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Chapter 3

Uncle Eddie P.O.V

New-York New-York America

Two days before Kat steels the Hope

"Katerina is my second in command now. If someone is after her, they are after the family." I was staring out of the kitchen into the dining room. Where most of the family was standing/sitting around the kitchen table. "Is this rumour true or, just a rumour?"
"True he wants his own back and is willing to pay 100 million dollars to get it." Vince said
"Alpha team track down teams that may be currently trying to get Katerina and stop them. Beta team track down where Taccone is and convince him that he doesn't want Katarina. Get him to take down the bounty by whatever means necessary. Robert find out whether she knows and inform her of the plan."
"Yes." They all said in unison. Then they all left except Robert, I still don't see what Nadia saw in him.
"Put it on speaker."
"Of course." He hit number one and it started ringing
"Hi Daddy" Katarina's voice echoed, she sounded tired
"Hello Kat" Robert replied
"Hello Katerina" I spoke up so she wouldn't get into a long conversation about nothing."
"Uncle Eddie?"She was obviously surprised.
"Yes we were wondering-"but she cut me off.
"Whether I knew about Taccone. Yea I was wondering whether you knew."
"Yes we know. Here's the plan you finish this job safely. Staying in the hotel as much as possible, you then go stay in one of the Hales homes while we finish sorting this out it, shouldn't take too long."
"Sounds good I was thinking something along those lines myself. Well Hale was anyway."
"I do like that boy. Good bye Katerina."Then I left.
"I call you later Daddy."I heard her call out and she hung up.

Katerina Bishop P.O.V

Venice Italy

It was 6:00am when my Dad and Uncle Eddie called I liked their plan and felt safe again. I told my Dad I'd call him back, I needed time to think. I walked into the bathroom and it hit me last night, I'd been crying my eye's out, I never cried, the last time I cried (excluding last night) was the when I found out my mum was dead.


Dad was walking around Moscow with me on his shoulders. I was five years old and we where scouting out a house for a job in the next few weeks. Mama was in Austria doing some research with Mr. Stein. My job was going to be to distract the guards. We were about to go home when Uncle Vince turned up behind us.

"Uncle Vince." I called, Dad put me down and I ran up to him and he picked me up, Vince and I had always been close.

"Vince what are you doing here?" Dad looked nervous I didn't know why.

"Just wanted to see how you guys were. It has been awhile since I last saw you." We saw him just last week at mama's birthday party. This was code for we need to talk where we can't be heard. We walked back to the flat, we checked it every day for bugs, Dad's watch would beep if there were bugs within listening distance. It didn't beep so Dad, and Uncle Vince sat down on the couch, I was sitting on his lap.

"What did you want to tell us?"

"Do you want the long story or the short story?"

"Long, I'll end up needing to know it anyway."

"Well Nadia was in a safe house. Unknown to her and only known by us now, a terrorist group called The Circle of Cavan, more commonly known as The Circle had a base nearby. The leader of the

whole organisation, a woman about are age, named Cassandra, was there checking on the base. The CIA found out and broke in. Except The Circle were two steps head of them they found out and by the time they were going in she was going out. One of the newer agents saw her and went after her. He shot her in the leg so she ran into Nadia's place having seen her earlier and adjusted her disguise to fit. She shot Nadia in leg in the same place she had and left before she was even noticed. They had both been wearing dark jeans and black jumpers so the adrenaline pumped agent didn't notice any differences. When Nadia heard a noise having just been shot she hid and pulled out her gun the agent came in, he was only young, 18, so she didn't shoot when he came in. He turned the light on and saw her and the gun and shot her, she died instantly. That was two days ago."

"Ooh." Daddy said with no emotion.

I hoped out of Uncle Vince's lap and hoped into his curling into a ball in his lap he held me tight to him.

"I'll give you two some time." He knew Daddy was on the brink of tears and knew he wouldn't want that to be seen. He walked out the door shutting and locking it behind him. For awhile I just sat there in Daddy's lap and he just held me, after that he sat me down on the couch and pored himself a whiskey and cried. I had never seen him cry. He walked over to me and knelt down in front of me.

