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Chapter 1

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Venice Italy

Katarina P.O.V

I looked around the square and smiled as I saw him. If it was possible Hale had got even hotter in the few weeks since I saw him last. He was just in jeans and a t-shirt but somehow on him it looked amazing. He was standing there holding two take-away cups. I walked up to him and tapped his shoulder. He turned around and placed a one of the cups in my hand with one hand. Now free he pulled me into a tight embrace. His lips were soft sweet and all though it's cheesy it felt like we the only people on earth until a cough brought me out of paradise and I heard one of the Bagshaws say it's good that mummy and daddy are back together. I turned towards them there they were my team the Hamish, Angus, Simon and Gabby. They were standing their looking at Hale and I. Hales arms were still around my waist and mine were around his neck. We quickly stepped apart and looked down at the floor and an awkward silence past between us until gabby said "It good to have you back Kat".

As we started walking towards the hotel Marcus had booked, I couldn't help break in to a smile here. They were my team ready to start another job, not that I know what that job is yet we haven't decided.

We walked to the one of finest hotels in Venice (everyone finally learning their lesson about boats) as usual it was stunning.

I sat down on the couch I said "Does Marcus ever book anything other than penthouse suites?"

"Marcus didn't book this I did." Gabriella's voice had a slight laugh to it as she walked across the room to the other couch were Simon was sitting and sat down wiping her legs over him and smiling "What's so funny Gabs?"

"Nothing." The lie rolled easily of her tongue and would have been completely believable if she didn't have such a mischief's look in her eye. I was getting slightly worried


"Fine. Do you know what's beneath us right now? "


"The Hope Diamond as in the Hope diamond."

"I'm listening."

"It is in a GLU9600 safe with 24 hour surveillance. 5 guards at all shifts are overlapping by 32 minutes. The safe is directly below us and 3 of the 5 guards are stationed on the door. The only window is fourteen inch of bullet proof glass and the only way to currently get in this hotel is to be client or patron of the hotel luckily we are a client. So are we doing this or not? "

I looked over at Hale who made the simple comment, "I'm in if you're in."

"Come on Kat," Gabriella said in an exasperated tone. "Diamonds are a girl's best friend and this is the diamond of diamonds."

I looked Gabriella smiled "Why not." And that's when the planning started. We worked till 2 am just making the basic plan. We were doing a Jacques Cousteau (famous diver),basically we create a small hole that one of us through. They knock the guards unconscious and then Simon follows and does some nerdy techy thing and opens the safe. Simon and whoever went with him go into the safe and disables the motion detectors, weight distribution and all of the other security things. They go back though the hole with the Hope Diamond in hand. There were so many things that could go wrong but we would cross that bridge when we came to it.

As Gabriella and I into walked into are room I couldn't help but ask, "So you and Simon?" Gabriella turned beet red.

"Yea, is something wrong with that?"

"No, just I can't believe I've been gone 3 weeks and you and Simon are going out! I mean I'm slightly shocked that I didn't even get a phone call."

"Yea, well it doesn't matter. Let's get some sleep."