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Chapter 7 Serenade Your Lady


"Welcome to the Ale Ye Inn," declares Donna excitedly to her friends.

The Doctor, Jack and Rose take in the sight of the three story brick building that appears to have been built in the Victorian era. The pub's sign displays a pale green alien with large encompassing coal black eyes holding a large tankard of ale. Hmmm, ponders the Doctor, I wonder if the owner has ever been to Owthtiwretteb.

"I like the sign," grins Jack. "With all of the alien interaction that Earth has had over the past few years, it makes sense."

Rose's brow crinkles with interest as she remarks, "Well, that's different. I can understand the pub having a twenty-four hour license but I haven't seen a twenty-four hour coffee shop before."

"Yeah," agrees Donna as she glances over at the Malt O' Benny Irish Coffee Shoppe. "That was actually Gramps' idea. His mate was going to close his shop due to poor business and then Gramps suggested that he match the pub's hours. Now he makes most of his money by sobering up the drunks before they go home."

Rose laughs and asks, "Is that how he found this place?"

"No, but that's a really interesting story," recalls Donna. "It was one of the first nights after Gramps had moved to London and he decided to check out the sights when he got a bit lost. He told me that he had wandered around for so long that he was dying of thirst and starved for a good meal. He pleaded for a sign to help him find his way home and when he looked up; he saw the sign for The Ale Ye Inn back when the sign was just a plain tankard of ale."

"So he went in and asked for directions?" poses the Doctor.

"No," smirks Donna. "He muttered his thanks and said that home could wait for a few hours. He's been a regular ever since."

Jack quizzes Donna for more information about the pub while the Doctor suggests, "Perhaps one day when we retire from Torchwood, we could open up a pub."

"What?" exclaims Rose. "You not run?"

"We could run a pub!" replies the Doctor. "We're both people persons and you could sing to the crowds whenever you like. You have such a lovely voice."

Rose smiles sweetly but eyes him with suspicion. "Are you sure that there isn't anything else that you're leaving out?"

His hands are shoved deep in his pockets as he rocks back onto his heels while glancing at her sideways. "Well, there is all that lovely marmalade that we'd have to store behind the bar for scones."

"Scones?" laughs Rose. "Doctor, you're thinking of a tea house, not a pub."

"Oh," deflates the Doctor before perking right up again. "We could open a tea house with lots of tannins! Tea's the best thing! It would be like performing a community service!" Momentarily calming down, he looks at Rose quizzically. "Can you sing in tea houses?"

Rose merely shakes her head in reply and Donna shouts, "Come on, you two! We're wasting valuable drinking time!"

They enter the heavy oak doors of The Ale Ye Inn where Donna is immediately greeted by the barman and several patrons.

The inside of the pub is a wide open space and is decorated in a blend of styles. The bar is long, finely polished, made of mahogany and sports a group of friendly faces tending to all the punters. Behind the bar, high above the stock of glasses and bottles is a shelf full of small statues, Toby jugs, pictures and pub related memorabilia from days long past.

The walls are covered with badges from various sports teams, antique dishes and wooden frames filled with maps, artwork and different little bits and bobs that have been accumulated throughout the years. The furniture is a wide assortment of maple and oak with the chairs being a mix to match the style of each particular section of the room.

The far right corner of the room has a large stone fireplace surrounded by tables, chairs and benches that seem to be more suited for a hunting lodge than a pub. Beside it, is the games area which contains several dart boards, a pinball machine and tables that appear to have been especially designed for playing cards and dominoes.

Alongside the 'hunting lodge' area and divided by a wooden partition with an etched glass window, is an elegant Victorian setting with furniture and décor reflecting a splendor from a forgotten era. Wild flowers are embroidered on the cushions of each chair which are greatly favored by the older and more distinguished patrons of the pub.

The slightly more boisterous customers are gathered around a hodge podge of bench tables, booths and round tables with chairs that have wooden slats for backs. Straight ahead, against the far wall, is a small stage for nights when they decide to have live entertainment.

The last section is to the far left of the bar and almost hidden behind a row of dark green archways with knick knacks lining the ledges above the alcoves. The soft laughter of both children and adults signifies that this is the dining area for families or those who would simply prefer a quieter meal.