"Katarina your mom she's gone to a better place." I started crying silently and Dad sat down on the couch next to me I curled up on his lap again and cried myself to sleep. We started going to church and we didn't steal anything for six months. Every night for months I cried myself to sleep until one day I realised I had to make my mother proud and it is true, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I didn't know the rules well enough to break them and I just had.

*Flashback over*

When I got the call from Dad and Uncle Eddie, Gabrielle was already up; I saw the dress she had brought me. It was nice, a simple day dress, red a little short but not too short, it was a little out of my comfort zone but not far. I went through my wardrobe and found a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and walked into the lounge and sat down next Hale, opposite Gabrielle and Simon. Gabrielle was leaning on Simon and her head was resting on his shoulder.
"Morning." Simon and Gabrielle said
"Morning beautiful." Hale wrapped his arm around me and kissed my forehead gently.
"How is everyone?"
"Good" everyone but Simon said.
"Simon what's wrong?"
"Um... Kat one question. What happens if we get caught?" Simon asked
"We will be interrogated coz it's the CIA and probably federal prison" I responded
"What do we do?" Gabrielle said nervously.
"If we get caught red handed. We ask for a lawyer say nothing till you get one, if they start torturing you, tell the truth, not the whole truth, leave out Uncle Eddie and the family. If we aren't caught red handed act like normal kids ask where you are, what's happening, if they tell you ask if it's a joke, cry, declare your innocence, then if they don't let you go, say I'm guessing I need a lawyer then ask for one. If they start torturing you scream act like a normal teenager would in that situation. It works they won't want to hurt kids especially American ones." As I said it, I knew in my heart of hearts it might come in handy.
"Well well you guys look cosy" Hamish said announcing his presence and walking into the room.
"But seriously, I want to know how Simon got a girl like Gabrielle before us, I mean he isn't as rich as Bill Gates, yet." Angus said following his brother in.
"Because he's cute sweet and romantic. The perfect combo, when you aren't" Gabrielle said leaning into Simon's shoulder. Simon had a huge grin on his face which I'm sure he was glad that Gabby couldn't see. Hamish and Angus just looked shocked? Crest fallen? I don't know but the look was priceless. I got out my phone and took a few pictures of their faces while stifling a giggle.
"Come on guys let's get to work." The Bagshaws immediately started testing the tools. Simon started scanning most of the laptops making sure the technology wasn't going to fail on us tomorrow. While on the other laptop he started typing in a formula equation that would let me know the exact pattern of the lasers. Gabrielle got the harnesses out and started testing them checking they wouldn't break. Me and Hale went on either side of Simon as the image of the lasers came out they were moving quite fast,, I wouldn't have been able to complete it If I wasn't doing forward planning. At 12:00 we sat down of lunch of Uncle Eddie's vegetable soup. Uncle Eddie had been teaching Gabrielle how to cook.
"How's everyone going?" Gabrielle asked.
"Alright all the tools are working perfectly I can't see them being a problem."
"Same with the laptops."
"Hale and I have got the route planed out and it is surprisingly easy."
"Does any of this seem too easy?" Hale questioned worry obvious in his voice.
"What do you mean?"
"the easiest guards are on the same shift. The lasers are far simpler than they should be. You saw Kat. The system they have is cable of a laser grid ten times harder than that. I'm not saying this isn't a difficult job most teams probably not be able to do it but the CIA are protecting against the top 20 which admittedly we are one of."
"Your right it should be a lot harder." I said
"Come on guys we are probably just over reacting. Right?" Hamish said nervously and I am pretty sure he was trying to convince himself more than anyone else.
"Yea, I mean maybe we have just got a lot better and think that it used to be ten times harder but in fact it stayed the same and we just got better making it easier for us but just as hard for everyone else." Simon tended to ramble when he got nervous he took a quick look at Gabrielle who had been extremely quiet and grabbed her hand quickly switching into boyfriend mode and squeezing her hand gently. I sitting right next to them heard what was said but I am pretty sure the others didn't.
"Are you right sweet heart?"
"Yea I'm fine just a little nervous is all."
"Are you sure is there anything I could to make you less nervous?"
After that they got quieter and I couldn't hear anything but they continued for about five minutes we all ate silently. Then all went straight back to work.

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