First story ever. Hope you enjoy it!

Clash, swoosh, thwack,

The sounds of battle can be heard

Slice, dice, bash, thrash,

The creatures of the night dance,

While a hapless man bleeds,

Hiss, howl, dash, smack,

One more human-ish,

The other more beastly,

One a leader and the other a grunt.

"… One tough grunt." The onlooker silently observes. The two fighting just had to be a werewolf and a vampire. Two "mythical" beings whom have fought each other since… well, ever! Better yet they were rivals, which meant they'll fight more fiercely. "Fighting to see who'll have me as a snack no doubt" *gulp* Being in shock, the frightened fellow didn't pick up not one single word the two combatants were throwing at each other.

Werewolf: "You just HAD to join that clan for that pathetic spell! You're a COWARD"

Vampire: "Well look who's been losing more than me! You inexperienced "master" haha!"



Werewolf: "Me? A cheapshot? Then what would you call yourself? 'Cause you seem to like cheapshots a lot sparkle fangs."

Vamp: "*snarl* YOU SON OF A B-… erk…" And with that avoided cuss, the now paralysis vampire fell to the ground.

Were:"Tut-tut! You shouldn't curse no matter what situation you're in." Was the only thing the victor said before turning around and quietly striding towards the now EXTEREMLY panicking and helpless human.

Human: "oh god, oh god! He's going to devour me alive! How in the life of my grandpa did I get into this mess? At least make it quick!" The young and rather small man stereotypically thought of what was going to happen next. What really happened was not what many would expect.

Were: ," Hey, quit staring at me with your wide eyes, we have to get moving before dull brain recovers and get you treated for that giant gash on your leg, stop the bleeding you know?"

Human: "Huh? Wha-?" nope defiantly not one would expect nor expect to feel his fear instantly being replace by confusion.

Were:," To put it straight, you were attacked by the low ranker then I attacked your attacker and now you're alive, but need to stitch your wound, so you are to get up and at least sit on your knees so it'll be easier to get you on my back that way we can both get out of here quickly before your attacker recovers and decides to attack you again."

The man, still in shock that the werewolf saved him and willing to help, decided that obeying would at least not anger the much stronger acquaintance.


After what seemed like a life time of getting his wound crudely wrapped, paralysising the vampire again and then struggling to his feet, it was finally time to leave the forest in which they were in.

Human: "sooo… how are you going to support me because you're much too tall, I mean, I'm not even pass your forearm… umm?" The vampire was just starting to get up when…

Werewolf: "JUDO CHOP!" down went the blood-sucker… again.

Human: "okay? So, how you going to help me limp out?"

Werewolf: "heh, either you were really out of it or you need to check your hearing. I said you were to go on my back. It's much faster that way and we would most likely avoid any unwanted visitors surprising us."

Human: "wait? WHAT! No nononnonono! I will not ride on your back! What happens if we cross a river and you gobble me up like the ginger bread man?

Werewolf: " I only eat farm animals such as sheep and cattle. I despise the taste of people. Also, if you want brittle teeth to catch up and devour you, fine by me."

Human: "*glare* I still don't trust you, you tainted creature. Why would you even save me anyways? I am useless to you!

Werewolf: " The only tainted "creatures" are ones who do awful things to others around them, which I have certainly not done. Also, since you want me to make you feel worthwhile, then I'll put you to work.


Werewolf: ," then we shall travel…. To my hideout that way no more interruptions will postpone the treatment you o' so need."


Werewolf:," Then stop making it so easy to find them and get on my back."

Human:" *face palm* FINE, but after you treat me to my wounds, I am going to- wait… AHH! PUT ME DOWN! I TOLD YOU I WILL NOT RIDE ON YOUR BACK!"

Werewolf:," better hang on tight 'cause I'm going to run in 3…2…"


Werewolf: " 1! And we're off!"

All the forest and all the townsfolk that night only heard a shrill cry tear through the silence of the peace of their lives. Some noble men thought it was a person in danger. Some thought it was a prankster trying to draw attention towards him/herself. But one individual had one comment about the scream.

"If that's a man waking me from my slumber, then he is either the biggest wuss in the world or he just sounds like a girl."