Donna indicates that they'll be sitting in the 'hodge podge' section right next to the games area. As they weave in and out of the paths of the other customers, the Doctor notes that the pub is filled with manic energy and excitement, laughter, mementos and trinkets from all sorts of eras and is bigger on the inside. Never before has he felt more at home.

Rose chirps, "Donna, I love it! Thank you for bringing us here."

Donna smiles and says, "Yeah, it is a pretty great place to relax and unwind after work. You and I will have to come here for lunch in their garden area."

She grabs Rose's arm in excitement and gushes in girlish glee as she describes the outside dining area. "It's gorgeous, Rose! It has a marble floor and antique bird cages hanging from the ceiling full of ivy trailing down, mosaic tiles on the tables and chairs and large windows with pale green drapes and golden cords that tie back on each side!"

While Rose's excitement builds along with Donna's, the Doctor and Jack are silently mocking them by mimicking their more energetic feminine movements. Without even bothering to look in their direction, Rose and Donna simultaneously elbow the men in their ribs and ignore their yelps of pain as they continue their discussion.

"The best part is that when it's evening or the weather turns bad, they have sliding glass doors to enclose it completely so that you can dine out there any time."

Rose sighs, "It sounds heavenly, Donna. I can't wait to see it."

"Me too!" proclaims Jack. " It sounds like fun."

The Doctor pipes in, "I have Friday free for lunch. How does that work for everyone?"

Rose and Donna glance at each other in frustration and Donna inquires, "Which part of a girl's lunch for just me and Rose do you not understand?"

The Doctor smoothly replies, "The part where Jack and I aren't invited. Where would be the fun in that?"

Rose asks, "Has it occurred to you that Donna and I might want to talk about the two of you in private?"

Barking out a laugh, the Doctor asserts, "All the better! What better expert on me than me? I talk about myself all the time, don't I, Jack?"

Jack gives him a rueful smile as he affirms, "All the time, Doc. All the time."

Rose and Donna merely shake their heads while the Doctor happens to spy an open table. "Oi! That table looks good, let's sit there!"

Quickly making their way to the table and while the others seat themselves, Jack remains standing and offers, "I'll go buy the first round of drinks and grab us some grub."

Donna orders chicken in a basket and the Doctor orders lager for himself and fish and chips and a salad for him and Rose.

Before Jack can ask Rose what she wants to drink, the Doctor advises, "Jack, since you'll be bringing back such a large order, I would hold one drink in each hand and then try to extend your thumbs outward to press the other two glasses against each other so as to form one consistent unit. Now, you don't want to spill any on yourself so hold them slightly away from you but not so far as to collide with another person. I would suggest…"

"Doctor!" interrupts Rose to both Donna and Jack's great relief.

"Yes, Rose?" he inquires distractedly while positioning Jack's hands into the proper angle.

Rose suggests, "How about I just go with him and help him carry back the drinks?"

The Doctor's eyes light up at the simplicity of her plan and he marvels, "Why, yes! Brilliant! That would work quite well!"

Rose adds, "Besides, then I can see what they have to offer. I'm not sure what I want to order yet."

"Me either," states Jack. "Thanks for the help, Rose." Her returning smile quickly fades as she surveys the numerous customers clamoring for the barman's attention. They both grimace at the crowd of people and Jack asks, "Ready?"

Rose gives a curt nod before they head out and push through the crowd at a steady and determined pace. It is at times like these that Torchwood's above standard fitness requirements really pay off.

Still not quite comfortable at being left alone with this version of Donna, the Doctor attempts some light conversation as everyone that walks by them greets her by name. "Well, I must say that I'm definitely impressed. For someone who hasn't been in town long, you've certainly been around."

Donna arches her eyebrow at him and he swallows audibly. "I mean not around around but around here, in this pub. Not just hanging around a pub of course, but being social and making contacts."

He pulls at his collar and rubs the back of his neck as she continues to stare at him in silence. "Not that I'm saying your Torchwood contacts would be drunks or that there's anything wrong with drinking. I've been known to indulge myself every so often…"

Desperate for his latest rant to end, Donna simply orders, "Shut up."

