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Title: The Boogeyman
Author: EtherealCrescent
Word Count: 1389
Characters: Kagome/Sesshomaru
Summary: Kagome has always had a childlike quality and all children should be afraid of the Boogeyman.

. . . .

The old cabin creaked vigorously, imitating the screeches that set the mood of nightmares and long forgotten childhood terror. All the occupants that held out inside fought against instinct, remaining mellow and "grown-up", dismissing all fears of the unknown and the darkness to youthful gullibility. All the occupants, that is, except Kagome.

How she had ended up in this situation, she couldn't remember. She and a few of her friends had set up this weekend trip to the beautiful cabin in the woods, weeks in advance. She figured a nice get away to the middle of nowhere was exactly the kind of stress relief she'd needed. She had always loved nature. Well, she had always loved nature until now.

When the sun had been up, the secluded cabin grounds had seemed like a paradise. There was a silent calm about it, a mystery, a soothing allure that wrapped around her being. And then night fell, and the soothing allure seemed to transform into something sinister. She felt it wrap tighter around her, choking out her tranquility and leaving her with an empty aching feeling of dread.

The weather outside wasn't harsh per se. It was dark and gray and gloomy but for the most part the only thing to complain about were the fierce winds. A particularly strong gust had managed to knock out the lights in the cabin and that's how Kagome found herself in the dark, in a strange place that chilled her bones. Somehow the "scary mood" had given her friends the idea to tell ghost stories and share supernatural experiences they swore that they had back when they were children. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves but Kagome was on edge. She just couldn't find a way to ignore the constant stabbing feeling of fear that made itself apparent with every claw of a tree branch that scritch-scratched against a cabin window.

So when Ayumi dropped her glass and Kagome screamed in horror, everyone "maturely" began making jokes about it.

"Poor Kagome, are you still afraid of the dark?" they asked in their best baby voices.

"Watch out Kagome, the boogeyman's right behind you!" they yelled trying to catch her off guard.

It wasn't long before they started making her feel foolish. Of course she was not that afraid. The place was just a little creepy. There was no boogeyman, she defended herself. Only children were afraid of the dark. They all agreed.

After some time went by and they had run out of things to talk about, Yuka decided she had come up with a great idea.

"You know what we should do!" she shouted, "We should play Hide and Seek!"

" That's a child's game." Kagome replied, still trying to make up for having been so jumpy.

"You're just too scared to play. Afraid the Boogeyman might get you?" Yuka accused, grinning and openly challenging her.

Kagome got up and walked swiftly towards the front door, unlocking and opening it as the door's hinges proceeded to groan with its effort. "I say we play outside, or are you too afraid to do that?" Kagome replied with an amused glint in her eyes.

Feeling rather victorious, Kagome held the door open as one by one each of her friends crossed over the threshold from the sanctuary of the cabin and into the shadowed unknown grounds of the outside world.

As she took her own steps into the outside, she immediately regretted her stupidity. Yes, she was that afraid, apparently. Leafless trees surrounded the cabin, creating shadows of beings and ghouls that didn't exist. The fierce winds made them move, encouraging the monsters' actions, her childhood nightmares were all reaching out for her.

"Kagome! Did you hear me?" Hojo called out to her, effectively saving her from the evil things' clutches, "You're it!"

Everyone ran away from her and for a second she felt like she had already died. Everything that had already seemed scary was now terrifying. The little bit of hope that told her she was safe vanished in another strong gust of wind. What horrified her the most was that somehow she wasn't afraid of the shadows anymore, she was afraid of what lay within the shadows.

She ran. It probably would have looked as though she was the most enthusiastic player to ever seek in all the days of the game, but something menacing whispered evenly in her ear that this was in fact not a game at all.

She ran full force through the trees but there was so much wood. It was never-ending foliage; each tree crowded around the other, each one overlapping the next until she couldn't tell them apart. Her friends could be anywhere but she felt a strange pull on her soul that told her that they weren't hiding anymore and that she wasn't seeking either.

She fell hard and fast. It hurt. She must have knocked the air out of herself because everything swirled around and in her dizziness and exhaustion she puked. She retched on her hands and knees on the cold dirty lifeless ground and wished she'd stayed home this weekend, wished that she had let them make fun of her, wished that she had been smart enough to stay inside.

And then she heard him.


It was almost like she had known she would hear it whenever her feet failed to stop moving beneath her.


It was almost like she had known that one by one each of her friends had heard it too.


It was almost like she had known that she'd been running from him the moment the sun went down.


And then he kneeled down beside her.

She froze. Dread and terror crawled up her spine and her limbs remained attached to the earth like the trunks of the trees that caged them in. Her eyes stayed fastened to the ground.

He touched her shoulder and his claws pricked her skin. He whispered through fanged teeth.

"It seems as though you've lost your little game of Hide and Seek."

His voice was even and deep, velvety with a hint of darkness. It was… enticing.

She turned her face slightly and took in what lie before her.

He was almost a man but the touch of whatever it was that was so obviously inhuman chilled her to the core. His hair gleamed silver in the moonlight. Long and glorious, it framed his being. His face bore symbols on his cheeks and above his brow. He was so perfect that you almost couldn't see the gore buried deep in the irises of his cold golden gaze. He grinned at her, it was feral, and she felt uneasy.

They both stood up and he began to circle her slowly, keeping her firmly in his predatory gaze. She squared her back into the base of a tree.

"Who-What are you?" she asked. Her voice came out silent, raspy and broken like her body would be.

He chuckled darkly and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She reached back behind her head trying to smooth them back down.

"My old name was Sesshomaru. But I don't think that's the answer you want." His grin faded away.

And then he was in front of her, his hands on either side of her head. His body crushed into hers. She could feel his breath on her neck. She thought that it felt strangely gentle.

"Would you like to call me by my real name?" he purred leaning in towards her ear.

"Y-Yes." she whispered, not knowing why it seemed so important.

He pulled away from her, allowing her to watch.

She inhaled a sharp breath as crimson bled into his eyes. His hair whipped violently around his form and sharper fangs made themselves more apparent.

She felt faint as his jaw cracked and elongated into a snout. And she was vaguely aware that his claws were ripping through the bark beside her head.

He pressed into her again, fangs slightly tearing at the flesh of her neck where his gentle breath had been.

"Say it!" He demanded through snarls using his last shred of false humanity.

And as she whispered to the night air she clenched her unbelieving eyes closed for the last time.

"You're the Boogeyman."

He howled.

Author's Notes: I don't know why my mind keeps coming up with stories that make Sesshomaru seem so horrific. Must be in a horror, angst, drama type mood or something lol. Hope you liked it because I enjoyed writing it.

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