So, on my never ending femslash quest, I accidentally came across Doccubus (thank you Youtube suggestion box) and I freaking love them. Even better that it was a Canadian show (what? I'm Canadian and, honestly, we don't make a lot of shows, let alone good shows.) So I've kind of been…obsessed. I just wish Lauren would grow a fricken back bone and stop being so submissive to Bo and dog face. Nothing against Dyson, he just pisses me off a whole lot.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

P.S. Team Lauren, just sayin'.

"Um, Bo?" Lauren said as I turned to head out the door. I'd found another lead on my parents and was out to meet a contact, I just came back to make sure the blonde was doing alright, what with the whole hiding from the new pain in the ass Ash. I turned back

"Yeah?" She dug something out of the pocket of her jeans and held it in her fist, hiding it from view but looking down at it like she could see it through her fingers.

"I, um, I wanted to give you something. Because you've been so understanding and kind to me since…you know." She was nervous, that much was obvious. Whatever she was going to say was going to be hard for her. I took a step towards her and gently squeezed her bicep.

"Lauren, you don't need to—"

"Bo, if I don't do this now, I'll chicken out." She gave me a wary smile and I nodded, closing my mouth tightly. "I've been thinking about this a lot and um…" she closed her eyes and shook her head before looking at me. "I know what it's like, to be searching for who you are and where you came from, feeling alone…" she unclenched her fist and in her palm sat an oval locket, an intricate design engraved on the front. "And this always made me feel like there was someone who cared, who was looking out for me."

"It's beautiful, Lauren." I said, in awe at the beautiful glimmer in the silver metal that seemed unworldly. Magical.

"It was my mother's." I saw her face soften for a brief moment. "I've had this since before I can remember." She gave me a tiny smile and unclasped it, holding it out to me. "Now I want you to have it." Wait. What?

"Lauren, I can't take that from you. Your mom gave it to you." I told her taking half a step back. She laughed a little bit.

"Bo, trust me. I know you put on a brave face, I know you act like you're strong and have it together, but I can see more than you give me credit for. You need to know you've got people who care." She opened it and now it was my turn to smile. "I asked Kenzi if she thought it was a good idea and, obviously, she approved." In the first frame was a picture of the goofball, a ridiculous cross eyed grin meeting me. The other side of the locket was empty, a different symbol carved on the inside. "I, um, I got a patient of mine, an enchanter to charm it. It'll bring you luck." I didn't stop her this time as she clasped it around my neck gently and centred it on my chest.

"Thank you." I said, touching the cool metal. "No one's ever given me anything like this before." She leaned against the back of the couch, hands in her pockets.

"Does it make me a selfish, insensitive jerk that I'm glad to be the first?"I laughed a little at the cute expression on her face. "In all seriousness, Bo, I just want you to know that, if you need me, I'm here for you. Whatever, whenever." She smiled and started towards the kitchen. I caught her arm as she passed me, making her stop. She looked at me and I looked back, seeing love in her eyes. Careful love. Like she was afraid to do something wrong that'd push us farther apart again. I kissed her cheek gently, holding her face against mine for a moment. I felt her hand cup the back of my head gently and inhale deeply at the same time I did.

"I'm not going to disappear on you, Lauren." I said softly into her ear, cupping her cheek in the palm of my hand.

"I know. I just want you to be safe." I smiled and looked at her as she pulled away, seeing the same feeling I felt glowing there. "Go on," she said, motioning to the door. "You've got a lead to follow." When I didn't move she rolled her eyes "I'll be here when you get back."

"You'd better be." I said, half teasingly and she brushed against me and continued to the kitchen.

I walked out the door with a smile on my face, my fingers caressing the locket around my neck.

Soooo…I was thinking about writing a fic about this two, if you guys would be interested, that is.

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