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The tyranny of it almost made my head spin as I turned around to see if I was hearing things correctly. This man actually believed he had the power to dictate my every move after I had only been back into existence for fifty minutes?

"Excuse me?" I turned around and looked at the man who I once deemed as someone I trusted. Someone who I knew I could go to with my problems.

"You can't go anywhere until you have been properly tested." His deep voice ordered. That was not what I was going to do. Remembering the other fringe cases I had worked, I would probably end up in some little room receiving test after test until my mind finally decided to give out.

"I just got back after being stuck in hell for two months. The first thing on my list is an extremely hot bath, which I don't plan on coming out of very quickly."

"Agent Dunham is waiting outside to transport you. We can't let you leave without knowing you are stable to be walking around the city." His stern voice was unrelenting and I wondered if he didn't remember me if maybe Olivia did.

"Olivia is waiting right outside? Where's Walter? How is he doing? I need to see him. I need to check on him and Astrid. Where's Olivia?" Questions fall out of my mouth before I can even really understand what I am saying. Things still seem to be out of sync for me and I'm really just hoping he can understand.

"You know them?" He is now interested in me, hopefully as more than just a test subject to try and figure out what is happening to the worlds.

"Yes, Walter is my father and Olivia, she's my wife." I look down at my left hand, somehow hoping that when I came back into existence my ring would also appear. But then I realized it was only 2011, before we were even thinking of marriage.

Before he can say another word, I am on my way down the stairs to go find Olivia. It isn't hard since she is still driving the same black SUV. She is sitting inside of it, reading a case file. Probably mine.

I open the passenger door and Slide in. She closes the file and peers over at me. I stare hopefully at her, thinking maybe seeing me will spark something she doesn't even know is there. But she just looks at me in confusion. I sigh and look out the windshield.

"You are the guy they brought back into existence?" She asked, almost skeptical. I know what she is thinking. Even through all the weird things that have happened, is it really possible to seemingly disappear from reality?

"It's strange, I know. Try being the one who was actually erased, and not have their father and wife and everyone else who knew them even be able to recognize their face." She looked over with a frown as she stared at me.

"Did I know you?" She asks softly. Curiosity hidden between pain and emptiness. I wondered how Rachel and Ella were fending in this new life.

"You could say that. Is it possible you could at least take me to see my father before I am forced to be the FBI's new guinea pig?" She looked forward and sighed.

"I'm sorry I don't remember you. But you do seem familiar. Almost like déjà vu. Who is your father?" She asks curiously, itching to start the car.

"Walter Bishop." Her head shoots over and she is staring at me.

"Walter is your father?"

"Yeah, though he doesn't remember that now. I'm Peter Bishop." Hmm was her only response. She drove straight to Harvard, not even questioning my sanity, at least not out loud. She even gets out with me and walks with me all the way to the Kresge building, still in silence. Perhaps she feels she should remember me and that I was more than just an acquaintance. While she is beside me pondering, I walk in sync with her steps and nearly forget that the woman beside me has lost all sense of who I am.

Inside, we find Walter mixing none other than LSD. He looks up at me and is instantly frightened.

"You're not real!" He begins to chant and turns away so he's no longer looking at us.

"Walter. This is Peter. You helped bring him back into existence." Olivia rushes over to Walter and tries to calm him. To my surprise, she's successful. "He is real, Walter." I decide that I shouldn't come out with the fact that I am his son, so I just walk over and observe him.

"You were following me." He says angrily going back to his work.

"I'm sorry Walter. Thank you though. For helping me." He looks up but not at me and nods his head before turning back to measuring ingredients. I hope I could convince him not to despise me presence, but maybe that is a lost cause in this timeline. So I just turn to Olivia and have her escort me back to her car.

On the car ride to the holding facility I will be in, Olivia is the first to speak. "It must be hard." She eyes me. "To not have your family remember you. Not to recognize you in the least." She says softly and is turning onto a strangely empty street.

"I keep thinking I'm going to wake up any second." I admit. It honestly does feel more like a dream. My mind is still slow on details and I know I'm not fully processing anything. But either I am in a coma and have been for awhile or this is real. The former seems much more likely. Maybe the machine put me in a coma and being in the future and building the bridge and everything after that was all a life I had created in this dream state. Or at least I could hope so.

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