The Doctor blinks once before clearing his throat and stating, "Yes, thank you, I think I will." He rises on tiptoe to scan through the crowd at the bar to see how Jack and Rose are faring but he's unable to make them out.

"I wonder where those two have gotten to?" he mutters to himself. "It's been 2.3 minutes and 7 seconds."

"Is that the Timey – Whiny thing that Rose says you can do? Sense time and all that?" asks Donna interestedly.

The Doctor replies coldly, "That's Timey – Whimey and that's only part of it." Donna shrugs dismissively and no more is said between the two. This incarnation of the Doctor never being one to handle silence very well soon broaches, "So do you come here a lot with Wilf?"

She replies, "A few nights a week. We usually meet his mate, David McDonald, here for a game of darts. He's brilliant."

Seeing the Doctor tense up at the mention of David's name and knowing how he feels about the young man, Donna decides to let a bit of her devilish side come out to play. She innocently inquires, "He works for you, doesn't he?"

"Yes," grits the Doctor. "He's supervising the construction on the hotel."

Donna nods and notes, "He's quite fit for such a young man. He's about Rose's age, isn't he?"

The Doctor smiles tightly and answers, "I never thought to ask."

Donna's extremely nonchalant as she remarks, "You know he drives a motorcycle. He calls it Rosebud." At the Doctor's startled glance, Donna continues, "He says that it's the sweetest ride he's ever had."

Watching the Doctor's expression change from one of surprise to one of panic, she pretends to wonder aloud, "Funny name for a motorcycle though, he must be a Citizen Kane fan." Noticing Jack and Rose's return, she exclaims in delight, "Oh, look! They're back with our nosh! Time to tuck in!"

Rose and Jack expertly evade every person in their path and are soon placing all of the food and drinks on the table. Once everything is laid out, Rose looks up to see the Doctor's gaze narrowed at her in suspicion.

Rose pulls Donna aside and whispers, "What's up with him?"

Donna shrugs and intones sympathetically, "You know how men are." She turns to smile sweetly at the Doctor while she thinks, Strand my best friend on some broken down 51 st century space ship? Hmmph! Serves you right.

Uncomfortable with the intensity of the Doctor's gaze, Rose finally questions, "What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Neither his voice nor his stare wavers as he replies coolly, "You just seem a bit preoccupied. I was wondering what you were thinking about."

"Oh," breathes Rose, relieved at such a simple request. "I was thinking about motorcycles and how I would love nothing more than to have a nice long satisfying ride."

Donna chokes on her drink and the Doctor gasps, "What? Why are you thinking about that?"

Rose smiles brightly and informs him," They were playing Elvis near the bar and it made me think of poodle skirts, pink pumps and motorcycle rides. Remember?"

Releasing a sigh, the Doctor instantly sport bears a huge grin and responds, "I do indeed. How could I ever forget?"

Rose blithely continues," Although I don't think we could have really accomplished that on your tiny little Lambretta." She laughs, "Could you imagine even trying? I had the worst trouble straddling it as it is. Every time you moved an inch I thought I was going to fall off of it." Rose's chuckles die down enough where she is finally able to sip her drink while the Doctor just stares morosely down into his lager.

Donna grins like a Cheshire cat and shares, "I love this place! I'm so glad we came here tonight!"

Jack points out, "There's that salad that you wanted, Doc. They gave me two bottles of dressing so you have your choice. Do you want Italian or French?"

Without even glancing at the women on either side of him the Doctor firmly declares, "Italian, definitely Italian." He takes note of Jack's food and asks, "What's that?"

Jack tells him, "It's called a Ploughman's lunch. It consists of a great wedge of cheddar cheese, some bread and some pickle and an onion. It's one of my favorites."

"Interesting," muses the Doctor. "So what exactly are you intending to plow?" He glances upwards expecting to find amusement at his little joke and instead finds everyone staring at him. Rose in shock, Donna in anger and Jack in horror. Realizing how his words were horribly misconstrued, he quickly amends in a very small voice, "That's not what I meant. I meant plowing something fertile and vast." The same stares persist but now only worse and with Rose shaking her head and miming zipping her lips. Almost inaudibly the Doctor peeps, "I meant a field."

