Life's never been on my side, not at all.

When I was but a mere colony, I was ignored and treated like nothing whilst my brother was fought for with a raging passion by my parents. France and England only had eyes for America and when England won America over, France settled with me. However, England snatched me away from France who had started to cherish me more than America. In England's care, no matter how well I was treated by the housemaids, I was not given the least bit of affection. America had it all.

He always had it all.

I guess it was ever since way back then that I felt in competition with my brother. I probably felt like I needed to prove to myself that I was worth being fought for too, that I was worth being loved too, that I was worth whatever America had and I didn't. All though, it's hard to prove that to yourself when no one remembers you.

Not even England can manage to remember me all the time.

However, regardless the complex I'd developed towards America, I'd still ended up very close to him, and I do love him. As a brother. He's a great guy, funny, charming and dynamic, very fun to be around. Nonetheless do to some of these good criteria; he's also arrogant, stupid, loud, somewhat annoying, troublesome and kind of a douche.

No one's perfect.

Especially America.

Despite all that, it remains that it was hard to make a name for myself do to living in the shadow of my big brother. His rebellion against England had been one of his most mesmerizing actions of the time and something I had thought of as well but since he had done it first, I decided to stay by England's side and wait. Even if my waiting resulted in kindly asking for my independence. Which I received.

When the First World War came around, I had followed England right into battle at the same time. I might as well been declared independent, I wasn't necessarily that way. I'd fought bravely and courageously. No one had been expecting much from me since I hadn't necessarily participated in a battle before, but I quickly made a name for myself and my soldiers in our first battle. As things went on I noticed that my time was now, that I would end up the strongest military country in the world in a few years prior to this war. Then, the Lusitania, an American ship boarding America's people who weren't involved in the war, was sunken by Germans U-boats.

Furthermore, America got very mad.

In a flash America had joined the war and sent countless of his men to Europe to avenge the innocent people he had lost. Just like that, America swooped in and took my stage light. I couldn't really be all that upset though, I mean it was a war and he just made sure it finished faster, which was a good thing. I had still given myself of name of most courageous soldier.

After the war were the golden years followed by the Great Depression…caused by America. However, during those years, I had started a few companies and invented a few things. The Bill brothers invented Canadian Tire and Joseph-Armand Bombardier invented the snowmobile, and he was only a teenager at the time! It was probably then that my robotics skills started to surface.

When World War II came around, I decided to be a little more rebellious. England had asked me to join him in war since America wouldn't and I told him I'd think about it.

A week later, I joined and the fighting hadn't even begun.

But again, in World War II my skills as a soldiers were demonstrated once more. I also took in Netherland's princess that was 10 months pregnant* into hiding during the chaos; and when she gave birth in the hospital I had declared that, for three days, the hospital room would be Netherland's territory.

Afterwards, Japan attacked Pearl harbour.

Again, America was very angry.

He joined the war without thinking twice and took over everything; he freed France, which was something I was trying to do, coordinated most of the following battles that most of his men attended and marched over to Berlin after Russia had gotten there. Together, they separated Berlin and Germany in four. One part for England, a second for France, another one for Russia and a last one for himself. As time advanced, Berlin and Germany was only separated in two between America and Russia.

It was then that America had taken what I thought would be mine by then. The title of strongest world power.

Of course he shared it with Russia, but it remained that it had still been my goal and that he had achieved it before I did.

Following the war was the Cold war. It was a thing between America and Russia, both were paranoid about the other wanting to take over the other, then the Berlin wall was built and then I found myself involved. Of course, I supported my brother, because he was my brother, but suddenly there was this Russian spy that confessed to have been spying not only on me, but on America and England ever since the war. I had warned my brother and England, protected the spy and sure enough, the Cold War ended with America and Russia at each other's throats and me being the mediator.

What happened next was a bunch of crap between Ontario and Quebec, they never did get along, and this dictator (sort of) that took over Quebec. Quebec then tried to separate twice but failed both times and then…

The 21st century happened.

Nowadays, it's so relaxing and there's nothing bad going on. I normally stay home and do nothing but whenever Holland comes over, it's a whole different story.

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that over the years Netherlands changed his name to Holland and became my boyfriend. I had accepted to go out with him the first year after the war, when he sent me flowers. Each year now, to show gratitude to the countless tulips he sends me, I host a tulip festival.

