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Chapter 3: Power Struggle

Back at Alistair's mansion, the group was now getting ready to leave. "Lets see…" Alister said to himself, thinking.

Dawn was with DJ and Mora at the moment, as Kitten packed some medical stuff with Rook. "Do you really trust that guy?" Dawn asked the two brothers, as DJ and mora looked at each other.

"I trust him as far as I throw him to be honest." Said DJ with a shrug. "But Mora knew him longer, so he might trust him a bit more."

"If you ask me, he's a bit odd." Said Phantos, walking by with some foods. "But I have to say this, his kitchen is HUGE!"

Dawn sighed at this, as Alister walked over. "You guys ready? I got the coordinates for where the nearest factory under Neuman's contract is at."

"How come you just NOW bring it up?" asked Dawn, finding this suspicious.

"Didn't think it was important at the time." Said Alister calmly, as Dawn gave him a look. "What?" He asked, confused.

"Nothing." Said Dawn, leaving as DJ followed.

"What is with her?" asked Alister, confused.

Mora rolled his eyes "You know, for someone so smart, your kind of clueless." Alister looked confused at this, but shrugged as they got onto the plane.

But they didn't know it, but the nanobot was flying right onto the jet's wing, as its antenna were up and began to send a signal into the air.

Near by, in some trees, Conway was looking at a small computer and smirked. "They're heading towards you're direction, Fang." He said into a comlink.

"Why does everyone get that wrong? It's Mutt!" yelled the humanoid hyena on the other end, annoyed.

"What ever. Are you ready?" asked Conway.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm waiting where the landing spot it." Said Mutt on the other line, as Conway nodded

He then pressed a button and said, "Melt-Down, you ready?"

"Yeah." Said the echo voice that belong to Melt-Down, as he said "I'm waiting right where I'm told to stay at."

Conway smirked and said "Good…and Shard?"

"He's here to." Said Meltdown, as Conway's smirk grew bigger.

"Good. Meet you two there." He said, going to his motorcycle and getting on. He rode off towards the direction the plane went.


The plane continued to fly until it landed near a city, going near a small patch of ground near the road. The group walked out, as Deadpool looked around. "Am I the only one expecting someone to show up?"

"How so?" asked Phantos, confused as something see-through went past his ear, causing some bleeding there.

DJ and Dawn both dodged the projectile as Mora went to look at it. "…Glass?" He asked, taking a look at it.

"Yep." Said a voice as the shard flew back from where it came. They turned to see two people walk over.

The first of the two, the thrower, was a man made entirely of sharpen glass with two diamond-shaped blue eyes, a ninja-like build with the thin limbs, a thick chest and lower body, sharp fingers and toes, and a triangular head. He glared, his arms sharpening at will.

Next to him was a thin-looking young man wearing a all-black jumpsuit with a silver metal mask over his head, dark green eyes, gray and black boots and gloves with green highlights, and a hissing sound coming from under his feet.

"Shard and Meltdown, great." Sighed DJ. "What do you two want?"

"Easy…two kill ya. Doc asked us to, so don't take it personally." Said Shard, as his hand began to elongate.

"A man made out of glass? Yeah, terrifying." Said Mora, rolling his eyes.

"Better watch it, cat-freak." Warned Shard, glaring.

"Nice comeback. Get that from the back of a cereal box?" asked DJ plainly. Shard growled in annoyance, his body began to sharpen itself.

"Calm down, glass-boy." Said Conway plainly. "Anyway, our boss has asked us to kill you clowns from messing up his plans."

"Wait…the Rejects AND The Jockeys are teaming up with Neuman?" Asked DJ, surprised.

"Sort of. My boss, Komodo, doesn't want to be part of this. So I just joined up." Said Conway. "And I think I can take you clowns."

"Please, we were able to beat you before, Conway." Said Dawn, giving him a glare.

"How about us, gorgeous?" smirked Mutt, giving Dawn a wink.

"…please tell me he isn't flirting with her…" said Deadpool, surprised. Dawn gave Mutt a disgusted look, looking annoyed.

"Watch it, buddy." Warned DJ. "she's taken."

"I thought you were dating that Succubus chick." Smirked Mutt, surprising DJ and Dawn.

"NOT WHAT I MEANT!" yelled DJ, annoyed. "I mean she's got a boyfriend, ya moron! Jiro the Wolfen!"

"…Isn't he pals with that Kiva guy from Japan?" asked Melt-Down.

"Oh yeah, I think I saw that show…wait, what are we doing?" asked Conway, annoyed. "Lets just kill these morons already!"

"You took the words right out of my mouth." Said Mora, as he got out his pistols as Deadpool and Alister did the same.

They began to fire at them, but Conway smirked and lifted his right hand, making the bullets stop mid-flight. He smirked as they began to turn. DJ knew what that meant. "Get out of Range!" said DJ, as everyone scattered as the bullets began to fly back in their direction, as they got behind trees, the plane and other cover to block away the bullets.

"Shard! Get the demon and the dragon-girl! Melt-Down! Go after the devil, the Cajun and their ugly friend! Mutt! Get the Hedgehog and the Werewolf! I got the rich kid and that cat guy." Said Conway, as the other three nods and ran towards those areas.

DJ and Kitten looked behind them as they saw Shard jump out of the side and threw shards of glass at them, but the two were able to dodge the shards of glass.

"Great…we're running from a dork made of glass." Sighed DJ. "This is embarrassing…hmm…I got an idea." He whispered a plan into Kitten's ear, who does a thumbs up.

Shard looked around, as he says "Oh reaper and Dragon…come out and play…" he said, his claws out.

"Hey, glassy!" said DJ, as Shard turned to him. "You got a coat with you?"