In a huff of exasperation, Donna asks, "Are you done now or would you like to make some absurdly inappropriate comment about Farmer Jack and a roll in the hay?"

The Doctor vehemently defends, "I would never say that! I wouldn't even think of it!"

Jack looks at him in horrified accusation and squeaks, "You're thinking of it right now, aren't you?"

The Doctor glares at Donna and growls, "Yes! I am now!"

Donna nods in satisfaction and triumphs, "Good, then my work is done."

Avoiding Donna's gaze, the Doctor looks over at Rose's and Jack's drinks and queries, "So what did you two decide to order?"

Concerned, Rose whispers to him, "Are you sure this will be a safe topic for you?"

He pulls a face at her while Jack answers, "We just got some tea."

Surprised at Jack's answer, the Doctor verifies, "Tea? In a pub?"

"Yeah, it's from Long Island. It's the Barman's Special," affirms Jack.

The Doctor still looks unsure but abides by Jack's choice and murmurs, "Oh, okay."

Fanning himself, Jack states, "It's so warm in here, I might have to order a couple more of these," and then downs half of his drink. He starts coughing and sputters," What kind of tea is this? It tastes like alcohol!"

Rose gives him an odd stare and declares, "It is alcohol, Jack. It's a Long Island Ice Tea."

The Doctor chastises, "Rose! You know that Jack doesn't drink! How could you let him order that?"

Defensive, Rose argues, "He lived in New York for a few years, I thought he knew what it was!" She turns on him with the full force of her Tyler glare, "And what about you, Doctor? Why didn't you say anything?"

The Doctor becomes sheepish and grudgingly admits, "I assumed he knew what it was too. I thought he was just trying to loosen up a little." He suddenly looks at Donna in suspicion and questions, "You've been here before and you know what it was. Why didn't you say anything?"

Donna smirks in amusement and confesses, "I thought it would be funny." She smiles wide and proclaims, "And I was right."

Jack is unable to stop coughing and manages to gasp out, "I need something else to drink."

Donna pushes her drink towards Jack and offers," Here, try this."

Both Rose and the Doctor shout, "Jack, no!", but it's too late and Jack has consumed a good size portion of Donna's drink. Once it hits him he starts grabbing his chest and taking in deep gulps of air.

Rose and the Doctor glare at an unrepentant Donna and she asks, "What? He knows what stout is and I thought it would level him out."

Rose runs over to Jack in concern and rubs his back soothingly. "Jack, are you alright? Can I get you anything?"

The Doctor throws a nasty look Donna's way and grumbles, "How about a new liver?"

Donna spits, "Oi! Calm down, you two, he's fine!" She leans towards Jack and purrs, "You are fine, aren't you, Jack?"

Jack glances up at her mid-cough and starts giggling, then chuckling and then outright laughing before he spouts, "Yeah, actually, I'm feeling REALLY good!"

The Doctor tries to hush him and hisses, "Jack! You're being a little too loud. Try to keep it down."

Jack leans in close to Donna and gives her his best bedroom eyes as he croons, "That might just be a problem."

Donna's eyes widen her in appreciation at Jack's response while Rose turns a delicate pink and holds her hand over her mouth to smother her laughter. She darts a curious glance at the Doctor who's leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed just shaking his head, as he explains, "That's why he doesn't drink. He can't even take communion at his church."

Donna suddenly jerks upright in her chair and she looks over at Jack and demands, "Is that your hand?"

Jack smiles seductively and husks, "Yes, it is. Why? Would you prefer something else?"

Donna openly gapes at him while Rose's mischievous side comes out to play. "Jack, will you tell us a story where you end up naked?"

Without taking his eyes off of Donna, Jack answers throatily, "I'd rather make a new memory of one instead."

Eager to avoid the next potential courting disaster, the Doctor mentions with a tad more enthusiasm than necessary, "Oooh! Look everybody, a dartboard!" He runs over to the board and says I love a game of darts! Anyone fancy a game?"

