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Chap. 1: Hunted

I was quietly sneaking away from the demon thing. I knew it tracked me down to the woods by the Townsville extinct volcano which was the 1/3 of the city I ruled. Or at least I use to. I wanted to laugh since the demon thing was going the wrong way. I grinned at myself…maybe I could escape…


Quicker then I could have possibly see (in my now reduced normal vision) I began to cry in pain. Then it began chasing me…since I couldn't fly I had to run as quick as I could possibly could.

I could tell I lost you so I'll back up a bit.

For the last couple of weeks my brothers (Butch and Boomer) and I found out that our powers were slowly leaving our bodies. It took up a great amount of our natural body energy to even laser beam out of our eyes. In the end Butch was only left with inhuman strength, Boomer was still able to fly and I was reduced to only lasers. Yet that wasn't enough to stay in our current state of power because some woman claiming to be the true 'Mistress' of Townsville was able to kill Him without even touching well…Him. After doing that well we couldn't stay and fight so we fled towards our regions. Butch's was northwest Townsville where the boundary was the mountains and Boomer's was in the south where the Townsville River overlooked the other side of the forest, while I ruled the northeast where there was also woods but they surrounded the Townsville extinct volcano. As I ran desperately for my life one of those demon things was able to track me as far as the woods.

This is where I run. I was running out of options. The poison the demon injected me began paralyzing me to a point I found it hard to move on. It was either run until I exhaust myself and get killed (or die by the poison) or turn myself in and be killed by the Mistress herself.

None of them had a happy ending for me.

Yet I didn't want to keep running so I quickly picked up the largest stick I saw and waited for the fight. But there was no longer the screeching of that thing. It was quiet.

That's when I saw her red braid.