Author's Note: a sequel to Merlin's Harry Potter Experience! Well sort of, look out for future sequels to this one, next one will most likely be Merlin's Remote or Merlin's Protector, depends which one inspires me the most.

When Merlin suddenly collapsed during the Hallows Eve celebration there had been an awkward moment.

A very silent moment.

"I think he needs to go to Gaius," Leon said finally after peering at the very pale Merlin. "Someone will have to carry him."

"I'll carry him!" Arthur, Lancelot, and Gwaine all cried out.

They all glared at each other. "No I will!" they shouted in unison. "Shut up! Stop that! I'm carrying Merlin and that's final!"

Several members of nobility were struggling to hide their laughter at the silliness of the two knights and the Crowned Prince's shouting match.

"He is my manservant, I am the prince, therefore I shall carry him home," Arthur said with a tone of finality.

"Exactly, he's your servant, and you're the prince, royalty can't carry their servants, remember Highness?" Gwaine smirked. "I've carried Merlin home plenty of times after nights in the Traven. I can do this no problem."

"What the hell are you talking about? Merlin struggles to drag you home on those nights out," Lancelot snapped. "I'll do it. It's not like I haven't looked after Merlin before-"

"I've looked after Merlin before! I once carried him home after he was poisoned!" Arthur protested. "And Princes should look after their people so I should do my duty and look after Merlin."

"You have a speech to finish and a celebration to finish," Lancelot said firmly.

"And you have no upper strength so how did you manage to carry Merlin?" Gwaine added.

"I do have upper strength! I am perfectly capable of carrying Merlin up all those stairs, stairs, I might add, you struggle to get up on your own Gwaine."

"You still have that speech to finish, and he does have a point Gwaine," Lancelot said now smirking himself.

"Percival can finish the speech, can't you Percival?" Arthur said suddenly turning to the tall silent blond knight.

"Erm," Percival said feeling very nervous, "can I not carry Merlin instead?"

"NO!" Gwaine, Arthur, and Lancelot shouted.

"I know just how to settle this," Gwaine said taking off his shirt, "we'll wrestle to prove who has the best upper strength and winner gets to carry Merlin."

Arthur scowled before taking his own shirt off. "Fine but best out of three," he said loudly over the cheers of his people.

They were just about to get into position when a loud cough disrupted them. "While you were showing off your sexual prowess," Leon said looking very disapproving and amused at the same time, "Lancelot ran off with Merlin."

"That cheating bastard!" Arthur swore.

"I'll make him pay for sneaking round like that," Gwaine muttered darkly.

"He did the right thing," Leon said patiently though he looked like he wanted to bash Arthur's and Gwaine's heads against each other. "By the time you won your little wrestling match Merlin would have woken up and he would have likely felt much unappreciated and you do not want that, do you?"

Arthur and Gwaine mumbled their disagreements and sulkily put their shirts back on much to the disappointment to the ladies of the Court. Leon turned to see Arthur's uncle looking very surprised and rather dumbstruck. "Is this a regular occurrence?" he asked.

"Sadly yes," Leon sighed. "Merlin inspires great loyalty amongst all of us."

Meanwhile, not long after Lancelot had tucked Merlin into bed and went to hide from the wrath of Arthur and Gwaine, Merlin awakened from his brief spell of unconsciousness and stormed down into Gaius' study.

"Please tell me," Merlin said coldly, "that those three idiots did not spend the whole time bickering over my unconscious body."

"I am sorry Merlin but you told me to not tell you."