Of course there wasn't too much time for me to think.

It didn't work out with Belgium and now I needed to plan my following destination. The technique I used back in Germany that landed me in Belgium seemed like the most affective and so I decided to find myself a globe and spin it. Wagging my finger up and down to make sure all the countries were in my possible range I stabbed the globe, putting it to a halt, my finger landing on Sweden.


Sure he isn't as scary as Russia but I'm also not on speaking terms with him. Of all the hockey rivalries I have with other countries, he comes in second place since America and Russia are tied for first*. Nevertheless, a few years ago we got in this huge argument about a fowl he committed but denied and claimed that I was faking.

I ended up kicking him out of my land…and well…**

I starred at the land slightly deformed due to the globe's circular shape when Prussia stumbled in.

"Dude! I have this un-awesome hang over!" Prussia moaned holding his head. "Do you think Belgium has any aspirins?"

I shrugged.

Prussia woke up hours ago but went back to sleep right away, I won't go into details about how long it had taken Belgium and I to drag him into bed but it was a sufficient amount of time to have him sober up.

"By the way," Prussia started as he trotted towards me, "How did it go with the sister?"

"I was rejected."

Prussia was silent but gently placed his hand on my shoulder, "I'm sorry man," He mumbled sheepishly, clearly he wasn't used to these kind of things, "Maybe it'll work out with the next one, did you choose yet?"

I sighed deeply, "We're going to Sweden…"

Again, there was another moment of silence but then the albino German burst into laughter. I glared at him as he wheezed and slouched forward holding his stomach.

"I don't get what's so funny…"

Of course I was lying; I knew why he was laughing.

"Y-you don't remember what happened last year?" He asked before continuing to laugh.

I blushed angrily, "T-that was a few years ago!"

"N-no dude! It was last year!" Prussia insisted as he continued to laugh. His laugh was starting to get on my nerves, "I remember 'cause you got so angry and the whole thing was televised!"

I leaned back in my chair glaring at the ground; I had briefly forgotten that my most embarrassing moment had been televised.

However I was positive it was a few years ago.
As Prussia continued laughing, Belgium entered the room curious about what was going on. When Prussia explained Belgium started laughing with him and confirmed that event had happened last year adding to my embarrassment. I was sure it had been a few years ago…


Morning came and without warning I kicked Prussia out of bed. He moaned and complained but I paid no real attention to him besides when I told him we needed to catch a plane. I returned to my room in order to get dressed as well when I remembered the only time I had gone shopping was to get myself a suit for La Truffle Noir.

For a moment, I was filled with despair wondering how I could manage to catch the plane when I didn't have clothes to change in but before anyone could offer me their share of clothes, an idea created itself in my head.

I returned to Prussia's room dressed in my old, dirty clothes and nagged him to hurry.

"Calm down!" Prussia whined as he lazily pulled some pants on, "And are you actually going to wear your old clothes again?"

I was surprised he had noticed but now I could explain to him why I was in a greater hurry.

"Glad you noticed," I admitted, "by making your current observation it means that you surely remember that I have no clothes anymore and need to buy myself some others."

Prussia sighed deeply and nodded, "All right fine…sorry…"

I smiled proudly and made my way to the front door ready to leave as soon as Prussia finished packing. Belgium joined me half asleep in her light green night dress which caused me to blush slightly. I saluted her shyly which embarrassed me more and she replied sleepily.

"You're leaving already?" she asked sounding somewhat disappointed.

I nodded, "yea, we're heading to Sweden." I reminded.

This caused her to laugh but when she noticed my annoyed expression she tried to contain herself. "Sorry."

"It's okay."

"I wish you could have stayed longer." She admitted leaning against the wall as she covered her yawn. "I had a lot of fun with you."

I smiled softly, "So did I."

As I stared at her, I felt my heart beat harder and, suddenly, I didn't want to leave anymore. I was just about to ask her to reconsider my offer when Prussia abruptly boomed down with his luggage.

"Alright! Let's catch a plane!" He announced, I noticed Gilbird sleeping on his head soundly which made me respect the chick.

I looked at Belgium and then at Prussia. "Thank you for having us over." I thanked forcing a smile.

It seemed she forced hers as well, "It was my pleasure." She replied.

We silently gazed at each other for a moment but the awkwardness Prussia was feeling as the third wheel spread to us and as our finale goodbye we waved and I left.


Our flight to Stockholm lasted two hours which was shorter than I had expected; nevertheless it didn't stop Prussia from complaining that we were going from country to another in an irregular pattern.

