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Zach's POV

Carson had been gone for days. I don't know whether to be mad or proud of him for shoving me out of that car. Wait, I know. I'm furious. We got some cryptic message from him two days ago saying that he would meet us here in Bari, but he is yet to show. I don't even know how he knew where we were.

I unrolled the letter I had received from him days earlier. It formatted like an email from an anonymous sender. It said: Zach, take care of Cammie. I will meet you in Bari in two days. Don't do anything stupid. ~Carson. Today was he deadline and the night hours were creeping up fast. I was lucky. When we arrived in Bari, we found a man on his way to a medical conference. He was a doctor that dealt with gang injuries in New York. He fixed Cammie's bullet wound without any questions. He didn't ask where we were going and where we were from, or even charge us (which I was thankful for), and said he wouldn't mention us to anyone. Cammie now lays here on the couch of our hotel room. Her face is deathly pale and her body grows colder by the day.

Every day I leave Cammie for an hour to check the train station a half an hour away. Every day, Carson doesn't show. I don't know what to do. I've been trapped for so long that it's impossible for me to know what to do in this situation. I know we have to go back to the States. Cammie needs the help of a real doctor. She needs blood transfusions, or something, just something to stop her from looking so…. so…dead.

It's been ten days since the letter from Carson. Cammie still hasn't awakened and I've made the executive decision that we were going back to Gallagher. We had no bags, only the food that I had purchased earlier on in the week. Cammie had lost so much weight, almost to the point where I could see her ribs through her skin when I went to change her bandages.

"You're going to be okay Cammie. I promise, and I always keep my promises." I felt the tears prick at the edges of my eyes. I was never the one for tears. I didn't cry when Carson sided with my mom. I didn't cry when they beat me. I didn't cry when my own brother killed my dad in front of me. I never cried. I just cried knowing that if I didn't do something to help her, Cammie was going to die within the 24-hours.

I bought the tickets for the plane the previous night. Our flight was at twelve and we had to leave by ten. I picked Cammie up and carried her wedding style into the taxi I had called. I paid the cabbie extra not to say anything about if he did, and us I would know. He asked no questions and drove us to the airport. This was one of those times I really wish that I had one of those memory-erasing devices from Men in Black.

We managed to get through security without many strange looks and onto the plane where Cammie began to moan.

"Cammie!" I said shaking her shoulder. "Cammie! Are you okay? Are you there?" It was like talking to a corpse.

"So…. cold." She managed.

"Excuse me, stewardess!" I yelled, "Please I need a blanket fast. My girlfriend is freezing."

"I'm sorry sir, but the blankets won't be passed out until we've reached altitude." The stewardess replied with a kind smile.

"Please, please, she's been sick for a really long time and she needs one now." I pleaded with her.

"I'm sorry sir but I told you bl-"

"I don't care!" I yelled. Many of the other passengers were now openly staring at me. "Please, I really need this. She does. She's been really sick and I can't stand to see her suffer like this." Putting on a fake sob I began to hiccup and let the tears roll down my face.

"Just give him a damned blanket!" one of the other passengers yelled. A chorus of "Yeah!"s and "What harm can it do?" Echoed the man. I gave him a thankful look as the stewardess handed me a blanket. She sent a sneer my way but I ignored her as I wrapped Cammie tightly inside a blanket.

"Cammie, are you feeling better, Cammie, talk to me." I pleaded.

"C-c-cold." She stuttered again. I took off my jacket and placed it on her, in hopes of getting her warmer. "C-c-carson?" she asked.

"No, it's Zach. Cammie, don't worry, you're going to be okay." I assured her.

"N-n-ot okay. L-l-et go. Thank you." She managed. Her voice broke as she passed out once again. I felt her neck for a pulse. It was faint but there. I let myself cry once again as the people on the plane continued to stare.

"Stop it!" I yelled, my voice cracking and raw. "Stop looking at us!" People averted their eyes, but I could tell they were still staring.

"Sir, if she's not healthy we cannot take off." The cranky stewardess told me.

"She's fine, just get us to Virginia." The stewardess nodded as the pilot made the announcement in both Italian and English that we were preparing for take off. I asked for a couple more blankets to wrap around Cammie. I was more afraid that I was going to end up suffocating her rather than her overheating.

"Cammie, please don't leave." I said, placing my head on her lap. "Please, don't." I whispered. I fell asleep soon after. It was the first time I had slept since leaving to rescue Cammie from Carson. What a great rescue that turned out to be. She's nearly dead because of me. God damn it! I can't do anything right.

