Naru: Touch My Bond

This is set after Volume 26, Chapter 233. This is when Sasuke has just defeated the now unconscious Naruto. But instead of him leaving, I wrote a different version. Three-shot. Hope you like it!

Disclaimer: Naruto's not mine! Neither are any character's in the series. Sorry!

Bold is thoughts

Italics is past

Ch. 3


I was still holding a breath of anticipation when Ino called me, "Sakura! It looks like everyone's back! Come on now, let's go to the hospital…!" I brightened. Naruto… Sasuke! He was back. I rushed to the infirmary area. I wanted to see him so badly, but something stopped me. Instead of my love's name, "Uzumaki Naruto," is what I spit out. Why did I say that? I came to see Sasuke. I mean, it's not that I'm not thankful for Naruto, but…

I walked to the bed, expected to see a blond head that was undoubtedly snoring. I found crumpled sheets, a upturned pillow with feathers popping out, and a headband. He was gone.

I decided to search for him, and found myself next to a bed occupied by a dark haired ninja, his eyes closed and even his breathing seemed heavenly.


I looked around a bit, finally finding who I had actually come for. He was sleeping on the floor, his back slumped uncomfortably against the wall. I knew that he'd be here.

"Naruto?" a shift. "Hello?"

Muttering of 'ramen noodles' filled the gap of the conversation.

I turned toward my crush, hesitant to try and wake him. What would I say? He'd hurt me so badly...

As usual, as if he was reading my thoughts, his chocolately orbs opened, quickly scanning the room before landing on me, "Sakura..."

"Oh, Sasuke."

He was silent. Neither of us knew what to say to the other. I couldn't bring myself to forgive him, but at the same time, I couldn't yell at him. I settled on small sniffles and sobs.

"He's one-of-a-kind," he began, clearly not sure how to comfort me.

I wiped untraceable tears off my cheeks. "Yeah. Naruto's pretty amazing." I looked at him. He wasn't as bad as Naruto. He had cuts along his face and limbs, and I could tell that he'd hurt his ribs by the way he was sitting, but everything else seemed fine. The curse was still vibrant against his pale skin, but it was just the single point on his neck.

"Sakura… I-"

"Sasuke, I know what you want to say, for once." I had been referring to the fact that I had always asked him out. Almost obsessively. Until now. We had all changed…


"Please. I'm not sure I even want to hear it."

His eyes darted to Naruto, who was still slumped against the wall. Sasuke smirked, snorting, "How long has the dumbass been there?"

"Since last night," said Tsunade, walking next to me to check on the Uchiha.

I whipped my head, shocked, "What? He's been there that long?"

"He refused to leave until the hot-shot woke up," Shikamaru said, pointing at Sasuke. "I would know since I tried to get him back to bed, but all I got was an almost bitten off hand."

Sasuke raised his eyebrows, "He's so stupid." SMACK!


I was still outside the door. I had expected the boy to be waiting by Sasuke. It was unavoidable.

"Kakashi!" then looking at him and next to him, Tsunade yelled, "We need some help! Get those two onto stretchers!"

Shikamaru had been waiting there for his other friends. He rushed up to Kakashi, spotting Naruto, "Naruto! Are you ok?"

I grabbed him, "He's fine. All he needs is rest. He doesn't stay down for long."

I was still waiting outside Naruto's room. Sasuke had been quickly taken care of, his major injury being broken ribs.

Naruto, on the other hand, had a broken wrist, ribs, and sprained ankle. His cuts had healed thanks to the nine-tailed-fox within him, but there was evidence of his right lung being stabbed. He had been holding back.

Tsunade walked out, "Naruto'll be fine. I wouldn't worry."

I strolled in, looking over at the boy who was stirring.

"Hey, Master! Wait- Where's Sasuke! I lost! He's gone!—Crap! Sakura! I promised her! What am I going to tell her?" he rambled, his words stringing together.

I stayed calm, "Naruto-"

"What'll I do?"

"Naruto, he's here."

Naruto blinked, surprised. "Where?" he asked suspiciously.

"In a different room. You got him to change his mind."

Naruto cheered, "Yeah! I knew I could do it! I'm just that awesome! I won!"

I decided not to burst his bubble.

I walked into the room at the loud smack I had heard. Sasuke was rubbing his head, glowering at Shikamaru irritably.

"You idiot!" he yelled. "Naruto spent so much trying to get you! You should be grateful! A LOT of YOUR friends are here in the hospital, dying, because YOU are such a selfish JERK!" he finished, heaving.

He raised his hand, but I caught it, "Calm down. It's over. Everyone's safe."

"Still! He sh-"

"Your friends are awake. Go see them."

He left, muttering silently.

Tsunade caught my signal, "Well, besides the fact the Naruto's sleeping here… Everthing's fine. Bye!"

With that, Cell Seven was left in the white room.


I was in trouble. Definitely. Well, I didn't NEED the baka to come after me. It was his choice. I stared at Kakashi. Our master simply went around to Naruto, trying to wake him up.

"I already tried that," Sakura said dryly.

"Well, you need to learn them, Sakura," our leader replied, pinching Naruto awake.


"Good job, Dumbass."

"Who are YOU calling- Sasuke!" Naruto yelled.

I was DEFINITELY in trouble.

After the promise of ramen noodles, and knocking him out, Naruto left the room with the other two.

I was alone. I thought back. "… If I'm with you… I wonder… If it's like being with a brother." "It's one of the first bonds I've ever had." "If it's like being with a brother." His voice rang in my head. Was it possible, that after so long, I had actually found a family? Our cell certainly acted like it.

Maybe, that lost hope with my brother didn't need to avenged. It was always there. Whipping through all of our hearts. Touching the bonds we all held.

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