James poked his unruly black haired head through the door in order to look inside the office. He pushed his glasses up on his nose a little more before waving his friends in to follow.

The boys had spotted Dumbledore, thanks to the map, in the kitchen. The map is never wrong but still, what if one time it is wrong? So scoping the area before entering would make marvelous sense.

"Place is clear." He spoke to them while he moved forward. "Remember your duties men. We need a quick search and a quick exist before anyone noticed we aren't where we are supposed to be."

"For the love of Merlin." Remus glared at Sirius who was mimic his mouth moving. Sirius, on noticing such a glare gave Remus a little finger wave. Remus frowned at the little wave and knocked his fist into Sirius' arm. "Why must we come here? Of all the offices we could had break into…"

"It's not 'break into'." Sirius hushed him, rubbing his slightly injured arm. "That would be wrong, Moony. We just walked in unannounced. I think I'm going to bruise now. A big bruise on my arm. Size of a dinner plate, I betcha."

"Why did it have to be Dumbledore's office?" Remus ignored Sirius but gave Peter, who froze to look around, a little shove forward.

"Remus. Remus. Remus." James shook his head in disappointment while he walked over to the desk to check out the drawers. The obvious was the obvious, was it not?

"One more time, James." Sirius smirk quickly turned to a frown when Remus gave him a deadly stare.

" Remus." James grinned ignore Remus' death like eyes. "Dumbledore's office is so much more awesome then the other Professors'' offices. He has just about anything that will do anything in here. We just need to find out where he keeps all the good anything. And look at this way, if he didn't want people into his personal stash of goodies I am quite confident he would had locked the door."

"The door has a secret password casted on it." Remus reminded him.

"Well then he shouldn't had told me what that word was…" James countered.

"He didn't." Remus walked over to the countless books on shelves inside the cozy office.

"But he did tell me his first password and knowing that I am brilliant, should had known that I'd figure out all the others." James smirked.

"He told you to get you up here the day you and Sirius flooded the Slitherins' dorm." Peter stepped forward, clearly on Remus side. They could get into big trouble being here and if there was any way at all to get James and Sirius to back out of this idea, all the better.

"Technically, we didn't flood them out." Sirius held up his index finger as he read the ingredient on a bottle of green liquid. "We caused a slight rain storm and it was that storm that flooded the dorms down below. Not us."

"Just saying we shouldn't be here, is all." Remus muttered now catching sight of the candy dish on the desk. Looked like gum balls but in the magical world, one may never know until one tried a few. With a touch of a smile, Remus decided to investigate.

"Besides, look at what we could be missing." Sirius whistled as he checked in the cupboards. The amount of potions bottles that Sirius found would never fit the sack he brought along. "We need to learn that one spell James."

"Just the one?" James lifted an eyebrow. "And all this time I thought the more spells I knew the better off I was."

"Ha. Cute. " Sirius snorted as he took a bottle filled with a yellow liquid off the shelf. "I am talking about that spell which allows one to have more room in their storage for more goodies to be smuggled away."

"Ah. Well then we shall learn it." James shrugged and made a mental note of finding such spell. "Unless of course you already know that particular spell, Remus." James looked quickly over to Remus who was checking out the candy dish.

"Huh?" Remus quickly looked up, a slight blush coming to his pale cheeks as he took his hand out of the candy dish.

"Any magical tastiest in there?" James gave him a quick wink and quickly went to work on the desk.

"Hey guys." Peter waved them over to a dusty corner he had been searching. "Look what I found."

The three dropped their hunt; Sirius' bag was already filled with potion loot, and quickly walked over to Peter.

"Wow." James gave a low whistle and patted Peter on the back. "A mirror Peter. What a great job."

"A dirty one at that." Sirius noted the dark spots over the glass surface. It was a full length mirror and the frame was tarnished silver as well as the stand that held the mirror upright. Sirius couldn't see anything interesting about it.

"Come off it." Peter scowled at them. "It was covered up. Why would Dumbledore cover a mirror up?"

"Have you seen him?" James asked Peter. "Seriously, have you? The man has more wrinkles then my house elf when he's wet."

"Surely Dumbledore has seen himself, therefore hide all mirrors." Sirius added. "It's the practical thing to do. Mirrors don't lie, you know."

"Perfect sense." James agreed.

"The only senses I have are the perfect ones." Sirius smiled brightly.

"But maybe it's like that other mirror." Peter pointed out. "The one Sirius found in the dungeon area while searching for the bathroom." Peter stretched his arms wide to explain the mirror's size.

"Mirror of Erised." Remus whispered as he looked at this new mirror with an importance gleam to his eye. Liked the others, he enjoyed looking into the Mirror of Erised. In the mirror, he was normal. He didn't see a student with all the medals, the student with all the friends but he did see an average, non-werewolf boy. Normal.

