Can I just say again, that Claudia's scream when she saw Steve dead... It broke my heart. In two. God, I was sobbing so hard. And scribbling. I was frantically writing down story ideas so I didn't forget them. I had so many. I'll be posting so many one-shots for the next 2 weeks, probably. But I'll be updating my multi-chap fics, too. Promise.

On another note, I'm listening to the song they played while Steve died while I write this. And I'm crying. It's 'Running Up the Hill' by Placebo.

"And I just want you to know that none of this would have been possible without you, Steve," Walter Sykes offered a clearly forced half-smile. "And I'll hate to see you go."

"What?" Steve asked, slightly confused as Marcus moved from behind Walter to the side of Steve.

And Steve Jinks, former ATF, didn't even register the needle going into the side of his neck.

"Another undetected heart defect," He heard Marcus announce. "What a pity."

Steve could almost feel the sneer in his voice. But at least he didn't feel any pain. Just an overwhelming numbing feeling surrounded him, overtook all his senses. His vision was blurring; more and more, until he couldn't tell if he was blind or his eyes were shut. He could feel people moving by him, but it didn't matter.

He couldn't beg for them to reconsider, to save him.

Steve knew he was too far gone. He knew he couldn't be saved. Nothing could save him. Not now.

So, as Steve Jinks, the Boy Scout with no sense of humor lay there, waiting to die, he had a lot of time to think.

About his mistakes.
About his regrets.
About his sister.
About Claudia.

She had believed in him. He was her BFFEWYLION. She had trusted him enough to give him the coin, to let him run away from her in the woods, to follow his orders. Claudia had truly trusted him.

And Steve felt like he had let her down.

What if she was lost in this war, just like him? It would be his fault, all his fault, because he couldn't have protected her.

Steve Jinks, undercover Warehouse 13, couldn't save her. Especially not now. Would Claudia and Myka and Pete decipher his clue?

Please God, he prayed, let Claudia be okay.

Which God was he praying to exactly? But did it really matter? He was making a deal with God.

There's so much hate for the ones we love.
Tell me, we both matter don't we?

You and me won't be unhappy.

It I only could make a deal with God, get him to swap our places.

Be running up that road, be running up that hill, be running up that building.

If I only could...

But Steve Jinks didn't want to switch places with her. His death was for the greater good. He wanted her to be safe.

He wanted her to stay safe.

He loved her.

Come on baby, come on darling.
Let me steal this moment from you now.
Come on angel, come on darling
Let's exchange this experience.

And if I could only make a deal with God,

We'd be running up that road, we'd be running up that hill,

With no problems.

And if I only could make a deal with God, get him to swap our places.