Vice City Tales:

Paradise Threatened

By Lee Homer

Disclaimer: GTA Vice City and associated characters are the property of Rockstar Games. The story and new additional characters belong to me. This is set after the events in GTA Vice City. I'll try to keep it short but I'll keep going based on reviews and comments. Enjoy and please read and review it.

"Face it Tommy, things can't get any better here." Ken Rosenberg moaned as he slouched back in his chair in Tommy's office. "Why don't you expand the Vercetti empire over to Liberty City or something. You know, really make a name for yourself?"

"Ken, for the last time. Shut up!" Tommy barked in annoyance to his colleague's jabbering. "I'm not expanding anything until I have established businesses running here throughout Vice City. We could use the money right now."

"I see, I see what you're getting at." Ken replied. "Why don't you start up the drug trade? Prices for Coke have gone up by a million dollars apparently."

"Finally, you said something useful." Tommy sighed sarcastically. "Drug running is always a good start but I've also been thinking about gun running for the black market and other trusted clients."

"Like who?" Ken asked as he sat there restless in his seat.

"The Vargos in San Andreas, The Leone family in Liberty City. You name the family, we'll supply the guns. Infact, I've already made a start on the first shipment."

"When is it?" Ken continued excitedly. "When does it arrive?"

"It arrives here tonight at Vice Port." Tommy answered as he poured himself a glass of whisky. "I've sent some of our guys to pick them up. Meanwhile, I'll be at the Malibu having drinks with a client of mine."

"Oh that's real nice isn't it." Ken huffed as he threw his arms up into the air. "You go out on the piss while attend to your dirty work!"

"There will be Two grand in it for you if you do this." Tommy said as he persuaded the paranoid, sharp dressed man into agreeing with him. He meant business and Ken wasn't in a position to disagree.

"Fine." he said. "I'll leave right away."

"Good." Tommy grinned as he left the office and headed towards the front entrance. "See you later."

Ken stood there on the spot and muttered under his breath as he watched Tommy enter his silver Infernus sports car and head off down the drive way. He was about to face the brunt of another risky operation, one that the cops were sure to be alerted of.

Three hours had passed by as the Ken prepared himself for the operation. He was dressed in black to help him maintain a low profile. A black, unmarked van sat outside the main entrance with five men climbing into back entrance.

Ken proceeded into the passenger seat and signaled the driver to proceed towards the docks. As he looked back at the men who sat securely behind him, he noticed that they were armed with M4 assault rifles and micro SMGs. Ken opened up the passenger glove compartment and pulled out a tec-9 machine pistol. He didn't want to take his chances going in without a gun of his own.

"Okay, guys." he said looking back at the gangsters. "We only have twenty minutes to off load the guns before the ship has to leave port. Once you load up the van, take it to the lock up over in Little Havana. Our Cuban contact will take over from there. Make sure that there are no cops on your tail and once your done, split up and remain low for a couple of days. I have a feeling that this job won't go down that easy."

"No sweat boss." replied one of the soldiers. "We'll use the forklifts to carry the goods. No problem, but what are the guns?"

"They're AK 47's, Cobra pistols and laser sniper rifles." Ken answered as he read from the list that he was given. "All of which are standard military hardware. These thing will make us big money and where's there money, there's hookers, coke and enough booze to get wasted all. Understand boys?"

The men cheered, they're voices echoing in the back of the van.

"Good." Ken smiled. "Lets do this and celebrate afterwards at the Pole Position."

The atmosphere was already alive with clubbers, hookers and businessmen as Tommy arrived at the Malibu Club. The place was so bright and colourful that it lit up the night sky. Tommy parked his car in the VIP car park and headed inside the club. He had arranged to meet his contact upstairs in the managers office where he wouldn't have to deal with the crowd. He battled his way through the dancing crowd and headed up the stairs behind the bar.

His contact was already seated and waiting as Tommy entered the room. He was a Mexican gang leader from Liberty City and had flown in by personal jet only just a few hours before the meet.

"Mister Jose." Tommy said shaking the man by the had. "So glad you could make it."

"It is good to be here, Mister Vercetti." Jose replied returning the kind gesture. "I'm looking forward to doing business with you. I trust the guns are here in Vice City as we speak?"

"They're here alright." Tommy confirmed, handing Jose a drink. "They arrived by boat a few hours ago. I have some guys taking care of it as we speak."

"Good. Where can we collect them?" Jose asked. "My time here in Vice City is some what limited. I need to pick up the shipment as soon as possible."

"They'll be stored in a lock-up in Little Havana." Tommy assured the man. "Once I get a call saying that they've arrived. I'll personally take you there myself."

"Okay." Jose responded he sipped away at his drink. "So how much do you want for them? My boss will pay the maximum price of Thirty Thousand Dollars."

"I can make a deal with you." Tommy said as he rubbed his chin. "Make it Fifty Thousand and I'll throw in some RPG's for you at no extra cost?"

"Sounds good." Jose agreed. "I'll give the boss a call and then give you his answer."

Tommy nodded in agreement and left the room so Jose could make his decision. He felt that he had made a fair sale and hoped that it would start a new professional relationship.

