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"Whoa!" Robin gasped as Artemis' foot came mere centimeters from hitting his face.

The young heroes were doing their regular training, Black Canary standing off to the side, watching their progress. It had been a long week. After facing the 'Injustice League', the team had decided they wanted to train even more than before. Robin felt that they were getting better- and he knew Batman felt the same, even if he didn't state it out loud.

"Good, Artemis," Black Canary said with a smile. The fight between Robin and Artemis continued on. He and Artemis had been training on a more difficult level in hand-to-hand combat. Robin would occasionally even teach Artemis some new tricks, and Artemis would teach Robin a few things in return. Of course, the Boy Wonder continued vigorous training at Wayne Manor with Bruce, but he still wanted to practice with the Team as much as possible.

Artemis swung a punch at Robin's face, but he just grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground. After the computer announced the archer's 'failure' he helped her up.

"Good job, Arty!" he complimented her. Artemis smiled and replied with a simple, "You too."

"Recognized: Batman B-01."

Robin watched as the Dark Knight walked in, heading towards the team. He could only smirk. Whenever his foster father made his 'big appearance', he would watch his teammates stand in attention, ready for Batman's emotionless speeches. But today was different. Bats had contacted Robin earlier that day saying he would be coming back to Wayne Manor.

Batman turned towards him. "Are you ready to go?"

He nodded. As much as he loved hanging out with his friends, he also loved and missed Alfred's cooking dearly. And spending time with Bruce, of course.

The Boy Wonder said goodbye to his friends and Black Canary and then followed Batman to the Zeta beam.

The two immerged from an old, run-down, telephone booth in the heart of Gotham. The Dynamic Duo immediately blended in with the shadows, running over rooftops and through alleyways. When they got to the cave, Alfred was waiting.

"Hello Master Bruce and Master Richard," he said with a warm smile. "How was spending time with the team?"

Robin smiled back. "Hey Alfred! Long time, no see! It was great, as usual."

Batman, becoming Bruce as he removed his cowl, took a seat at the large computer in the middle of the cave and turned to the butler.

"So, Alfred… Dick and I are pretty hungry after our run. Do you think you could… I don't know, make us something to eat?"

Robin smirked at his mentor's smile.

"Sir, one of these days I'm going to tell you to make your own bloody food," Alfred said with a laugh, "But today's not the day. You're very lucky." Robin laughed and turned towards Bruce, a smirk spread across his face. "You ask too much of him! Maybe you should make dinner one night."

Alfred jumped in. "Only if you want this manor up in flames, Master Richard." The two started laughing, Bruce giving them the best bat-glare he could give while still smiling.

"Hey! Now wait a minute, that's not fair! Both of you haven't ever tasted my cooking."

"And we probably don't want to either," Robin shot back.

Bruce gave Robin an evil yet happy look. Robin honestly could not remember a time where Bruce cooked. And putting the packet of hot chocolate mix into milk did NOT count. But his whole life he had been fine with Alfred cooking. It was delicious, so who was he to stop it?

"Well how about this-" Bruce stated, a more serious look on his face. "After dinner, I'll make dessert. And Dick will help me, just because of how much he's made fun of me."

Alfred gave them both a skeptical look, but the Boy Wonder smiled. "Deal."


Alfred couldn't help but laugh at the sight in front of him. Richard and Bruce had various 'baking equipment' as Bruce had put it, scattered around the large kitchen's counters. Both of them were wearing aprons instead of their usual capes and masks, so the butler found them looking somewhat ridiculous. Bruce looked up, a proud smile on his face. "Guess what? I have a recipe for chocolate-chip cookies memorized." Dick smiled back.

"Let me guess- the only thing you know we need is chocolate-chips?" The Boy Wonder smirked.

"Hey! Now wait a minute, that's not fair. We need two and a half cups of flour. See? Obviously I know more than you give me credit for."

Dick just raised a skeptical eyebrow and ran over to the drawer that had the measuring cups in it, finding the ones they needed.

"Got it."

