Romano gasped as he was pushed onto the hard wooden floor of the Captain's "office" room. He'd been stolen from his home. Him, just a simple sixteen year old Italian boy, was stolen. Stolen and imprisoned here on this pirate boat, after being beating to the point he couldn't move, then thrown harshly on the floorboards at the auburn, leather boots of the Captain. He winced as the tip of one of those boots pushed his chin up, tears and blood staining his tan face.

"This is him?" Romano heard a low voice say though he couldn't see much but the blurry outline of the figures because of the tears still fogging up his hazel eyes.

"Wh-What…Wh-Why am I here?" He strained, his throat still clogged from his earlier sobs of pain. But he only felt a pain in his side as one of the crew members kicked his side roughly, telling him only to speak when spoken to.

Romano curled in pain, twitching and crying again like before though he couldn't stop it. He wondered if he was going to die and if his little brother had been taken also though he didn't think so. He had been ambushed and brought here, but he was alone when that had happened. So, he knew, he was alone.

"No, hold on. Let the little guy talk for now." Romano heard the same low voice say, its thick Spanish accent making it obvious who it was.

"Sp-Spain…Y-You're Spain…" Romano choked out, the words burning his throat but he didn't move from his curled up position until he was forced to roll back over on his stomach once more. He stared hazily at the man sitting at his throne, still eyeing him interestingly.

"That is I. And you are Romano, are you not? South Italy?" The Spaniard replied smoothly, moving the tip of his boot to the boy's chin again, moving his head around as he studied him.

Romano was taken back. He…he captured him intentionally? It wasn't just by mere chance he was the one who was taken! "B-Bastard!" He hissed through clenched teeth.

This time though, the Spaniard didn't help him when he was kicked again. Simply, he just watched his first mate kick the boy around before, once again, throwing him full force before the man's feet. He could hardly breathe, his body trembling uncontrollably against the cold floor. "N-No…please."

"How? If you are my prisoner now?"

Romano watched as he saw movement that obviously meant the Spaniard was grinning now. He saw as the man stood up, much taller than he thought he was, but couldn't do anything as he was lifted. His body was in too much pain. His left wrist was bandaged with brown wrap and he yelped as it was grabbed and pulled on. But it was let go of and he was being carried against the Spaniard's chest. 'Damn…' He thought lowly, still shivering in pain. "Wh-Where are we going!"

Spain laughed some, still holding the boy "wedding style" towards his room. "Why, we're just going to my room to get to know each other a little better…"