Life hasn't always treated me kindly but ever since Holland walked into my life, it feels like life is asking forgiveness.

"I think we should break up."

I starred at Holland dumfounded, unable to believe what he was suggesting.

"W-what why?" I stuttered. "I-I thought everything was going great between us, I—"

"Look, Canada," Holland placed a loving hand on my cheek and smile gently, "I think it's time for us to move on, to meet new people. You're not the one I was made to spend the rest of my life with."

Who the hell says that to someone!

My heart broke to pieces hearing that, I know I felt like I could spend the rest of my life with him. I loved him, I cherished him, I treasured every waking second I spent with him.

I breathed in deeply. "Okay." I mumbled. "I get it."

"No hard feelings?"

Of course, there are hard feelings after that, ass hole!

"Yea…" I lied.

He kissed my forehead and left. A few steps ahead he stopped and turned around, "I'm still going to send you some tulips this year." He said with a smile only known to me.

He forced a smile myself and nodded.

So much for life apologizing to me.

Before I knew it, it was dark outside. The rest of the day, I had been eating directly from a bucket of ice cream drowned in maple syrup, crying and watching the Titanic. I hadn't noticed my brother let himself in without permission and sneak behind me.

"What's wrong bro?"

I jolted violently, almost dropping the bucket of ice cream but quickly caught it.

"America!" I cried, "That scarred me!"

"That's beside the point," my brother waved the problem away, "Why are you crying?"

My eyes filled themselves with more tears as my lower lip started to tremble again, "H-Holland broke up with me…" I sobbed, dropping my head between my shoulders.

My brother walked over the sofa, sat next to me and gave me a hug. I buried my head in his chest and cried into his arms, he didn't complain or say anything the whole time. It was comforting and I'm glad America could sometimes stop being himself.

"What made you so upset?" America asked.

I starred at him funnily.

"I-I meant what did he say to make you so sad?" America quickly corrected himself.

"H-he said that I-I wasn't the one h-he was g-going to spend the rest of his life with…" I hitched and sniffled.

My brother sighed and gave me another pity hug. "That's so mean!"

"U-un hun." I agreed ready to cry again.

"Then I'll spend the rest of my life with you!" America declared proudly.

I immediately pushed him away, "No thank you!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" He laughed. "I know you want me forever by your side!"

"No…I really don't…"

America suddenly pounced me and started tickling me. "I know you do!"

I laughed and tried to get away from him causing the bucket of ice cream to spill on the floor but at a slow pace do to the maple syrup being such a thick substance. We continued to play fight with each other for a while until it got rather late and we were both tired. I invited him to stay here for the night and he gladly accepted as long as we could sleep in the same bed as we used to back when we were children.

I crawled into bed first; America followed placing himself abnormally close to me and hugging me. I pushed gently on his chest not liking being so close to him. I had no problem when we were children but it remained that we weren't children anymore and that such behaviour was rather odd for adults.

"You know bro," he whispered softly. "Maybe you weren't meant to be with him forever."

I frowned.

"That doesn't make me feel better at all." I retorted.

Kumajirou suddenly appeared and crawled in a white, fluffy ball between us.

"No, but hear me out." America hurried to continue, "You might have thought he was the one but there's someone better out there, I know it. You just need to find him…or her…"

I smiled and hugged my brother, it was really great when America could stop being so…America.

"Thanks bro."

With that final thought from my brother, we both fell asleep hugging each other but me, the idea of finding someone just right for me stayed. In my dreams I thought it over and over again.

Someone just for me.

When I woke up along with Kumajirou, America was still sleeping. I quietly slipped out of bed and began to start cooking pancakes for him with my furry friend on my heels. The idea of someone just for me returned and I decided to do what America did most of the time.

Act on impulse.

I quickly made my bags, grabbed my passport and booked the next flight out of the country that happened to be heading to Cuba. Once everything was done I resumed making the pancakes and America woke up.

"G'morning." He mumbled tiredly. "I didn't know I brought luggage with me…"

"You didn't." I said, "It's mine."

"Where ya goin'?"

"To find the person that was destined to be with me!"

* It's an expression that means she could have given birth any day

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