"Yeah." Peter snapped his fingers at Remus. "That mirror."

"I should have turned left." Sirius sighed, recalling his first year at getting lost. It was how he had found the mirror in the first place. He was actually looking for the library.

"Don't worry about it mate." James patted his shoulder. "All of our best discoveries happen because we were lost. It makes the finding oh so much better."

Remus walked around the mirror. It was a two way mirror, frame was all the same. No lettering, no depiction could be seen on it at all. "I think it's just a mirror, Peter."

"Best keep looking." Sirius gave the small boy a pat on the head. "Good try though."

"Maybe if you run into it!" Peter grinned and shook his head as if agreeing with himself.

"Don't think that's wise, Pete." Remus frowned as Peter backed away from the mirror to give a good run.

"Pete, you can't run into a mirror. They break into millions of sharp, piercing pieces!" Sirius frowned as the boy shot forward. "Bloody hell!"

"Peter, don't be stupid." James took a step between the boy and the mirror, putting his hands out in front of him and ready for the impact. His goal was to push Peter back, to stop him from crashing into the mirror and causing himself bodily harm.

That was his intention but wasn't what happened. Though Peter was shorter he weighed twice James own weight so when he collided into James, he pushed James back into the mirror and he went along with the fall.

Yet the mirror didn't crash. It didn't clatter to the floor. It didn't tilt. It didn't' sway. In fact, it remand just as it had been when the boys first saw it. The boys on the other hand…

"Where did they go?" Sirius stared at the empty space that his friends just vacated moments ago.

"Through the mirror." Remus said slowly, still in shock. He was pointing to the mirror yet trying to get his mind working on just what happen.

"Peter was right?" Sirius asked dumbfounded. He ran to the mirror, looking behind it to see if maybe they were standing on the other side. "How? I mean…how? He's never right." He quickly looked at Remus for the answer.

"First time for everything." Remus was looking at the mirror with a stunned expression.

"Where did they go?" Sirius asked. He tilted the mirror upright, smacking the back of it as if that would help James and Peter to tumble out. "I mean, I knew they went through there but where is there? A portkey maybe?"

"That's what I'm thinking." Remus nodded his head. "But Port keys aren't supposed to work in Hogwarts."

"Maybe so but this is Dumbledore's office." Sirius reminded him. "He has different rules."

"True. In any case we must'n leave them there, where ever there is." Remus walked quickly to were Peter had started his rush towards the mirror. "James is trouble on his own and he only has but Peter at the moment to get him out of it…"

"Bless the souls of those who cross their paths." Sirius whispered as he watched Remus run through the mirror. He then did the same.

Sirius stood up from his fall, quickly looking around to get an idea that of their location. He dusted off his pants, glanced over his shoulder where he spotted Remus quickly.

Remus had his eyes shielded against the sun as he too looked around the area. They stood in a meadow with three goats grazing happily near them. The meadow slopped down to a creek that had a small bridge were a dirt road started to form just after it.

"Where do you think we are at?" Sirius asked the other boy.

"Don't know." Remus answered as he raised his hand up and pointed down a little sloop just a few yards from where they stood. "I see Pete and James, under the tree."

Sirius glanced down the meadow and sure enough, there was James and Peter. The smaller boy was jumping up and down, waving at them. James didn't look too happy though.

Remus and Sirius jogged down to their two friends and Peter greeted them with a huge smile.

"Told you!" Peter was quite proud of himself. "I told you it was magical. Told you there was a reason he had it covered. I so told you so."

"Yes, you certainly did." Sirius rolled his eyes and looked over at the sulking James. "What's up mate?"

"Nothing." James gave a quick death glare towards Peter.

"He's mad." Peter explained, though the two other boys picked up that.

"Aw, Jamessie." Sirius put his arm around James' shoulder and pulled him closer to his body. "What's wrong."

James crossed his arms and looked away from Sirius.

"He's mad because…" Peter spoke up for the other boy who gave him another glare. Peter gave a loud swallow before adding. "Of the landing."

"I'm sure that was very painful." Sirius smirked.

"Tell you what. Next time we are on top of the tower, I'll push you and Pete over and see how you like his landing on you." James sulked.

"If you pushed them both over at the same time, James." Remus voiced. "I do believe since Pete has some um…well extra weight on Sirius, he might actually land first."

"Well, let us test your theory out Moony." James glared at his three friends for not being more sympathetic to his Peter Inflected Injuries.

"Poor Jamessie." Sirius pinched James' cheek, having witness James' mother doing it countless of times.

"Stop that!" James knocked Sirius' hand away. "Prat!"