"What kind of question is that?" asked Shard, giving him a look. Suddenly Kitten's gem glowed as she shot a blast of magical energy at him, freezing him. "Oh, that's what you meant." Said Shard in the ice.

"Think the others are doing okay?" Kitten asked DJ, who shrugs.

"Not sure." Said DJ, as a yell is heard as they saw Mutt, with a huge dent in his metal jaw, get sent flying right into Shard, shattering him.

"Well, that's just great." Said Shard's head plainly. DJ and Kitty turned ot a ticked off Dawn and a nervous Phantos.

"What happened?" asked DJ, surprised.

"Lets just say that Hyena boy there got a bit to…close to Dawn." Said Phantos.

"He did something perverted, didn't he?" DJ asked plainly.

"Yep…he…sort of touched her chest." Said Phantos, as DJ and Kitten sighs.

"That'll do it." Said DJ.

"No duh." Said Dawn, showing a lot of annoyance in her tone. She then looked where Meltdown was at and says "Alright, we need to get to the others."

"Good idea." Said DJ. "Come on, Dawn. Lets go after Conway. Kitty, Phantos, help Rook and Mora against Meltdown."

"Got it." Said Phantos as he got out his Gunblade, as Kitten nods. The four separated, as DJ looks at Dawn.

"How come you didn't go Wolfen on his hyena butt?" asked DJ.

"I didn't want to kill the guy…but if he tries something like that again, I won't be held responsible for what I do." She said, sounding angry.

"Remind me to stay on your good side." Said DJ as they saw Alister and Mora fighting against Conway, who was firing his gun at them.

Alister took cover behind a tree as he fired his gun at him, but the bullets were stop mid-flight, as Conway smirked. "You never learn, do you?" He asked as he setn the bullets back.

Mora then used his sword to deflect the bullets. He glared, as he says "Eat this!" as he sent a vector his way, which clawed against some trees before heading to Conway.

Conway smirked and dodged, as a crater appeared in the ground where the Vector hit. "Mind if we join in?" asked DJ, as he and Dawn got next to Mora.

"Sure. But I don't think my guns are that useful against him." Said Mora. "He can just redirect the bullets our way."

"I got an idea." Said Dawn. "DJ, cover me. Mora, distract him."

"No problem." Said DJ as he ran ahead, as Conway saw him.

"This is to easy." He smirked, but got shot in the arm. "OW!" He said, as he glared at Mora. "Wise guy, huh?" He asked, as he fired his gun. Mora used his vectors to deflect the bullets, but the bullets kept trying to get at him, but the vectors kept the bullets away.

DJ then hits Conway's hands, as he growled. "Why you…" He said, as he got out a pocketknife and tried to slash at him, but DJ was able to use his scythe to block the knife.

"Dawn! Now!" said DJ as Dawn ran towards Conway, her hand glowing blue with energy, her hands gaining a claw-like look as she hits Conway, sending him flying back, hitting a tree in the process.

"Ow…" groaned Conway, trying ot get up, but got stuck onto the tree with Mora's sword.

"I'll watch him." Said Mora with a frown. DJ and Dawn nod at this.


In another area, Kitten, Rook, Deadpool, Phantos and Gambit fighting against Meltdown, who was actually doing a bit of an even fight.

Meltdown glared, as he says "Bring it on…" said Meltdown, as he dodged blasts of ice from Kitten.

"Am I the only one who feels like this is dragging on?" asked Deadpool, confused.

"I'll make it feel shorter for you." Said Meltdown, as he grabbed a pole near by, as it corroded in his grasp. Then the pole began to fall towards their way.

Everyone dodged as Gambit threw a card at him, making it explode in his face. "GAH!" said Meltdown, but glared, annoyed.

Kitten then shot a blast of ice at him, freezing him. "I got him!" said kitten.

"…He can melt stuff, remember?" asked Deadpool as they saw his hands making the ice begin to steam.

"Oh yeah…" said Kitten sheepishly.

Phantos sighed as Meltdown broke free. "Alright, you morons. Lets see you beat me when I get my hands on you." He then ran at them, doing some flips to get some more room.

"Hey dude! This isn't the Olympics! Get to the point already!" said Deadpool, as Meltdown got into the air and kicked Deadpool in the face. "That's better…" He said in a muffled way.

Phantos then bonks Meltdown's head, making his helmet vibrate. "OW!" said the masked man, rubbing his head. "Why you little…" he growled, grabbing Phantos by the neck, his acidic touch making his skin burn.

"OW!" yelled Phantos, grabbing his arm.

"Let go of that strange humanoid Hedgehog, freak!" said Rook, using his keyblade to hit Meltdown's mask again, making it vibrate.

"Will you stop that?" asked Meltdown, annoyed.

"What? You mean…this?" asked Deadpool, hitting his head mutltiple times, making Meltdown yell out in annoyance.

"Knock it off-OMPH!" Said Meltdown, getting kicked in the gut by Kitten, and then got bonked on the head by Gambit's staff.

"Weird…they seem a bit TO easy to beat, don't you think?" asked gambit, confused.

"Who knows…" said Deadpool. "Come on, lets go to the others." Said Deadpool as they ran to the others.

(with the others)

DJ saw them come over and asks "Where's Meltdown?"

"Right here, mon'amie." Said Gambit, getting the masked villain out as he threw him down.

"And there's Mutt and Shard." Said DJ, as Mora came over with the two; Mutt still out cold and Shard…was just a head still.

"So what should we do with them?" asked Dawn, looking at them calmly, as the two conscious villains glared.

"I got an idea…" smirked Alister, getting an uneven look from the others. They didn't know it, but the chip was still following them, hissing a tiny bit as it flew onto DJ's arm and went into his sleeve.

End of Chapter 3

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