Chapter 2

Natalia Pov

"You're so beautiful but I can only wonder is you name just as" Kendall asked he was putting these moves down hard way better at macking when I knew him he was just a suturing fool

"Its Natalia" I giggled and the he smiled

"Well I was right it's just as pretty" he spoke I held back the urge to gag these lines were mushy and annoying

"Well I'm flattered but I need to tan you know with being a model and all" I spoke I just wanted him to leave right now

"You're a model I didn't know that I thought you told the Jennifer's that you in to music" he asked

"I am but I'm modeling on the side so that I can make some money" I said

I had jumped out the pool and pated my arms and leg and tried to lay back to catch some rays Kendall went over to the other side with his friend finally leaving me alone. I took my iPod and cranked it up listening to kasha your love is my drug when this cloud went in front of the sun but then someone started tapping me.

"Hello I'm tanning" I said annoyed

"I know but we saw the way you totally stood up to the Jennifer's and we thought your cool so do you wanna be our friend" asked this girl she was white and had brunette hair and then this black girl with brown hair "That was tight were Stephanie and Camille"

"As much as I would love to makes friends I won't be stay long just camr to visit a friend" I said

"But we can hang out cant we" asked the girls

"Fine just now now cause I'm tanning for a modeling gig" I said and bothe girls nodded and left quickly

I tanned for about an hour now I was the perfect tone couldn't let my regular completion out or this would be over now I need to go up stairs and figure out how to make big time rush's lives miserable

James Pov

Those eyes that name it sounded way to familiar maybe it was just one of my late night encounters or something Kendall was taking well to her I mean for the guy who got his heartbroken by Jo two months ago it was amazing how in love he is now. This was the fast love spark I've seen in him. E was about two minutes from ripping of my head when he saw her. I just wanted a fuck not to fall in love I would never be one of those fools poor basterd it was easy to tell that she wanted him but just not in the way he wanted her he wanted her to stay down here and when Camille and Stephanie found out she wouldn't I thought he was going to lose his mind right now he just trying to play cool

Kendall Pov

She's leaving soon was all that was running thru my head I mean I don't want to sound love sick but just met her and she was going to leave yeah I mean you met people all the time but no one not even jo has affected me like that. Well there one girl Nat she was special but I was young and stupid and listened to James some thing I will never do again But I just couldn't let her leave sha had to stay