Well, I've decided to attempt the impossible and write some Jetko fluff. I've noticed that it simply does not work in most situations, mostly because of Jet, because Zuko can be written fluffy with almost every other pairing. I think it's that Jet's kind of manipulative, teasing behavior tends to annoy the shit out of Zuko and generally prevent fluff. But I shall try anyway :P

Summary: Zuko has official Fire Lord Business to attend to, but Jet would prefer that his personal space heater stay in bed. Jetko fluff

Disclaimer: Alu does not own ATLA or any characters. As previously mentioned, if Alu did own ATLA, Jetko would be canon.

Space Heater

Zuko woke, wide awake, with the sun – even in winter.

The season was milder in the Fire Nation than near the poles, but it was still cold enough that the absence of a person who literally radiated heat was enough to wake the young man sleeping beside him.

Jet made a small, irritable noise as Zuko made to get out of bed, and wrapped his arms around his firebender. He'd had some issues with cold ever since he'd been pinned to a tree for half a day by a sheet of ice.

"Jet. Stop it."

"Stay here," the taller boy murmured, still half-asleep.

"I have a meeting."

"You do not." He nuzzled Zuko's neck, shaggy hair tickling the firebender's skin. Jet wouldn't have admitted it, but there were some benefits to loving a firebender – for instance, never being cold.

Zuko's annoyed expression softened, and he rolled back over and draped an arm over Jet's waist, resting his chin on the freedom fighter's shoulder. Technically, his meeting wasn't for another hour or so. And the sound of contented Jet was worth being a little late.

They didn't get these moments often; usually, Zuko was too busy, and Jet was more than a little infuriating when fully awake. The young Fire Lord cherished these lazy mornings, when Jet was at ease, and when he himself wasn't too wrapped up in politics to appreciate the small things – Jet's breath on his neck, the slow rise and fall of his chest, the low moan when Zuko's lips brushed his lover's throat.

Jet hooked his leg over Zuko's hip, pulling the firebender closer and keeping up those incredibly unfair noises. He captured Zuko's mouth and slid a hand under the Fire Lord's shirt.

"Jet," Zuko breathed, as Jet surfaced for air and those lips trailed down Zuko's neck. "Stop…I have…"

"It can wait, baby," the freedom fighter whispered.

Zuko pulled back, the regret apparent in his features, and stroked Jet's chocolate-brown hair. The other man looked at him, and his disappointed expression almost made the Fire Lord forget about his meeting altogether.

"Try to sleep," he murmured, tracing a line of muscle on Jet's arm and leaning down for a quick kiss.

Jet gave a halfhearted, exhausted attempt at either a glare or a seductive smirk, but couldn't quite manage either. He pulled the blankets over his head and curled up like a cat.

Zuko smiled and got dressed. He could probably manage to get that meeting wrapped up early.


Well, I tried to make it fluffy, but Jet was not helping.