written for a dare, dedicated to the darer, the lovely bluey (blueeyes444).
pairing: lilyvictoiremolly
prompts: glass, cut, obsession, blue
a/n: no capilization on purpose, babes.


what are you waiting for?
say goodbye to my heart tonight
-neon trees, animal

she's gorgeous, with longlong hair and pale freckled skin and bright blue eyes and you think you're in love. it's forbidden, yes, but who cares. you know what you want, and you want her, so you chase after her.

but she's your cousin and she's with your other cousin and this is so unhealthy.

you'll never win, but you'll be damned if you give up that easy. so you continue chasing, continue hoping, continue wanting, but neverever having. because, she's got molly and that's all she'll ever need, but you don't see.

the chase breaks you down, and you're heart is a shattered mess, like broken glass on the floor, cutting your feet as you creep over it, trying again and again to win her over.

but, open your eyes, little girl.

victoire is in love, but not with you.