Everyone agrees and Donna offers to go ask the barman for some darts. The Doctor insists, "No need to do that, Donna. I happen to have some with me."

Donna arches an eyebrow in suspicion and asks, "You just happen to carry a set of darts on you?"

While he rummages through his pockets, Rose grins, "Trust me, Donna, it's not a fix. His pockets are like a portable version of Asda."

The Doctor finally exclaims, "Aha! I found them!", and holds up a set of darts from the late 1800s. He advises Jack, "You might want to sit this one out."

Jack responds, "I don't see why," as he turns to leer at Donna. "I've never had a problem finding the center."

"Maybe the center of a Tootsie Pop," retorts the Doctor, "but I'm talking about darts. And in your current condition, I seriously doubt that you'll have much luck finding any center tonight."

Jack rises from the table and says, "Oh, I don't know about that." He smirks at Donna, "After all, there is a first time for everything." He grabs the darts out of the Doctor's hand and boasts, "Allow me to demonstrate," as he swaggers over to the dartboard. With a quick glance at the board before each throw, he confidently states, "One," and smiles at Rose, then "two" and winks at Donna, and finishes with "three" and smirks at the Doctor. He waves his hand to indicate his three consecutive bull's-eyes. The Doctor slumps down into his chair and sulks while Jack asks, "Who wants the next go?"

Rose walks over and gripes, "Me. I want to get this over with as quickly as possible. I was always rubbish at darts." Her first throw makes a perfect bull's-eye. The Doctor shoots up in his chair with wide eyes while Donna and Jack look on, both highly amused. Rose glimpses the Doctor pouting at her and she states, "I'm sure that my next one won't be as good." Her next throw hits the outer wire of the dartboard which earns her zero points.

The Doctor visibly relaxes and remarks, "Oh, that's a shame. No score there." Rose rolls her eyes at his competiveness and when she goes to toss the last dart, it slips from her grasp as she brings her hand back and it lands on a table full of GORGEOUS footballers.

Rose immediately runs over to their table and apologizes profusely. "Please excuse me! I am sorry! I am so, so sorry!"

The team's captain who also happens to be the most handsome footballer, insists, "No worries, love. How'd you like to join us? Drinks are on us and we'll even throw in some fish and chips. Isn't that right boys?" The group of young men all raise their glasses and offer hearty cheers of agreement and Rose has to admit that she is sorely tempted as she has not eaten since lunch and they had just sold their last portion of fish and chips at the bar before they arrived.

She sniffs the air appreciatively and hums, "Mmmmmm. Hot, steaming fish and chips?" She licks her lips and drawls, "Wellll…"

As if by magic, the Doctor appears instantly at her side and declares, "Sorry gentleman, but she's with me and I'm the only who's allowed to sate her appetite." He grabs Rose's arm in a tight clasp and growls, "Come on, you. No scoring for you tonight, at least with this lot." He takes her back to their table and informs Jack and Donna, "A table full of pretty boys. Typical. It happens every time that she wanders off."

Rose inquires with a tilt of her head," Can you let go of my arm now or is this how you pull someone?" as she tugs her arms out of his grasp.

Donna laughs out loud. "I especially liked the results of your last throw, Rose, but you really need to watch an expert. When the Doctor struts forward, Donna promptly pushes him away while snorting derisively, "Not you, Dimbo! I was talking about me!" She removes the darts from the board and stands six feet away. Smiling like the cat who's about to get the cream, she instructs, "Watch and learn." She counts off, "One, two, three," as she throws each dart in rapid succession and they all fall into place so closely together that they almost look like one giant dart.

The Doctor stalks over to the dartboard and roughly pulls the darts out all at once and seethes, "What's this dartboard made out of anyway, a magnet?" He goes and stands next to Donna and grunts, "It's my turn now." His first toss bounces off the side of the board so he squints while he shuffles a little closer for his second throw. The second dart hits a wood post next to the dartboard so he puts on his glasses and moves closer to the board.

Donna cheekily reminds him, "Oi! You're supposed to stand at least five feet away from the board!"

