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Keeping Up with the Caped Crusaders

The Team and Batman were silent as they headed stealthily into the center of Gotham City. The wind rushed past Robin's face as he ran in the shadows, thinking about how 'whelmed' he was.


"Again! This time with more power," Black Canary said to Robin, who's chest was having, sweat trickling down his face. He was tired and ready to be done with training. (Not like he got enough training with Batman.) His hopes of going home were crushed when his mentor walked into the training room. 'Great. I wonder what's happened this time.' he thought wearily to himself.

"I need Robin. We have a situation in Gotham," The Dark Knight said, not a feature on his face changing.

Black Canary looked at Batman, an eyebrow raised, before turning to Robin and nodding. Right as the Dynamic Duo was about to leave, Wally ran over.

Robin knew his friend had a way of being a little… Impulsive. What was he going to say now?

"Wait- Robin was training with us, and we haven't had a mission in weeks! Don't you think we deserve something to do?"

Robin mentally face-palmed himself. Batman just looked at the Speedster skeptically.

"So… Do you think… We could come with you? You know, to help or something?"

Robin watched his Mentor's face. Batman never liked having meta-humans in Gotham. It drew too much attention and well- he and Robin get the job done themselves. But Batman decided to 'surprise' Robin today. After a long pause he replied, "Just this once."

Robin turned and gave Batman a shocked, confused look. What the..

"Sweet!" his best friend smiled. "I'll go get ready!"

Batman just stared. "Make it quick."

Wally turned before leaving and said, "Hey, I'm not called Kid Flash for fun!"

Conner, Artemis, and Megan, who had been quiet the whole time, just shrugged and followed the Speedster.

"Are you sure this is alright? We do not want to be a burden.." Kaldur started, but Batman turned towards him and almost smirked. "Yes, Kaldur. I'm sure."

While the Team was getting into their uniforms, Robin turned towards Batman. "Hey, Bats, do you mind telling me what just happened?"

Batman simply answered, "I gave you a mission."

After Robin's skeptical look, the Dark Knight almost laughed and said, "Trust me."

*End of Flashback*

"We're approaching the location. Don't forget the plan."

Batman could still tell his ward was quite shocked. It was true, he was well known in the Justice League for not letting 'others' into Gotham. He knew Gotham was.. Different. It wasn't quite as accomplished as somewhere like Central City, and wasn't as safe as it either. He really couldn't blame the lad for being surprised.

Batman had split the young heroes into two teams. Superboy and Miss Martian would hide in north buildings while Artemis, Aqualad, and Kid Flash hid in the south buildings. Until they were given the signal, they were to stay put. He and Robin would go along doing their usual thing as to not attract too much attention. Batman still didn't know who- or what- they were up against.

When they made it to the sight where the crime had been done, the Team and Batman split into their assigned groups and reminded them to wait for the signal.


The sky was almost completely dark as the Dynamic Duo made their way across the rooftops. Batman turned to look at his foster son while they stopped on a building. Although he rarely stated it vocally, he was proud. Proud of everything Robin had accomplished and was accomplishing over the years despite his traumatic past. He was suddenly pulled back into reality when Robin turned towards him.

"I believe I just found our intruder."

The Dark Knight walked to the edge of the building and analyzed the situation. There was Mr. Freeze standing in the middle of the square, and next to him was Commissioner Gordon, his whole body frozen except for his neck and head.

"Great. They have a hostage, and a pretty important one at that," Robin said. Batman nodded, and Robin jumped off the side of the building propelling down with his grappling hook. That was one of the best, convenient, things about working with Robin. They worked so well together they didn't have to speak, and Batman realized it had gotten to the point where working without Robin was almost like working half blind.


Robin hid in the shadows of the buildings as he quickly and carefully made his way towards Commissioner Gordon. He had been taught when he was nine that the hostage was first priority. He had also learned that when there were two people to take on, he and Batman would split up yet stay perfectly in tune at the same time to make sure both the hostage and the villain were taken care of.

At the moment, Robin's job was to rescue the Commissioner while Batman distracted Freeze. Where his friends fit into the plan? He honestly wasn't sure.

Robin waited in the dark until he saw a Batarang shoot out from a nearby building and hit Freeze's helmet. A small crack formed on its impact.

"Batman. I see you finally decided to show up. You're lucky that your friend here-" Freeze gestured to Gordon "-isn't a block of ice."

Robin watched Batman come out of his hiding place, cautiously making his way towards the ice villain, showing no emotion on his face.

"Where's your little pesky sidekick?" Mr. Freeze taunted. "Because you'll need his help." Then out of the building behind Freeze emerged at least fifty men that looked like guards, each one carrying a weapon that shot out or created ice.

Robin smirked from his hiding spot as he realized where his friends fit in. He and Batman hit the communicators on their gloves at the same time, signaling the others to join the fight.


Robin remembered a story Bruce used to tell him when he was just nine years old- it was about a big group of pirates who would go around looting people's belongings and were constantly escaping jail. But then a group of young soldiers took it into their own hands to stop these pirates. A big fight took place. There were many pirates, and only five of them. But the soldiers, powerful and brave, took on all the pirates, swords clashing and guns firing- and managed to scare them off. Take away the swords and replace the freezing devices with the guns, and you've pretty much got the scene that was playing out in front of Robin. As soon as Batman had thrown the first punch, the Boy Wonder had jumped into action alongside his teammates, all of them prepared to fight.

Guards were randomly flying through the air, being thrown twenty feet, and being electrocuted. Others were being knocked out with arrows and some were losing their weapons so fast, they couldn't even tell what was happening. The rest of them were being karate-chopped and knocked out by a blur of red, black, and yellow. While fighting alongside his friends, Robin noticed a few guards were on the big building behind Freeze (who was currently hand-to-hand combat with Batman) and Gordon (who was frantically trying to find a way out of the ice). If he could take the guards out on the roof, he might be able to get to Gordon, seeing as there would be no extra threat from above. Robin signaled to Aqualad before he took off towards the building.


