If this is your first time reading my piece then I suggest you read my "NOTICE" first. Just go into "Books" then scroll down to "Go ask Alice" and click it. Then you will see my name 'g!rl0nth3m0v3' or 'girl0nth3m0v3' and my story 'Quick Escape'. Just open it and you will see the NOTICE. :D

Anyways, if you like my first story and want to read more of it. Just keep coming back to "Go ask Alice" because I will only post my stories under this book title, just to make it easier for you guys.

If you can't find my first story "Quick Escape" in "Go ask Alice" or anywhere else. Just send me a message or post a comment (if you can do that) below this article and I'll send the link to you, or something like that. But I promise you I will get you to read it.

If you think "Quick Escape" is the type of story you enjoy reading send me a message or comment (if you can) below and I will write part 2 A.S.A.P :D

I suppose this is another NOTICE type of thing... My apologies, and thanks for your understanding.

Also if you find any misspelled words r wrong tense usage please don't complain because my laptop has this problem - if I want to go back and edit a word it clears a letter or space of the following word. I don't know why it's doing it but if you know why it's doing this please tell me, I will really appriciate your help.

Once again, Thank You and Sorry.