hurt you. I love you too much."

Johanna looked up at her father and almost glared at him. "I engaged this relationship, and I love Nellie more than anyone in this world. Please don't look down on us because of it," she said quietly.

Nellie smiled at Johanna's pride in their relationship. She grabbed Johanna's hand and looked up at Sweeney. "If you can't accept us, I'll take Johanna far away," she threatened.

"I…well.." he started, but couldn't say much. So he just turned and walked from the room.

Nellie looked at Johanna with tears in her eyes. "Well.." she said softly. "He accepts it. For now, at least."

Johanna nodded, a mix of feelings running through her head. "Why did you do that me, Nellie?"

"I didn't! I swear, I didn't!" Nellie said, squeezing Johanna's hand in reassurance.

"Then what do you call it?"

"Nothing! It was nothing!" Nellie exclaimed. "Your father was drunk, and…nothing happened!"

"Nellie…he was inside you! You can't say nothing happened!" Johanna retorted.

"It was! It was nothing, Jo, I swear!" Nellie protested, more tears flowing freely from her eyes. "I swear to you, it was absolutely nothing!"

"Nellie! I saw everything! Just tell me what happened!"

"Okay," Nellie said, taking Johanna's hands in her own. "This is what happened. I went downstairs, and your father was very drunk. I sat down, and he came up behind me. He asked if I wanted him to 'relieve my stress'. I said no. But then he started kissing my neck, and…it just happened! I'm sorry, Jo, I tried to stop him!"

"You mean he.." Johanna trailed off, indicating something with her eyes.

Nellie nodded, slowly taking Johanna into her arms. She kissed the top of her head and said, "I'm sorry."

Johanna put her arms around Nellie, her eyes filling with tears. "I-I'm sorry f-for ever th-th-thinking that!"

Nellie ran her fingers through Johanna's blonde locks and kissed her head again. "It's okay, sweetie," she whispered into her hair.

Johanna smiled at Nellie and leaned up, capturing the redhead's lips. Even though they had kissed numerous times, Johanna still felt the magic and lust from the first time. "Why would he do that?" she asked as she pulled away.

"Honestly, I don't know," Nellie admitted. "He was uptight about everything that had happened, and he was drunk.."

Johanna kissed Nellie's cheek and sighed. "I think it's getting late, I would love to continue this, but I am so tired," she said.

"You're right," Nellie said. She slowly stood up and offered Johanna a hand, helping her to her feet. She blew out the candles, changed into a nightgown, and climbed into bed, Johanna following soon after.

Johanna took Nellie's hand and kissed her lips as she got under the covers next to the woman. "I love you so much, Nellie, I'm so sorry I ever thought such a thing of you," she said.

"It's fine, sweetie, really," Nellie said softly. She let Johanna tuck her head underneath her chin and squeezed her hand. "I love you, Johanna Barker," she whispered.


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