The Doctor grumbles as he leans forward to make his last throw which sails past the dartboard and lands with a corresponding 'Ouch!' from an elderly man at a nearby table. Completely unfazed at this turn of events, he muses aloud, "Funny that, I seem to remember being so much better at this. Oh, well. It must be the Donna in me mucking about."

Donna gives him a look of disgust and yells, "You idiot! You just stabbed one of Gramps' mates!" She closes her eyes and takes a deep calming breath. "Rose and I will go over and apologize and buy him a drink which means," she jabs her finger into his chest, "that the next round is on you!"

While Rose and Donna hurry over to the man, the Doctor turns to Jack and quizzes," Was I supposed to bring money?"

As Jack stares at him in disbelief, the Doctor pleads, "Jack, my best friend, can I borrow…"

Jack is shaking his head 'no' before he can even finish. "Forget it, Doc! I'm not that drunk! You still haven't even paid Jake back for our night at the D&D."

The Doctor pouts and defends, "That's only because he hasn't noticed the credit card charges yet." He displays his best puppy dog eyes and begs, "Please? Pretty, please with ball bearings on top?"

"Not a chance so you might as well quit asking me. And don't try nicking my wallet either. There are only two pairs of hands that are allowed near my pants tonight and neither of them belongs to you."

Thank Rassilon for small favors, thinks the Doctor. Wondering if Rose would spot him a few quid, he turns his head to seek her out when his attention is drawn to the barman setting up for karaoke. He grabs Jack's arm and crows, "Jack, look! They're setting up for karaoke! This is perfect! It's just what you need to win Donna's heart!"

Jack frets, "I don't know, Doc. I'm not much of a singer."

The Doctor instantly dismisses his negative response and coaxes, "Jack, this is the perfect moment. You're so sloshed now that you'll never be more relaxed. All you have to do is think about everything that Donna makes you feel and what she brings out in you and choose a song that reflects that. This is it, Jack! This is the moment that you've been working for, the final part of our plan! Now go up there and win your lady's heart!"

Jack whoops, "You're right, Doc! I can do this!"

He turns to leave but the Doctor tugs him back to his side. "One last thing," he mutters quietly. "If anyone throws any money at you, be sure to save it so I can buy the next round."

Jack rolls his eyes before grabbing his drink off of the table. He wants it handy just in case he needs a shot of courage. While asking the barman if he can be the first one up, Rose and Donna return to the table.

Rose scans the immediate area and asks, "Where did Jack go? He's not sick is he?"

The Doctor scoffs, "Not unless you count heartsick." He gestures to Jack climbing up on stage and picking up the microphone. He turns to Donna and tells her, "Prepare to be dazzled, Donna Noble. This one's for you."

Everyone in the pub takes a seat at their tables as the lights dim and Jack steps into the spotlight. He clears his throat and then starts singing in a smooth and sultry voice. The song that he's chosen to sing is 'I Touch Myself'. The Doctor grits out between clenched teeth, "That's not what I meant."

At this point, Jack has become so inebriated that he is having great difficulty recalling all of the words. Unwilling to disappoint Donna, he calls forth what he most wants to convey to her and improvises his own lyrics.

He looks imploringly at Donna and sings in earnest, "Um…don't worry about my performance," he holds up his drink, "I'm not used to anything stronger…It's only the booze, I swear it'll get longer…"

Caterwauling from the men and wolf whistles from the women encourages Jack to continue and become even more bold as he enthusiastically beckons the Doctor to join him on stage.

Not to that song, vows the Doctor silently. He turns his attention to his other two dining companions to find Rose desperately gripping the edge of the table in an effort to keep upright because she's laughing so hard while Donna's only reaction is a mere quirk of her lips in amusement.

He shifts his chair away from the stage and laments, "I can't watch this."

"Then close your eyes and shut your gob," commands Donna, "because this is just too good to miss."

The Doctor gawks at her and protests, "You can't possibly be enjoying this?"

Donna spares him a glance as she reasons, "Are you kidding me? This is the most normal that I've ever seen him."

The Doctor simply stares at her agog while Jack finishes what little he can remember of the song. His heartfelt rendition receives a standing ovation and once the applause dies down, he climbs down the stage and starts making his way back to the table.