Again, we were greeted at the airport by Sweden which was probably the most awkward greeting ever known. When I first spotted him I glared at him, something he gladly returned. Prussia stared at the both of us and was clearly trying not to laugh but I was too absorbed into this mental war to pay him any heed.

Finally, I had forced a step towards Sweden just as he did. Marching towards each other I could hear the cheer of the hockey ring and see the event unfold before my eyes. The anger returned and without realising it, I was clenching my fists as if ready to fight again.

Inches of each other's face, we both yelled: "You fucking pushed me!"

Prussia burst into laughter again.

Ironically, the next few things we yelled at each other were at the same time until we got annoyed and started fighting again. Prussia had broken the fight but only when he had stopped laughing.

I now sat in his living room with an icepack to my head, a black eye and a bandage covering my left cheekbone; Sweden sat across me in a similar state. We were both exchanging glares again.

"All right guys, isn't it time to make up?" Prussia asked lightening the tensed mood. Gilbird chirped as if backing him up.

"Not 'til he 'mits 'm r'g't." Sweden hissed.

"Bastard, you pushed me!" I roared immediately jumping to my feet.

Sweden jumped to his feet as well and threw his icepack on the ground, "I 'id 'ot!" He yelled.

Prussia got to his feet as well and placed himself between us yet again. "Hey, hey! Let's calm down! It's just a game!" Prussia insisted.

"Just a game…?" I repeated dryly, "Did you just say hockey was…just a game?"

Prussia gulped and tried to speak but Sweden cut him off.

"'f h'ey's just a g'me, w'ld we be f'ghtin'?" Sweden coldly asked.

Again Prussia tried to speak but I beat him this time.

"No! No we wouldn't be fighting you hockey hater!"

"You c'n 'ave y'r own 'pin'n b' d'n't d'ss h'ey! "

"I-I didn't!" Prussia finally spoke, "Why are you guys so touchy!"

Sweden and I yelled: "Because hockey is awesome!"

Prussia remained speechless, "All right, I get it I'm sorry…" He mumbled apologetically.

Both, Sweden and I nodded in approval.

"B-but seeing as you two have something in common…" Prussia slowly started, "Maybe you can build a relationship on that…"


"Not until he admits what he did!" I cried stubbornly.

Sweden glared at me but continued on what he had repeated before, "'m alr'dy 'n one." He stated, "'nd I w'ldn't w'nt t's guy ei'er."

I gritted my teeth holding in my deepest rage. Prussia seemed to have noticed and started to lose his cool probably because he didn't know how to approach the situation anymore.

"W-well you can think of it as a dinner to fix your 'friendly' relationship." Prussia suggested forcing a smile.

"I'm not sure I want to…" I childishly stated as I pouted.

"Oh c'mon Canada! Why not give this guy a chance! It's your rules; you made them up so follow them!" Prussia finally whined in annoyance. He undoubtedly couldn't take it anymore.

"Wh't 'u m'an?" Sweden asked confused.

"Canada's travelling the world to find some guy or girl that's perfect for him." Prussia explained in a bored tone accompanied by a hint of annoyance. "Now what he decided to do was spin the globe and have his finger land somewhere, wherever that country was, he would go and see if he was interested."

"'nd he l'nded 'n me?"

"Duh." I snorted.

"'re 'u s'yin' 'u in'r'sted 'n me?"

"No!" I barked. "I came here just in case, so now that I know I definitely don't think of you that way I think I'll be going!"

"No." Sweden started, "'f 'u w'nt 'n a d'te w'th ev'y one else 'u need t' go 'n one w'th me."

Prussia and I exchanged looks.


"S'o'ly f'ir s'nce 'u w'sted my t'me." Sweden pointed out.

Just as I was about to refuse Prussia beat me to it but accepted.

"W-what! Why would you do that?" I shrieked.

"Your rules. You need to listen to them." He stated.

I didn't understand why Prussia was so insistent about that date. He hadn't been with all the other ones I had, like those speed dating ones, that other one with his brother and Belgium, he also seemed upset more than anything when I told him about my first date with Cuba! Maybe all he wanted was to have Sweden and I solve our differences.

Nevertheless, I was still mad at him.

After Sweden had led us to the rooms he would make us pay unless the date went well, I changed into some more appropriate clothes – by which I mean completely inappropriate – for our date which would take place at some fancy restaurant.

Sweden had checked me out and just before stepping out the door, he announced that I would be the one paying. The whole car ride to the restaurant located in downtown Stockholm I bitched about how unfair it was and how Sweden should have been the one paying since he had forced the date on me. In return, Sweden had ignored me the whole time.

