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Chapter One: The Sorting Hat

"Look! There's the castle!" The small brunette with wide green eyes exclaimed, straining forward in his seat on the boat. " Hogwarts! Whoa—AH!"

"Misaki," The grey-haired man next to him sighed as the boy nearly fell over the edge. "Sit down and shut it before you fall out of the boat."

He tightened his grip on Misaki's shoulder and yanked the boy so that he was half sitting in his lap.

"Usagi-san!" Misaki raged, trying to untangle himself from the older man. Akihiko paid no attention to his outburst(s) and resume smoking his fourth cigarette. He wasn't sure if they allowed smoking inside, so he tried to put away as many reserves of nicotine as possible during the boat ride.

"Shinobu GET. OFF. ME!" Yelled another smoker from the end of the boat. Miyagi, the oldest member of the boat shoved a young, teenage blond away from him. The blond scowled deeply and tried to shove himself back onto the older man's lap. Miyagi glared straight ahead, smoking like a train and muttering under his breath about hating brats.

The last two member of the boat, unlike the others, sat quietly side by side, the taller one's hand placed on his partner's. But while they weren't conversing with the other four people, they were both shifting uncomfortably in their seats.

Finally, the taller one, a handsome raven-haired man, spoke in a whisper to the other.

"Hiro-San," He said. "What…What if we're not in the same house?"

The smaller one, a man with unruly auburn hair and a scowl set in stone, gritted his teeth.

"You're an idiot Nowaki," He hissed. "We'll deal with that later, if it even happens. Now shut up and enjoy the goddamn boat ride."

Nowaki halfheartedly smiled and lifted his cobalt blue eyes off into the distance. Hiroki, on the other hand, stared down at the floor of the boat, his lips tightly pressed together.

As much as he put up his entirely normal front, the truth was that Hiroki was scared. He knew without a doubt that they wouldn't be put in the same house. They were just way too different, and the prospect of living separately was harrowing. Barely noticing what he was doing, Hiroki turned her hand over and slipped his fingers between Nowaki's, trying to hold onto to his warm, loving partner as long as he could.

The moment the three couples had been anticipating (or dreading) had come.

It was time to be sorted.

And nobody wanted to be first. The three ukes stood next to their partners, each looking more nervous then the last. But, the first one to be called was not one of them.

"Miyagi Yoh."

The oldest man deftly pried away one of Shinobu's hands before walking indifferently over. The hat was barely on his head for ten seconds before it yelled "Ravenclaw!"

Miyagi raised an eyebrow nonchalantly and went to join his group without even a glimpse at his teenage stalker. The honey blond however, watched him intently, his gray eyes determined and unwavering.

"Usami Akihiko."

Akihiko sauntered up, making sure to give Misaki a flirty wink as the hat went on his head of silver hair.

"Slytherin!" The hat shouted immediately. A smirk pulled at Usagi's lips and he strutted over to the banner with the emblem of the serpent.

"Takahashi Misaki."

The teenager slowly went up, trying to hide his timidity but failing miserably. Since he was much shorter than the previous two sortees, he had to pull himself up onto the stool so he could wear the hat. The sorting hat sat for much longer than before, then finally said,


Misaki blushed as he heard the Hufflepuffs cheer, but he started to smile as they beckoned him over. Akihiko watched from the Slytherin house. His violet eyes narrowed as he saw some of the badgers being a little too "friendly" with his adorable uke, but he relaxed, an odd smug stirring below his mask of cool clarity.

"Kusama Nowaki."

The tall gentle giant smiled hopefully at Hiroki before the reluctantly dropped their hands. Hiroki watched as Nowaki put the sorting hat on, the shorter man's face contorting between his normal scowl and his quickly surfacing anxiety.

The hat didn't even need five seconds to think.


Nowaki gave his beloved Hiro-san one last smile of reassurance before he went over and joined the emblem of the lion. Hiroki ignored him, glaring angrily at a spot on the wall to hide how exposed his felt without his tall boyfriend next to him. Even more embarrassing, he wasn't the next one to be called.

"Takatsuki Shinobu."

Hiroki watched irritably as the honey blond stormed forward and took on the hat like it was an opponent to be beaten. Shinobu's determind frown grew as the hat muttered quietly to him. Hiroki thought he saw the teen's lips move briefly, and it was almost a minute before the hat spoke.


"What?" Miyagi barked in disbelief as a flicker of a smile crossed Shinobu's lips. The older man was beside himself as the blond strutted over to the emblem of the eagle. How on earth had that little brat gotten in Ravenclaw? It was a house of scholars! People who valued the mind and knowledge and intellect! Not brats who were hell bent on expressing irrational confessions of puppy love! That hat was pulling some sort of shit this time, and Miyagi was not going to let this ruin his experience.

"Kamijou Hiroki."

The last person to be sorted irritably stomped over to the hat, trying to avoid the hundreds of eyes he knew were on him. He snatched the hat and waited, but he didn't have to wait long.


At the same time, Hiroki felt a burden lift from his head, but another crash straight onto his heart.

He wasn't with Nowaki.

The auburn-haired man knew that the chances of them being together would be non-existent, but still…

As he walked to the other Ravenclaws, Hiroki's eyes met his boyfriend's. The giant smiled half-heartedly and subtly blew him a kiss. Hiroki bit down hard on his lip, trying to hide the utter brokenness that was crashing down on his head. He jerked his eyes away and looked over at Miyagi, who was trying to yank his arm away from Shinobu, who was chanting another "fate, Miyagi" mantra.

Hiroki's scowl grew deeper.

This was going to be a long year…

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