"So now that we are altogether again." Remus clapped his hands in front of him, as if he were speaking to toddlers. "How do we get back? Because if that was a keyport, any object over here could get us back."

"So we start touching everything." Peter shrugged, glancing around the area with a new look on things.

"Stop poking me!" Sirius growled at James who immediately started poking Sirius on the neck with his finger.

"Just trying to find a way home, Padfoot." James poked at Sirius again and in retaliation, which Sirius is known to do, he was bitten. "Ow! Bloody hell, Sirius you didn't have to bite."

"You can't go around poking people, Prongs." Sirius reminded him. "We've talked about this before. Do we have to have that talk again?"

"Oh, yeah. That whole personal space thingy." James made a circle in the air.

"That would be the one." Sirius stared patiently at James.

"Um…no, I'd rather not talk about that again." James rubbed the back of his head in memory of Sirius trouncing him every time he invaded Sirius' space. "It kind of hurt."

"It was for your own benefit, Prongs. Believe me when I say, it hurt me to do that to you then it hurt you to feel me doing that to you." Sirius said most seriously.

James blinked his hazel eyes at Sirius for a moment before chirping, "I don't honestly believe you felt anything other than self-satisfaction from your lesson, Mr. Black."

Sirius tapped his chin, pondering over James' statement. "I do believe you are correct in your belief, Mr. Potter."

"Gentlemen, I am using that word lightly." Remus snapped his fingers to get their attention back to him. "Seriously, we need to find a way to get back home. Anything could be a keyport and it's important that we figure what it is."

"Yeah but.."James threw his hands in the air. "I could be anything. Anything. It could even be an acorn and look how many trees are surrounding us now!"

"We don't have time to touch every tree, Moony." Sirius agreed. "But maybe we can find someone who might know of a portkey or maybe another way back. Isn't it possible that the mirror that brought us here might have a brother that would take us back?"

Remus shrugged his shoulders, feeling tired already. It didn't help that they only had two hours of sleep to go on because James became bored of sleeping last night. "It wouldn't hurt to try. Just look for something that might be out of place, touch it."

"Don't you dare poke me again, Prongs!" Sirius smacked James' hand before the other boy could poke his arm.

"And we can also speak with people about portkeys but make sure you don't speak to a muggle. They won't know anyways." Remus reminded them.

"There is a road down there." Peter pointed down the meadow's slope where a dirt road twisted into the forest. "Maybe we can find someone on that road."

"Possible." Remus agreed, heading towards the direction Peter pointed out.

"If he's right." James pulled Sirius close to him, whispering in a low voice so Peter couldn't hear. "That would be twice in one day. That's like a record."

"It has to be an omen." Sirius loosened the collar of his shirt. "A bad omen."

"Do you guys smell that?" Remus asked, glancing around as they closed on to a stream.

Peter sniffed loudly while he looked around as well. Sirius and James instantly moved away from Peter, who was known to eat a large quality of beans.

"No, seriously." Remus frowned at the scent. "It smells like…"

"A troll." Sirius pointed to a troll who appeared on the bridge. He must have been hiding in the shadows of large oak that over looked the creek. As trolls went, it wasn't very large but it was just as ugly. Its skin was a color of a dirty, oil flesh tone. Two lower teeth jolted over his lip in an upward fashion. His clothing was that of a toga. Flies buzzed around the troll, which it would catch fairly quickly and stick inside its mouth.

"He looks like he feel out of a giant's nose." James wrinkled his noses.

"He's kind of jiggles too." Sirius look on in awe.

"I'm going to puke." Remus gagged as the Troll crunched down on a fairly large fly.

"I'm going to…" Peter crossed his legs quickly while looking for a place to hide or run.

"He's blocking the bridge." Sirius huffed at the rudeness. "Who does he think he is? A toll keeper or something."

"Maybe." Remus shrugged.

"Doesn't matter 'cause we can just cross here." James pointed at the creek.

"He is no on special." Sirius vented. "Are we not superior to these lowly creatures?"

"Well, yeah." Remus agreed. "But they're a little more brutal then we are so maybe we should just not go that way."

"Look at him, Mooney." Sirius waved his hand up and down. "I can take him. You can take him. Pete might not but it would be a good match."

"I heard that." Peter growled behind them.

"Come on." Sirius walked up to the troll.

"Halt!" The troll called out a warning, which as odd since most trolls didn't speak so well. This troll stood at attention, a stick in hand held at ready. "You cannot pass my bridge."

"Why not?" Sirius asked, crossing his arms. "What's so special about this bridge?"