It ended up that getting to the building wouldn't take a lot of effort.

Robin simply snuck behind all of the action, hacked into the security system, and… Well, opened the door and went inside. That was easy..

He made quickly made his way up the stairs-thanks to his grappling hook- and snuck onto the top of the building. When he first got on the roof, nobody was there. Where did they go? I could've sworn I saw-'but his thoughts were interrupted when a chunk of ice the size of his head flew out and missed him by an inch. Robin jumped into action and immediately took out the guy who had almost killed him. There were four other guards- but something about them looked different. They had more weapons and had a heavier build than the others.

Robin laughed his 'signature laugh' and jumped into action.

The smallest of the four guards ran at him first, and Robin easily knocked him out with a good kick. The second guard was tougher- Robin threw a few punches, but the guy was so big, it didn't seem to have any effect on him. He had to dodge a few swipes himself when the man took out a pole of some sort. He resulted in throwing a Batarang at him, and the guard was thrown off to the side. The last two brought on a entirely different fight. Both of them had the ice-shooting weapons, and had guns as well. Robin threw a few smoke bombs on the ground in front of him, making it easier to take out his opponents. A few shots were fired, but didn't even come close to hitting their target. Robin loved being stealthy. It not only confused his enemies, but also irritated them in a funny, crazy, way. Robin spotted one of the men, oblivious to the little ninja behind him, and was about to attack when suddenly a rope shot out at him and wrapped itself around the Boy Wonder's waist. His arms were tied tight to his sides as the men approached him.

Robin gave his best Bat-glare as one of the guards said, "Oh, look! The kid thought he could take out both of us!"

"Well I did take out the two other guys, didn't I? Oh, and not to mention a lot of the guards down there." Robin smirked as he gestured towards the ground where the fighting was still taking place.

The men glared back. "Well, lets send you back down there to be with your friends. What do ya' say, Tim?"

"Couldn't agree more, Jared." The two guards gave Robin wicked (as in evil) smiles, and walked towards him.

"Wait- Wait, you're not going to throw me off the building, are you?" Robin asked, his voice sounding panicked.

Instead of a response, the man named Tim picked him up and with a final laugh, threw Robin off the edge of the building.


Batman was beating Freeze. That was just the simple way to put it. The ice villain's helmet had cracks all over it, and was on the brink of shattering within the next few hits. Commissioner Gordon was still trapped in the ice, but he was okay. Aqualad had made his way over and started helping keep Gordon safe as Batman continued his battle with Freeze. The Dark Knight was about to throw the final punch he heard someone yelling- not someone, Robin. He looked up and to his horror, saw Robin being taken to the side of the building. He saw the Martian girl, Megan, eyes wide with fear as he was hoisted into the air- and thrown.

Time seemed to slow down. Batman's memories of Robin and Richard flashed before his eyes- taking Richard in, Richard becoming Robin, comforting the boy when he had nightmares, even their first Christmas together. He could never lose Robin. A new kind of energy pulsed through Batman and he took off at a speed that would put the Flash to shame.


Despite all his efforts to get out of the mess he was in, Robin was still falling, most likely to his death. It was like the fall was taking forever. He remembered his parents' deaths. Was this what it was like, falling to your death? He didn't want to experience it. He'd never liked falling, not after what he saw. For the first time in a while, fear pulsed through his body. There was nothing he could do to stop himself. He was ready to give up.


Batman ran, ran so fast that nobody could stop him. He saw his partner-his son- falling just like his parents had so many years ago. There was no that he was going to let his son share the same fate as them.

Robin was about halfway down the side of the building when Batman shot his grappling hook out, and shot into the air.

He was getting closer.. And closer.. Batman was going to congratulate himself on his timing, but decided it was the right moment to do so as he caught Robin, cape swaying behind him. He landed softly on the top of the building Robin had just fallen off of, cradling the boy in his arms. Batman was shaking, the experience of almost losing his son scared him. Robin was worse, sobs rocking his whole body.

"Bruce…" he sniffled out. "It was like.. Like I was them.. Falling to my death…"

"It's okay, Richard, you're safe, and you're certainly not dying on my watch."

And that's how they stayed for a few minutes. Batman holding Robin in his arms, one of the safest and most comfortable places for the Boy Wonder to be.


Aqualad had continued fighting Mr. Freeze after Batman rescued Robin, and the villain was now in handcuffs, being taken to Arkhum. The others were helping get his little 'goons' into trucks to take them as well. Batman had signaled to Aqualad that he would be leaving the scene with Robin.

Commissioner Gordon, now free of his ice prison, walked up to the four young super heroes who remained.

"Well, you four did a great job today. That was honestly the first time I've ever seen Batman work with someone other than Robin! You guys should come more often," he said with a wink.

"Thank you, Commissioner. We are glad that we could be of help. I am sorry, but we must get going."

Gordon laughed. "I guess it is two thirty in the morning. You're a good group of heroes. Tell Batman and Robin thanks as well. And tell them… Sorry, you know, for what happened to the poor boy."

Wally stepped forward. "Oh, don't worry. We will."

And the Young Justice Team (minus their hacker) walked off into the night, heading back to the Mountain.


"Here, Master Richard," Alfred smiled, giving Robin a cup of hot chocolate.

"Thanks, Alfie." Robin said, happily taking the warm drink.

Bruce then walked into the Boy Wonder's room.

"Are you okay?" he asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks for.. Being there."

Bruce smiled. "I always will be."

And the Dynamic Duo sat on Robin's bed, talking, laughing, and drinking hot chocolate.

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