When I woke up the flight attendant was shaking my shoulder telling me I needed to return my seat to the upright position. I gave her a light sneer then sat up. Cammie hadn't moved as I felt her forehead. It was warm. She was going to make it! I noticed some color had returned to her cheeks, but she still looked ghastly pale. She needed a blood transfusion or to be stitched up, or something to get her back looking healthy. I heard her groan lightly as I shushed her.

"Don't worry Cam, we'll be home soon." I pushed her hair out of her face and behind her ears. The plane touched down not minutes later. We were at the back of the plane so we were one of the lasts to exit.

The snotty flight attendant gave me an obviously fake smile as she said, "I hope you have a fantastic day." I replied with, "I hope you die in a hole." He mouth was open in a gasp as her fists balled up. I thought she was about to hit me as I gave her a look prodding her on.

"Thank you sir." She said through gritted teeth. Carrying Cammie bridal style I hailed us a cab back to Roseville. We had bags, but I knew that it would have been impossible for me to carry both them and Cammie to the airport pick up zone. The cabbie gave us a strange look when he saw Cammie. I told him to drive us to Gallagher Academy in Roseville.

"You sure you don't want to bring her to a first laddie?" The man had a thick Irish accent as he spoke, his bushy mustache spreading so it tickled the edges of his ears.

"She'll be fine, but if you get us to Gallagher fast she'll be even better, and I can guarantee you'll be too." I held out my wallet which I kept in my front pocket and flashed a couple hundred dollar bills. The cabbie didn't ask questions on how or where I got the money, he only knew that if he did what I said, he'd get at least some of it.

We arrived at Gallagher in less than half an hour. The cabbie had driven like a mad man, very much like a child would at Autopia in Disneyland. I exited the cab with Cammie slung over my back like a rag doll. Her breathing was still shallow but she felt slightly warmer. It could have just been my body heat radiating back into me, but I'd preferred to keep my brighter options open.

The bubblegum guard recognized Cammie and me immediately. He used his private walkie-talkie to contact Ms. Morgan. We were met at the door with a surgeon, Ms. Morgan, and Liz. They took Cammie off my back and rushed her to the medical wing of the mansion.

"What happened Zach?" Bex asked me when I saw her. "Tell me what the bloody hell happened to my best friend!"

"She was shot." I said, barely above a whisper.

"You said you'd protect her." Macey said. Her voice was even, like the calm before the storm. "You said you'd bring her back unharmed! You lied to us!" Tears openly streamed down her eyes as she spoke. Bex was in no better a condition.

"There was nothing I could do."

"That's a lie." A new voice said. "You could always have done something more."

"Who are you?" I asked giving the boy a sneer.

"Tyler Waters at your service." He said.

"Well Tyler, no one asked your opinion." I glared at him and turned back to Bex and Macey, "Look, guys, Cammie will be fine."
"What happened to Carson?" Tyler asked.

"Carson's gone."

Bex and Macey gasped. "He's gone."

"I haven't heard from him since he pushed me out of the car with Cammie." All three of them gave me a quizzical look as I told them my tale from the point where I left them to when I arrived back.

"I think I should fill in a couple of blanks here." Tyler said. "I left with Cammie."

"Then why didn't you bloody stop her!" Bex yelled.

"Let me finish. She wouldn't have stayed even I could have convinced her. You guys know her better than anyone, when she sets her mind to something, do you really expect her to back down?" The nodded their heads in understanding. "Anyways, I went with Cammie to DC. She thought there was going to be something there to help her find answers. I don't know the questions, but all I know is that she ditched me in a hotel room and I assume from there she was abducted by Carson then sort of rescued by Zach."

"Like you could have done much better pretty boy." I grumbled under my breath.

"I didn't abduct her." A deep voice rumbled from behind me. "Well, okay I sort of abducted her, but after that she came willingly."

"You're lying Carson!" Bex yelled.

"I'm not lying. Zach, where is she?"

"Infirmary." I said silently. Carson was beaten and bloodied, and in need of some medical assistance himself. He left eye was swollen shut and his right arm looked like it was hanging on by the shred of a muscle. His attire was soaked in blood, all the way down to his shoes with sloshed and squished whenever he took a step, leaving a bloody footprint in his wake. He was missing hair in some places and what wasn't covered in blood (which wasn't much) was hidden by a deep purple-green bruise.

"I'm going to go see here." He announced.

"There's no need," Liz said reentering the foyer. "She's dead."