A/N: I wrote this at work. It came out of nowhere and was done in 5 minutes. Many thanks to Some1tookmename and Sunsetdreamer for their thoughts.

Booth kept his eyes closed.

After his mom died, he would pretend that he was still asleep and that he didn't have to get up and face a world where his mom was dead and his dad was abusive. It bought him a few more minutes of pretending. Pretending that his mom was downstairs making breakfast, or that she would soon come in scolding him for being lazy, but leave the room humming. She was always humming. Unfortunately for him, there came a time when not even pretending worked anymore and he realized that it was more prudent to get himself and Jared out of the house as soon as he could in the mornings.

So why were his eyes closed now?

He had a job to do. He knew that he did. One that would require focus and all of the tricks up his sleeve to complete. There was a world outside this bedroom where Vincent was dead and Broadsky was trying to kill him. There was a lot to be feeling and happiness should have been the last emotion on the list.


He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of her hair. His arm pulled her waist just a little closer to his own body. She was here. After all that they had been through and all that they had done, she was here, lying in his bed, in his arms.

Maybe if he refused to open his eyes, he could steal minutes away from this moment. Minutes that they deserved together.

And while he couldn't explain how he knew, he did. He knew with every fiber of his being that what had happened the night before was more than comfort after unspeakable tragedy. He knew that when this case was put to rest, she would be there, sitting on a barstool next to him, just like she always had before.

It had taken seven years for this to happen and now he knew why. She was the only thing that would give him the strength to do what he needed to do today. She was the reason he would come back through that door. He didn't need to steal moments. They would make more.

Booth opened his eyes.