As Bruce read off the utensils and ingredients needed, Richard sped around the kitchen gathering them all up. When they had everything they needed laying out in front of them, they got to work. Alfred tried to hide his laughs when Bruce put some of the ingredients into their Kitchen Maid mixer but forgot to turn it on low power. The flour exploded in his and Richard's faces before he could change the settings and the Dynamic Duo ended up looking like snowmen.

"Come on Alfred, why didn't you tell us the settings were on 'High'?" Bruce teased.

Alfred just laughed. "I'm sorry sir; I felt it wasn't my place. This is your job tonight, is it not?"

Once the mess was cleaned up and the ingredients fixed, Bruce and Dick sat in front of the oven to watch the chocolate-chip cookies bake. Dick told the billionaire the events of the weekend and what he and his other superhero friends did. Bruce actually laughed when he told him how Artemis had put Coke in Wally's hot chocolate one night, and how the Speedster had run off to the bathroom and tried to prank Artemis back- it didn't work.

When the cookies only had a few minutes left to bake, Richard stared in the small window on the oven and sighed.

"This reminds me so much of when my parents would help me make desserts," he said. "It was always so much fun."

Bruce looked up at the teen and put a comforting arm around his shoulders. "I would cook with my parents sometimes too. I remember we would always make snickerdoodles-it was our family's favorite." Dick continued to stare at the oven window; the orange light reflecting in his blue eyes.


Bruce was taken aback when he heard Richard call him that. He looked up at the bright, blue-eyed boy. "Yes?"

"Well… We both loved cooking with our parents, right? But now we can do this with each other, and even though we miss our parents, we can have as much of a good time as we did with them. At least, that's how I feel."

The billionaire nodded. "Of course. That's exactly how I feel, too."

Dick continued on. "I'm just as happy as I was back then. I mean, it only makes sense. We both missed the same memory-and now we can make it again, only this time with each other. A good old father-son memory."

Bruce smiled. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Thanks, Bruce."

Suddenly the buzzer went off for the cookies and Richard quickly pulled them out of the oven; a delicious, mouth-watering smell filling the entire kitchen.

"Well, I'd say they came out nicely," Bruce beamed when Alfred walked in. "Don't you agree, Alfred?" The butler walked over to the tray of desserts and studied them, Bruce and Dick eagerly awaiting his approval. He picked one up, not even flinching at the hot temperature of the cookies and studied it. Then slowly he broke the cookie in half and took a bite. The Dynamic Duo watched anxiously as Alfred slowly chewed and finally swallowed.

"So? How was it?" Richard asked. The butler finally answered after what seemed like forever.

"They're not half-bad," he said, and Bruce and Dick high-fived each other.

"YES!" Dick shouted. "We're officially great bakers. We have Alfred's approval! I am SO feeling the aster!"

The rest of the evening was spent eating the homemade chocolate chip cookies. Bruce had given in and decided to let Dick take some to his teammates the day after (the Boy Wonder slyly thinking they would show up M'gann's chocolate chip cookies any day) and put them in a plastic bag.

Bruce and Richard were about to leave, but Alfred stopped them.

"Sirs, I don't mean to ruin the moment, but part of making any food also means cleaning up the kitchen afterwards."

The two turned around to look at the kitchen. There cookie dough everywhere, and a few stray chocolate chips were scattered about the counters. The sink was filled with the bowls and utensils they had used and a thin layer of flour was covering every inch of the counters.

"Oh, yeah," Richard said. "Of course, Alfie. We'll get right to it." The Englishman smiled and walked out. Once he was out of earshot, the Dynamic Duo looked at each other with blank faces.

This was going to take a while.

The next morning Alfred walked into the kitchen to start breakfast but was surprised to find Master Bruce and Master Richard slumped against each other, sound asleep. The kitchen was clean, but the two of them were as dirty as ever; their hair was practically white from all of the flour and their aprons (which they were still wearing) were covered in all sorts of ingredients.

'Well,' Alfred thought with a sigh. 'At least the kitchen is clean.'

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