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So I was watching this show called awkward when I came up with this. It's a really good show, so if you haven't watched it yet, you should totally check it out. This will be purely based on the show. The beginning will follow the series rather loyally, but the farther I get I'll try turning it as original as possible. The character's are rather OOC but given that their upbringing is different to the ones in the series, they have to act different. Um that's about it I guess. I hope you'll enjoy. This is read from Sasuke's point of view. Rated M for sexual content.


Fifteen years, I fantasized about the moment I'd be walking down that hall, no one bullying me and especially no one staring at me. This was my time to blend in, having finally left junior high behind along with most of its student body. Aka, this was my time to finally become anonymous.

What was I supposed to wear? Would I finally get a girlfriend? Would I've become taller like my brother Itachi? No, that's unfortunately not my reality. My moment, which was supposed to be as far away from the spotlight as possible, was the complete opposite as they all looked at me: they're eyes shining with mirth, only two words on their lips; That Boy.

But like any other good TV drama, my story began at this summer's summer camp. It was yet another one of those lame 'end of camp' dances that the camp arranged every year, where they played dance music and the geeks finally got some of the spotlight they missed out on the rest of the year. The rest of us, well we only got drunk. Except for me, I sat on the side with my un-spiked fruit punch, having never tasted a drop of alcohol in my whole life. This was the only time I was invisible.

I sat watching from afar the people whom were enjoying themselves to the beat of the music when my eyes eventually spotted him: Uzumaki Naruto. He was the popular guy from my old school, the guy I've been finding it hard to keep my eyes away from. It was something about that blonde hair and pierce blue eyes that captivated me unlike anything else had ever done so far in my life. He would make my heart skip a beat, which was enough to make me question my own sexuality. I was sure I wasn't gay, because I find girls attractive, but neither could I deny he made me feel things I shouldn't feel towards another guy.

Naruto stood a few feet away, chatting with some friends when the group suddenly dissolved, his friends going off to somewhere I couldn't care less. However, it was at that moment Naruto looked up, our eyes locking and he sent me a wink of acknowledgment. The move was rather cheesy, but it was enough to make my cheeks heat up. I looked around me to see if it was really me he had winked at and realized no one else was looking his way. Was this my shot at talking to him? I wondered, my mind already busy preparing interesting topics to talk about.

I sent him a shy smile and took a zip from my drink but oh how I shouldn't have. As usual, whenever I try to act cool, my nerves would eventually cause something to happen and this time I choked on the liquid, the drink pouring out from my mouth a second later. My humiliation was painful and I could only imagine Naruto immediately losing interest in me.

But Naruto only smiled while quirking his head as a sign to follow him. It was a joke right? Naruto wanted me to follow him? I quickly apologized to the girl I'd drenched with my drink and shot up, following Naruto.

When I finally caught up to Naruto he dragged me into the utility closet, the place famous for taking many virginities, and pressed his lips rather clumsily over mine. I was shocked. I didn't even know Naruto swung that way! But it didn't take long until impulse took over and I kissed back with just as much passion. The whole thing happened so fast and suddenly my head was repeatedly hitting the wall but I couldn't care less. Uzumaki Naruto was interested in me and I was so happy. The pain from losing my virginity was immense but Naruto's pleasured groans totally made up for it.

"Am I hurting you?" Naruto surprised me by saying, his face slightly worried but it didn't stop him from trusting in to me yet again, or again.

"No…" I denied, "It's just… Allergies. Don't let it stop you, it feels great." I lied, in my mind I pleaded for him to finish up quickly as I wiped an unshed tear from my eye. Who knew sex would be so painful?

"Right." Naruto said, his movements quickening and thrusts deepening. Not long after he came with a rather long moan, his member pulsating inside of me, and I thanked god it was over. I feigned a satisfied sound as he pulled out of me, apparently, not the least bothered by the fact I hadn't cummed yet.

I pushed myself up, ignoring the splitting pain that shot up my lower back and searched for my underwear. We dressed in silence, Naruto looked a bit lost but I was just anxious. What happened now? Would we become an item? Perhaps this year wouldn't suck as much ass as the rest of them had. I smiled inwardly sending Naruto a small smile, Naruto looked back at me, his lips also twitching into a smile.

Yeah, this was awkward…

"So…" Naruto began. "Summer's almost over. A total bummer right?"

"Uh, yeah." I say, nervously nodding. It almost makes me feel like a bobble head figurine.

"Any plans for your two last weeks?" Naruto questioned, struggling with finding the left arm of his shirt.

Was this his way to see if I was free? Would he ask me out? "Not much I guess. Probably just… hang out, go to the movies, stuff like that." I didn't want to seem too busy, neither as if I completely lacked a social life… Even if I did.

"Sweet." Naruto said, his eyes shifting to the side giving off the impression he had something more to say but whatever it was he remained silent. And so I decided to help him. Hey, it's not like I'm going to let him just walk away!

"So what school did you get in to?" I ask, genuinely interested. What? If we were going to be a couple I had to know.

"Kings west."

No fucking way. "K-kings west?" I repeated. I couldn't believe Naruto would attend my school! Fate was definitely on my side this year.

"Are you going to the orientation?"

"Uh well, we have to. Don't we?"

"No um, what I meant to ask was… Would you like to go… together, with me?" There, I had said it, I'd pushed my pride to the side but could you blame me? Uzumaki Naruto was standing in front of me, we had just shared an intimate moment, he had cracked my hard shell and my heart was oozing sticky strange emotions.

Naruto let out a small chuckle, his eyes adopting a look I couldn't read and he leaned forward to press a kiss to my forehead. I repeat: a kiss to my forehead. Yeah, even I knew what that meant. "Hey, you are the cutest."

A vein popped at my temple and my eyes tore up. Normally I would have bashed his head in, but this was Uzumaki Naruto. As sickly as it sounded, at that moment, my heart was shooting candy hearts at him.

"-But no one can know I like you. That's cool right?" Naruto grinned and without waiting for my response, he left the room. Reality hit me hard, I was still Uchiha Sasuke: single to the public eye.


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