When we got out of the car, Sweden announced that we would need to walk all the way to the restaurant. It had finally come to my attention that I had no knowledge of the restaurant's name, in return, Sweden informed me that it was called Pontus in the Green House***.

I asked about it but that Swedish bastard reduced himself to silence and refused to speak further until we got to the restaurant. The waiters had looked me over and refused to administrate me however, Sweden convinced them otherwise – to my dismay – and we were seated in an enclosed area. Probably to have me not shame the restaurant.

We were brought water and menus. Sweden attentively looked through as if he was trying to pick out the most expensive item – which he was – that automatically meant that, if I wanted to save money, I would have to take the least expensive dish.

I sighed deeply and took a sip of water as I began to browse through the menu. I almost died chocking on the small amount of water I had swallow when looking at the price of the first meal.

"T-this…! Everything's so expensive!" I cried.

Sweden grinned evilly and set the bill of fare down gently. "I alw'ys p'y f'r F'nl'nd, s' 'ts fun t' 'ave s'me one p'y f'r 'u f'r 'nce." He purred cruelly, joy of my aching wallet dripping within every word pronounced.

"F-fine!" I stuttered trying to ignore my people's upcoming economy problems, "I-I'll just get something cheap…"

"G'd lu'k." He snickered sipping his water.

There was nothing on that damned menu that was cheap.

I looked over the whole thing countless times in vain. The lowest thing I could find was 37,08 Euros**** for a Caesar salad entre. For the wines that Sweden would surely order, the lowest was 222,49 Euros*****!

I was dying on the inside as I thought of how I'd be wasting my people's money…this would start all new political issues with the politicians against the population resulting with a bigger distance between the French and English since this always seemed to happen.

Our waiter came back soon enough and just as he was about to ask us about the entrées I interrupted him and told him we were ready to order our dinner. The man was visibly insulted, something I knew by the look he gave me when I impeded but I could have care less.

In revenge Sweden had ordered a dish 70,45 Euros (90$) along with a bottle of red wine priced at 667,45 Euros(900$).

Again, dying on the inside.

When it came the time for me to order, I asked for a Caesar salad and another glass of water that, thankfully, was free.

The rest of the dinner was spent in silence and glaring, I silently loathed Prussia for forcing me on this 'date' and I also wordlessly cursed Sweden for making me buy him such expensive dishes.

The supper was short but felt like ages, the waiter returned to ride us of our plates and ask us about desert. Just as I was about to refuse again, Sweden beat me to speaking, which was a first since the man doesn't speak much to begin with, and ordered his desert.

51,91 Euros. (70$)

I wanted to kill him.

What was worse was the size of the plate. One would expect it to be descent and worth that amount of money but it was worth a bite. Just a bite.

"I seriously hate you…" I hissed glaring at him.

He smirked and slowly chewed on the desert to mock me.

The next time our waiter returned, he carried the tab. The whole supper was worth 826,89 Euros(111 497$).

"You're at least going to pay half of it," I demanded but in a pleading tone.

"W'r' on a d'te," Sweden reminded, "Y'u're t' m'n, s' pay f'r t' b'th o' us."

"Oh come on! This is so expensive!" I whined.

Without another word, Sweden got up and left leaving me at the table with an annoyed waiter. I sighed deeply and paid the food. I wanted to cry when my debit card was ripped out of my hand.

Nevertheless, the tab was paid and I left the fancy restaurant mopping and fearing the worse for my economy and the new political wars that would erupt around it.

Wordlessly, we returned to Sweden's house and I gathered my bags. Prussia questioned me but I was rather angry at him and didn't answer, although, he still understood that we were leaving and so he hurried to get his bags.

"Where are we going?" Prussia asked.

"The hell out of here." I hissed glaring at Sweden.

"C'm 'g'n." The Swedish bastard mocked.

Without another word I stormed out of the house with Prussia running after me, I would make my way to the airport and from there buy the next ticket out of this country. I swear I was going to make Sweden pay one way or another, but for now, I would forget about this horrible date and concentrate on the other ones to come.

Where would I be headed next?

* I don't know about Sweden, but I tried doing some research that was in vain about it but I learned that Canadians can't make up their mind about Russia and America being Canada's top rival

** This never happened; actually Canada and Sweden are on pretty good terms

*** I think I forgot to mention this but, like all the restaurants Canada goes to, they actually exist and are known to be of the highest quality; so Pontus in the Green House is a real place. Yes I do research for this thing.

**** So I know that Sweden's money unit is called krona but I couldn't find anything telling me what the equivalent of 50 dollars was as a krona so I went with Euro. Sweden is still a part of Europe…

***** 300 dollars

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