The troll was quiet for a moment as he stumbled on the question. "It is special because you walk across it and you don't get the yucky water all over you toes. Everyone wants to go on the other side without getting their toes wet and I protect the other side from the goats and you kind of goats."

Remus and Sirius looked back at the goats, which at that moment looked at the three boys then returned to their grazing.

"I don't think they are interested in crossing your bridge." Remus turned his attention back to the troll.

"And we're not goats." Sirius added.

"They will want to cross and when they do, I'll eat them all up!" The troll rubbed his belly while a large thick tongue slipped out to lick his lips. "And I will eat you all up too if you try to cross."

"Yeah." Sirius shook his head. "It's not going to happen. I mean look at them." Sirius pointed at the three goats. "They seem pretty happy where they are at now. Why would they want to cross? And we don't eat grass so…why not let us go?"

"The grass is greener on the other side." The troll pointed to a small section of grass. It was true, that patch of grass was thick and the greenest Sirius had ever seen. Yet, it was just that. A patch.

"But it doesn't make sense." Remus titled his head slightly, trying to understand the troll's thinking. "True, it is greener but it's only a little patch. While on this side..." Remus swiped his hand towards the meadow. "There is a much more to eat and though it isn't as green, it's still green."

"But my side is greener." The troll argued.

"But it's not better." Sirius argued.

"You wish to go to the other side." The troll asked.

"Yes." The two answered in union.

"To eat my grass!" The troll pointed his stick at Sirius belly, causing Sirius to step back.

"I don't want your bloody grass!" Sirius rubbed his stomach.

"It is greener on the other side!" The troll reminded him.

"But we don't eat grass." Remus spoke softly, trying to sooth the situation.

"Then why do you wish to cross?" The troll asked.

"To get to the other side." Sirius held his hands in the air. "Why else would anyone wish to cross?"

"To eat my grass!" The troll charged at them quickly. Lucky for Sirius and Remus, the troll was slow. Extremely slow. They side stepped him as he rushed at them. They hurried onto the bridge as the troll took a moment to realize he hadn't plowed them over.

"Now it looks like that is the other side." Sirius pointed to where the goats were eating.

"So now you must protect the goats from getting eaten, since they are bigger on the other side." Remus smiled broadly. The troll stood confused, nodding his head slowly thinking that this must be true.

"Well done." Sirius slapped Remus on the back.

"Well done to you as well." Remus returned the praise.

Both boys suddenly stopped as they looked forward. Pete and James sat under an apple tree on the side they had just crossed over. Peter was inspecting his yellow apple carefully for worms while James smartly chewed on his apple.

"Don't worry about it, Wormtail. If you get a worm you just added more protein to your diet. It's all good." James smiled brightly at the other boy.

"How'd you two get over here?" Sirius asked upon reaching them.

"We walked over the stepping stones." Peter nodded slightly down stream towards a small path that he and James had taken.

"Water isn't high at all." James crunched into his apple again. "I thought it would be quicker than trying to get a troll to make sense. Naturally, I was right."

"It's the principle of things." Remus quickly pointed out.

"Yeah." Sirius quickly agreed.

"Huh-huh." James stood up, dusted off his dirty jeans. "Well if we meet any more trolls along the way, we'll be sure you two negotiate the situation for us."

"Yeah." Peter grinned, picking up a few more apples and stuffing them in the sack Sirius had brought along with them.

"Shut up." Sirius growled while Remus glared.

"So…Did you ask the troll about our whereabouts?" Peter asked stuffing his and James' robes into his bag.

"Um…no, he wasn't really one for direction." Remus patted Peter on the back.

"Oh. Too bad." Peter shrugged it off easily enough. He hadn't expected much from the encounter with the troll. "Better place your robes in the bag. Don't know what kind of people we'll run into. Best look like Muggles, you know."

Sirius and Remus took off their robes, rolled them up and stuffed them down into the sack.

"Here, I know a spell to make everything we want fit and to make it a lighter." Remus took out his wands, casting the charm over the sack. Instantly it grew lighter. "We can take turns carrying it though. Make it fair for all."

James shrugged his shoulders and headed down the dirt lane while throwing a new ripe, yellow apple that he plucked from a low branch, into the air. The others quickly followed him down the lane.

"Maybe you are right, Peter." James grinned at his little posse. "Maybe we'll meet up with someone who might know where we are."

"I hope they are nice." Peter whispered.

"I hope they can tell us something useful." Remus added.

"I hope they have pretty daughters." Sirius sighed dreamly.

James spun quickly around, tossing the apple at Sirius face, who caught it quickly with a smirk. "A true Quidditch Player." James smiled proudly at his friend's reflex. "Now, give me my ball back."

"Apple, James." Remus sighed as James took off after Sirius who was running around the group with the apple. "It's an apple."