Warning- shoji ai! No flames! This is just a little exercise in PWP shoji ai. If you don't like it, don't read it!

We fit together perfectly, you and I.

Sometimes we press tightly together, sometimes we keep our distance.

When I move against you, the friction burns like fire, and I kind of like the feeling I get when we slam together and the heat of our meeting is intense.

The sounds we make shake the walls; you can feel it in the floor.

We're never far apart, you and I; we're joined together by a common destiny.

I glide along, happy in my life; more happy because sometimes I get to glide into you.

We're rigid, you and I, rigid and oh so breakable. And every time we crash together I can feel a little bit of myself breaking, but that's okay because you're breaking too, breaking the same as me.

Wood and paper standing on greased rails. Open, close, open, close; the life of two shoji doors.