Spain's prisoner

It had been days since the Russian had fell and Arthur had lost his eye but none of them could be happier.

Once it was all over, everyone had stumbled back into the house to escape the cold that was taking them over. Though while Alfred was busy helping Arthur and Prussia and Matthew were tending to Ludwig, the Frenchman and Spaniard were occupied with making sure the Turk didn't run. Actually, they forced him to pick up the bloody Russian and carry his limp form into the cabin too.

He ended up sitting beside the unconscious the tall man in the corner because the two wouldn't let him move. He was their prisoner now.

They all huddled noisy next to the fire, talking and praying to their god to thank him that everyone was still here. Shortly after, the doctor that had come every day to care for the little Canadian came wondering in, and was shocked at what he saw; a man without an eye and two another's who were shot. Four were beat up black and blue and one was sitting in the dusty corner like a dog.

None the less he was willing to help. England ended up having to wear an eye patch and he grumbled in annoyance since the young American wouldn't stop kissing it. Ludwig had gotten clean up too and though he could still hardly move through the pain, he didn't mind the way his brother clung to his neck as if in protection and love. Russia was cleaned up as well, though still comatose. Prussia, Spain, America and Turkey had their cuts from their fights clean but nothing too serious.

It wasn't long until everyone was cleaned up and on their way. The doctor had stayed behind as they took one of Ivan's carriages and strapped two horses to the front, riding away through the eerie cold. Keeping a close eye on the two prisoners; they drove all the way back into the Turkish country. There waiting was the one and only Greek who had protected the new friends, Alfred and Feliciano, without fear.

When they returned, Alfred was the first to greet the Greek man, grabbing his hand and shaking it firmly.

"I can't thank you enough for everything. If there's ever anything you ever need…" He said tenderly, earning a grin from the usually laid back man.

"Thank you, America." He replied simply, more than happy to return the grateful gesture.

The rest filed out soon after, Spain holding onto Romano tightly though the Italian held his brother's hand. Alfred went back to Arthur and Prussia was busy helping his brother walk. Matthew watched as his Captain forced the prisoners onto the dock, shuffling them onto the deck of the Prussian ship to be put in the prison as the rest followed. Only Alfred and Arthur didn't go, going back to their own ship where England found his crew waiting and welcoming their Captain home.

More days passed and both ships were sailing back to that tiny town where the Spanish and French ships lay waiting still after dropping Greece back across the bay to his own country. When they docked in said town, and everyone was in order, they began their goodbyes.

Alfred hugged Feliciano tightly, seemingly to almost break him in half. The Bad Touch was headed for one last good drink together. Even Romano found himself hugging the shy Canadian. Everyone huddled in the bar, talking and laughing, suddenly realizing they weren't ready to break away. But they had to, they knew. But they also knew they'd see each other again soon and when the drinks were gone, soon was everyone else.

The group was back on the docks, all smiling sadly.

"Well, this is it then." Francis said through he silence.

"It's certainly been a hell of an adventure." Arthur added.

"No all over a bad one though." Spain cheered up.

"Maybe but…" The Prussian smirked. "This still didn't tell us who the real king of the sea is!"

"It's me!" The captains said together, suddenly finding themselves in silence again.

Suddenly, as if on cue, all of them started running as quickly as they could to their ships, leaving the underlings running after them.

Alfred ran after Arthur, Romano and Feliciano found it hard to catch up to Spain and Ludwig just shook his head and walked after his excited older brother. Each man intended to put his name in history as the greatest pirate captain; the king of the sea.

~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~

Thank you SO MUCH for sticking with this story! I hope you liked it ;A;