As he patiently waited outside the room, he could hear his contact chatting away over his cell phone. He could never fully understand the Mexican language as he hadn't been in Vice City long enough to learn it, but hoped that it was good news. Another few minutes ticked by until Jose emerged from the room, displaying a huge grin across his face.

"My boss has accepted your most persuasive offer." he said as Tommy let out a sigh of relief. "I will stop by in the morning with my boys and pick up the shipment."

"I'll have a car arranged for you." Tommy replied as he shook Jose's hand once more. "It was a pleasure doing business with you."

"Likewise." Jose smiled as he pulled back his arm and headed down the stairs towards his limo.

Tommy stood outside and waved his contact off until the coast was clear. Pulling out his portable cell phone, he contacted Ken. Ken's voice crackled over the phone.

"The deal went down without a hitch, Ken." he said. "Are you at the docks?"

"Yes and I hate here already!" Ken moaned. "The ship has arrived and our boys are already unloading the crates. The vans almost full already."

"That's great." Tommy chuckled. "If you keep it up at this speed, you can get to deliveries done in one night. Speak to you later."

Ken tried to keep his wits about him as he watched the guns being hauled into the van. He felt anxious as he believed that the VCPD were watching the whole operation. Once the first van had left the docks, Ken made his way over to the ship's captain, who was standing on deck watching over the entire operation.

"We've got to speed things up here, man." Captain said as Ken approached him. "I heard that the biker's are after this merchandise. If they catch us, we're dead!"

"Don't worry about it." Ken replied waving off the warning. "Just one more van load and we're done."

Suddenly a roaring noise began to emanate in the dock area as six bright lights appeared in from the warehouses. The lights blinded the men as six bikers appeared on the scene, all fully armed with 9mm pistols and combat shotguns. The lead biker dismounted his bike and slowly made his way towards Ken.

"Looks like you've got something that belongs to us?" the biker grunted as he paced around Ken. "What do we have here? AK-47's, cobra pistols, tec-9 machine pistols? Very fancy stuff."

"Beat it red neck!" Ken retaliated, warning off the biker off. "This is our goods and I suggest you guys beat it before we blow your brains all over the pavement."

"Don't make me laugh, Rosenberg!" The biker chuckled. "I can't see a puny little arsehole like yourself take an outfit like us down. To save the embarrassment, you hand over the guns and we'll let you walk out of here alive?"

"Fuck off." Ken spat. "Boys! Kill these bitches!"

Diving for cover, Ken reached for his gun and fired at the biker leader. The bikers dived for cover and opened fire on the Vercetti boys, killing the shipping crew in the process. The Vercetti gang returned fired, killing a biker in the fire fight. Ken took his chances and ran towards the van. As he made it to the drivers seat, he stepped his foot on the accelerator and sped off towards to the boys. Pulling up between the bikers and the Vercetti Boys, Ken signaled his men to pile in.

"Get in and keep your arses down!"

"But what about the rest of the guns!" a gang member replied. "We can't just let the bikers take them?"

"We don't have much of a choice!" Ken replied as he stepped on the gas. "We'll come back for them."

Sitting from the comfort of his office, Tommy sat there staring out of the window into the city when his phone began to ring. As he picked it up to answer it, he was met with the voice of a very distraught Ken.

"We have trouble!" Ken shouted as he panted down the phone. "Bikers! We were attacked by those god damn bikers!"

"Whoa, whoa Ken, calm down." Tommy replied. "You know what your like with your anxiety. Do you have the guns?"

"Not all of them." Ken growled. "The bikers have half of the shipment."

"What!" Tommy screamed. "You've got to be shitting me! You've got to get those guns back! I've made a deal with the Mexicans. They're going to collect the merchandise tomorrow."

"We can't go back there." Ken protested. "The shipping crew are dead and we've lost three of our boys. We'll think of something though. We still have four crates with us."

"Yeah well you better think of something because the last think I want is a group of Mexicans tearing up the joint."

"Tommy, it won't happen again."

"I'm never putting you in charge again, Ken. Next time, should we ever get out of this, I'm going to be in charge."

"Look it won't happen again. What shall we do now?"

"Head back towards the mansion. We'll talk more when you arrive." Tommy said placing the phone down on the receiver.

He leant over his desk and rubbed his temples. He couldn't believe his luck. The one deal he had that was going down so well and it had to be ruined by Vice City's most recent notorious biker gang, "The Flame Retchers." The Flame Retchers arrived in Vice City to set up a charter in the Downtown area. They had emigrated from Nevada where they were specializing in drugs and protection rackets. When they arrived in town, they had become an immediate threat to the Vercetti organization and Tommy's worst fears had already been recognized. The biker gang were going to take over his gun business or at least try to for that matter. He always knew that he had competition out there with the Cubans, the Haitians and the newly formed Cholos but this was getting too much for him.

As he reached for his whiskey bottle, he couldn't help but think of what was going to happen when Jose would arrive for his goods. He had to stall him. He had give himself some time. However, there were other matters that he would have to attend to. The bikers were sure to strike again in the future.