Rose is wiping the tears from her eyes while giggling uncontrollably and the Doctor wants to cry for an entirely reason all together. Donna offers, "I'll take Cassanova home since he doesn't live that much farther than me and you two are across town."

Upon his return to the table, Jack immediately stumbles into a chair and crashes to the ground. Donna stands up and leans over him as she attempts to disentangle him from the chair.

"Alright there, Jack?" she queries gently. His groan of pain is her only response. "Don't worry about a thing. Now we just need to get this leg over…"

Jack interrupts in an incredibly loud voice, "Did you hear that everybody? I'm getting a leg over!"

She helps him into a kneeling position and tells him as kindly as she can, "I'm taking you home, Jack, but not to my home. Yours. Alone. I'm taking you as a friend."

"What?" gasps a heartbroken Jack. "Donna, no. I'm not usually like this, I swear. Please listen, please."

Feeling more than a little guilty for his current condition, Donna nods her head and waits for Jack's next words. They are nothing at all what she expected from him in his current state.

"Forget tonight, Donna. Look past everything that's happened and look at me. See the real me. You've worked with me and you've laughed with me. You know me. I can't do a lot of things, but I could do anything with you at my side. I would do anything for you, Donna Noble." He takes her hand and pleads, "If you would only give me a chance. I know that I could not only be the man that you want, but the man that I want to become. I don't just want to share your bed, Donna, I want to share your life. Please, Donna, I just need you to give me a chance. Will you?"

Donna stands in silence, the tremor in her hands as she holds his is the only visible evidence of how shaken she truly is by his speech. She thinks of all the things that he's done for her and sometimes to her, but in her heart, she knows that it was always out of the goodness in his. She knows that everything has been straight from his caring heart, from his love for her.

She tries to lighten the mood before giving her answer and asks, "Jack, is this a proposal?" as she gestures to his kneeling position.

"No," he denies painfully. "I think I really hurt my leg. You'll have to help me up."

Smiling at his request, she pulls him to a standing position to stand directly in front of her and she answers, "Yes."

Not wanting to take the chance that he's misheard and is about to create yet another misunderstanding between them, Jack verifies, "Yes? You'll give me a chance? Really?"

"Really," whispers Donna as she leans closer to Jack and he moves in closer to her. Too bad it was because he was passing out. Donna easily catches him and moves him into a chair with the help of the Doctor and Rose.

Rose sympathizes, "Oh, Donna. I am so sorry."

The Doctor keeps calling Jack's name in a valiant effort to rouse him until Donna tells him, "Let him be, Spaceman. This way I won't have to worry about him getting sick in my new car when I take him home." She sighs, "Well, let's go put him in the car. I think this night is over."

The trio steadfastly work together to move Jack from the pub and into Donna's car as quickly as they can without waking him. As she drives off, the Doctor opines, "Well, that went better than I expected."

Rose laughs and bumps his shoulder while noting, "True, but after this week, you have to wonder what tomorrow will bring?"

He nods his head sagely and they are both lost deep in thought as they watch Donna drive off into the night. The Doctor turns to his love and waggles his eyebrows suggestively and coos, "So you want to go home and play darts?"

Rose's tongue pokes out between her teeth and she replies, "I don't think so, Doctor," as she back up a step or two, "not now that I've seen how bad your aim is." She takes off at a run with him right behind her, the two of them laughing all the way. She just manages to reach the car before he catches her around the waist and swings her up into his arms.

"Their night might be over, Rose Tyler," he breathes huskily. "But our night has just begun." Her wide smile is all the answer he needs before settling them both into the car and heading for home.

The Doctor and Rose found out what tomorrow would bring as they had an alien implosion of fish at Hyde park where the many remarks about something fishy is going on here and tipping the scales of justice were bandied about. They were both so busy trying to control all of the chaos that they were never once able to give Jack and Donna a thought, which it turns out was just as well.

Poor Jack. He never did make it in on Monday. Neither did Donna. She spent the rest of the day cleaning out her car from when Jack had unexpectedly and unwelcomingly woken up during the car ride home. Thankfully, Wilf had a mate who could help her out.